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Auburn High School, though in the plains of Alabama, meets and often exceeds the standards and level of education of a Birmingham school. It has by far the best quality of education in the area, and it fosters a unique, diverse environment for students.
It’s very big, but the academics are great. The school doesn’t do the best job being informative, but there’s a place for everyone!
Awesome small town school with teachers with excellent skill.

Food is ok . The sports are amazing.
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Auburn High School is a new school built for the growing class sizes. The teachers are extremely caring and helpful. The students are diverse and have school spirit. Overall, Auburn High School provides the best education for students in this area.
International Baccalaureate program made it all worth it. 10/10 would recommend. Sports programs are good quality, but they are biased towards football. Cafeteria food and amount of clubs are lacking.
I like Auburn High School because of the personal relationships we form with our teachers. Something i would like to see change is fairness with punishment and listening to students arguments/points of view.
I like the new building and tiger time. During tiger time, which is 1 hour, we can have lunch or do whatever we want.
It is new-built school. So, it is a clean, fresh school and teachers are so good. You can enjoy many facilities in the school such as track field, bascket ball stadium, and soccer field.
Most teachers genuinely care about student's well-being, however, some teachers can be good friend-wise but not great teaching-wise.
I loved that there was a set of classes all about fish and marine sciences! Some teachers were outstanding while others could have used some work. Overall not an awful high school experience.
I have been in this high school for 4 years include auburn junior high school. I like this school because the club activity system is very good. Also Auburn high school built new building, it is really cool and provide great environment for students.
I am a proud Auburn High School student who loves being involved, and AHS gives students of all kinds this opportunity. I am the captain of the girl's golf team, and the support and encouragement given to our athletic teams and clubs by the teachers and administrators is outstanding. Not to mention, the new building is immaculate and such a beautiful and bright learning environment. I feel like I am going to be prepared for college too because of the wonderful academics and the wide variety of classes offered. Overall, I love my school, and I believe Auburn High School is one of the best schools in the country!
Plenty of clubs to join, good academic classes, big school, teachers are chill, most of them are, be prepared to walk up many stairs to class, there's always something for everyone, never left out.
I love my high school. Auburn High School has a large variety of options for class courses. The teachers do their best to make sure every student passes the class. The administration is very friendly. If you're having problems learning in a class, or can't show up, we have a tutoring program throughout the week to help you understand and get you caught up.
As someone who came to Auburn High School my senior year, it was pretty scary. Being in a brand new high school though, I felt better because everybody was lost not just me. Most of my teachers have taken the time to make sure I am adjusting well and start conversations about things other than school to really get to know me.
There are good class offerings if you take advantage of them. No uniforms. Teachers are pretty good.
Academics are very important to me, and I have been generally pleased with my academic experience at Auburn High School. I appreciate that my school offers a wide variety of advanced courses. I have taken several AP courses and have found them to be challenging and informative. I have had excellent teachers over the past two years that have not only thoroughly covered their respective subjects, but also prepared me for the college application process. I enjoy the diversity of the students and teachers at Auburn High. I am excited about my high school's upcoming move to a new location this fall, as the facility appears to be very nice. The main aspect of my school I would like to see improve is the overall school culture. Auburn is a relatively large high school, and as a result, there are many students in my class I do not know at all. While I am extremely grateful for the diversity of Auburn’s student body, I would like to experience a greater sense of community with my peers.
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Auburn High School has a schedule that allows me to try subjects I might not have room for in a traditional schedule.
Auburn High School is a safe and exciting environment for any student. The teachers and staff are willing to help each student to the best of their abilities. If I could change one thing it would be the granting of more independence and mobility around campus.
Had a track for people who wanted pursue engineering, tv production, cooking, business, etc. Also had a world fair once a year to show students and parents different cultures and inform them.
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