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Auburn High School was a school that grew into a community for other students. When you were having trouble with work or problems at home teachers always had your back. I liked the teachers at Auburn because they got know you personally.
Was a place that was shortly funded so the academics were put on short standards. Sports seemed to be before academics (still area). there was no/little punishment if the student was involved in any extra curicular activites.
I loved the fact that all the teachers genuinely care about you, not only as a student, but also as a person. There are countless opportunities to connect with your peers and to better the school and even yourself as a person.
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Teachers here don't teach as well as you think. I feel stupid when I talk to my Chatham friends and others.
Auburn tries to put on the appearance of changes year by year. Much of this, however, is a facade. Teachers here can be good about being your friend but when it comes down to education it is largely lacking. They offer no duel credit classes and while they have developed a good science department, other areas are lacking in adequate options. They have some great coaches but there is sometimes too much of a focus on athletics, and athletes sometimes are allowed to get away with too much. Second chances are necessary but the school definitely has problems when it comes to disciplining its students; especially that they don't do anything about the clear vaping problem. The school needs to do a lot of changing. It isn't the worst in the area by far, but with better options of similar class sizes nearby like Williamsville and Rochester, they are not the most appealing option.
In my four years at Auburn High School, I have definitely enjoyed my experiences here. It's not perfect (who is?), but the community, academics, and extracurricular programs make it a great school where fun and learning coexist. That's why I'm proud to be a Trojan.
The school has a lot of Advanced Placement classes for advanced students who are looking to continue their education in college. The teachers and staff seem to be more worried about being the students’ friends instead of instilling school and classroom rules. Bullying is a big problem at this school and there has been multiple suicides in the community due to bullying. The school is and has always been very clichés. The Football program led by Coach Bates is top notch, but a lot of the money allocated for sports goes to the football program before other sports. They do offer Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Golf, and Girls Soccer as well as cheerleading. The School district also tries their best to stay towards the top as far as technology and current curriculum goes, but as many schools in Illinois they can only do so much since the state is behind on all their education payments.
I really don't know where to begin. First of all, for a teacher to tell my wife and I, that our child only needs "survival skills" to get along in life, is totally an unacceptable attitude for a teacher. The principal of the school, agreeing with this teacher, telling us he backs up his teachers! The teachers do not care what happens to the students, just as long as they get that pay raise! I think it rates just about as bad as Springfield public schools, if not worse!
I love my high school. We have all the resources available in bigger schools, but we are a smaller town outside of the capitol city of Springfield, IL, so our class size is only 90 students. I have made life-long friends. The teachers know us well, and the whole community seems interested in our welfare.
The one thing I would change is the fact that there is no soccer team for the boys in high school. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to play soccer for Auburn High School.
Auburn is a good school, but it is held back by it's lack of funding. The school emphasizes sports over arts, and cuts art and music program funding each year. The school only offers Spanish as a foreign language. Auburn does not offer any duel credit programs to for college credit. The school has many quality teachers who overcome the lack of funds to provide a welcoming and efficient learning environment.
My experience at Auburn High School has been wonderful. The teachers are wonderful and all the students are nice and welcoming. We also have some pretty good Coaches. I love going to school and seeing my teachers and the students. Everybody smiles at me and I just have a good time. There's some days were It can be challenging, but all you have to do is stay calm, positive, and stay strong. The changes I would like to have done is if we can put a HVAC in the gymnasium to have the people feel more comfortable and welcome. It's too hot in my gym.
The teachers at Auburn High School aren't the best but not the worst. They try their best to make sure everyone is where they need to be on grades. They are willing to take time away from themselves to make sure students have a chance to get back on track. The teachers have faith and believe in the students here at auburn.
I love this school. There is a lot of support and school spirit, especially in sports. However, there are some things that lack the effort they need. We need teachers who are intelligent beyond textbook knowledge and passionate about what they are teaching. Teachers who get and keep students involved with and engaged in the material they are teaching.
Some teachers are incredible- extremely knowledgeable in their field and exceptional at teaching it. Others, however, are not. They seem to not know more than we do and present lessons that are not engaging and hardly keep me awake.
there's bugs in the lights and we've found rats in the lights as wekk
Scholastic bowl is great !
Besides the music department most wasn't that fun
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Some teachers like their jobs and others genuinely like failing students
They keep us as safe as possible in an average high school
I love the bonds that form from the extra curriculars at my school, those bonds are amazing and extraordinary
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