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The school puts tremendous emphasis and resources on STEM education as well as variety sports for their students to engage in. Also, diverse student bodies encourage everyone to tolerate and respect each other.
I didn't go into high school expecting to like it and now that I've endured it for 3 years I can confirm that it is not a fun time. However, Auburn High School does a good job of making high school a bit more enjoyable. Most of the teachers here are fantastic and passionate about what they teach and genuinely care about their students. The arts programs are great and have been very successful in the years I’ve been here, and students seem to enjoy being in them. In addition, there are a lot of great clubs offered and students are encouraged to get involved.
I like Auburn High School, because they really care about my education. They teach at a great pace and there is always help available. I love how the school is so much bigger now, everything has more room to move and breathe. The teachers and the quality of the school really makes me appreciate everything. Some schools aren't as updated and nice as mine is. They encourage us everyday to be the best that we can be.
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Auburn High School is the best high school to attend. With all the high-tech new technology from the new school is just amazing. It’s very diverse, you will meet people that will make you feel as if you’ve been there your entire life. The teachers,counselors, and principals will help you in any way. Auburn High is the best!
The new high school building is fabulous- brand new this year with 3 floors and a basement, wide hallways and stairs, a pleasant courtyard, a squishy blue track, and lots of natural light and windows. Also, the wide variety of classes is a nice assest, especially all the AP courses available with great teachers!
I love all of the teachears and staff. We were fairly prepared for college because auburn high school valued academics. If I could change anything, it would be the school lunch. A child should not have to pay for school lunch and some families can’t afford school lunch even if they get reduced prices.
I enjoyed Auburn High School. The band is great and supportive. I made great friends and enjoyed learning and preparing for collage.
Auburn High School is not your typical high school. My school provides a lot of opportunities. Lots of classes are offered with IB and AP classes included. There electives that we may choose from. We have a great work based learning program and career tech classes as well. My school also pays for us to take the EMT course at our local community college. There are many clubs that we can join or create ourselves after they have been approved. We have a variety of variety sports teams that are offered. Our school building is brand new and spacious. We have Tiger Time where we just have unstructured time with teacher supervision to relax and eat for an hour before resuming classes. The school is very nice in general and the police officers and canine makes me feel a little better about have glass windows all around the school and throughout the hallways in all classes except the ones in the basement, which serve as a weather shelter area.
Auburn high school campus is big and has a lot of classes. Auburn high school offers AP classes so some students can take advanced classes in order to prepare for college. Also teachers in Auburn High school are nice and they are willing to help students.
I liked it overall because I had fun in many situations and I can admit that Auburn High school is better than many high schools out there. I also know that since Auburn High is run by adults who are human beings, this high school is not perfect.
The administration adds in cool perks that seems cool until a closer looks reveals it need more planning.
They do not seem to realize household diversity is a thing and not every home has a good enough studying environment for a student to balance both grades an mental health.
Some of the teachers are unprofessional enough that they aren't actually qualified to be teaching high school students.
The cafeteria has edible food but they charged a quarter more since last school year with no change to the menu aside from adding a napkin to the utensil set. There is no more dessert and yet we pay more than at the Junior High. They have added better side food (drinks, snacks, etc) but at an expensive extra price.
Auburn High School, though in the plains of Alabama, meets and often exceeds the standards and level of education of a Birmingham school. It has by far the best quality of education in the area, and it fosters a unique, diverse environment for students.
It’s very big, but the academics are great. The school doesn’t do the best job being informative, but there’s a place for everyone!
Awesome small town school with teachers with excellent skill.

Food is ok . The sports are amazing.
Auburn High School is a new school built for the growing class sizes. The teachers are extremely caring and helpful. The students are diverse and have school spirit. Overall, Auburn High School provides the best education for students in this area.
International Baccalaureate program made it all worth it. 10/10 would recommend. Sports programs are good quality, but they are biased towards football. Cafeteria food and amount of clubs are lacking.
I like Auburn High School because of the personal relationships we form with our teachers. Something i would like to see change is fairness with punishment and listening to students arguments/points of view.
I like the new building and tiger time. During tiger time, which is 1 hour, we can have lunch or do whatever we want.
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It is new-built school. So, it is a clean, fresh school and teachers are so good. You can enjoy many facilities in the school such as track field, bascket ball stadium, and soccer field.
Most teachers genuinely care about student's well-being, however, some teachers can be good friend-wise but not great teaching-wise.
I loved that there was a set of classes all about fish and marine sciences! Some teachers were outstanding while others could have used some work. Overall not an awful high school experience.
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