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Auburn Adventist Academy Reviews

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I really enjoyed my time at Auburn Adventist Academy because of the great friendships i made there. While their Academics were not the strongest, they made up for it with all the Extracurricular Activities. It was a beautiful campus with a perfect view of Mt. Rainier just over the horizon.
Auburn Adventist Academy provides a wonderful learning environment for teens with Christian values, challenging academic coursework, small class size, excellent music program (traveling choir performed at Carnegie Hall November 2018), sports, clubs, and caring and involved staff.
I felt that the school itself was good. The teachers were amazing and were always willing to help no matter the problem. But I felt limited in some academics since classes kept changing and most opinions that I had about certain subjects was not accepted and I was put down for it.
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I have had two children go through Auburn Academy and they have continued on to University. They have both been very prepared for college because of classes that have challenged them and work opportunities on campus that have given them strong life skills. Auburn Academy has an academic culture that encourages students to excel spiritually as well as academically.
I liked how the staff cared about the students so much. It was such a great family atmosphere, and I became closer to God. Auburn Adventist Academy showed me where I want to go in life. At this school, I learned about a lot of the things that are important in life, and, for that, I am forever grateful.
I thought this school was very good, but I felt that there were a lot of cliques. I also thought that the school had a lot of good teachers before I graduated and I really like how this school offers missionary trips every year. Overall my experience was good.
Auburn Adventist Academy is overall a very good Christian school. I really appreciated the spiritual atmosphere and dedicated teachers, as well as the diversity largely brought about by a strong international student presence. An area which I think should be improved is the outdated facilities, which are still serviceable, although a bit timeworn.
I really enjoyed attending Auburn Adventist Academy because everyone there is very friendly and encouraging especially when it comes to the education here. The teachers here really care about the students' education, and they try very hard to help each one of them succeed. The sports program is also great! The grade eligibility to play sports is very hard, and it encourages all the student-athletes to push and work hard in each of their classes. Because it is an Adventist school, the main focus is to help each student grow spiritually, and the teachers do an excellent job in doing so. It is a family-like atmosphere and every student feels welcomed when they go here. Everyone is nice to each other and everyone feels appreciated. I recommend this school to everyone who is looking for a safe and friendly environment.
Many of the teachers are amazing.. There is esspecially one teacher who is the best of the best.. His name is Tom Allen and he acknowledges the different learning styles and he uses them to his advantage. All his students love him and learn much from him. He other teacher are amazing too! We learn so much from them, and since it's a boarding academy, the students get to know the teacher better, and the teachers help the students as much as they can.
The health and safety policies are great. I've never seen

any form of extreme bullying. I believe this school is safe.
I've had a fine experience at my school. My favorite experiences would include

school trips. This school is unique because the teachers really care for the students.

I'm not sure if I would attend this school if I had to do it all over again.
The dress code is somewhat conservative.
Many students in the academy are active with school sports.
Most of the teachers are very helpful with students who are struggling.
There aren't a lot of clubs on campus for this school year.
This school has a beautiful campus during the spring time.
The nurse on campus is great. She's very qualified and always does her job with a smile. The campus is surrounded by a coded metal gate and many staff members live on the same road as the campus and are always looking out for the academy kids.
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My overall experience at AAA has been one of great growth. I haven't had the funnest times or the best teachers, but I've had an experience that I would't trade for anything. Being here at this school has put me in an atmosphere that encourages me to grow closer to God and that is a truly priceless attribute.
This school has a few rigorous courses, but lack a strong AP selection. Most core classes are only offered as general classes and are not very fast-paced or particularly difficult. The workload is not too heavy, but the college-like atmosphere makes it easy to fall behind. There are so many events happening in a single day, and classes run from 7:30am to 5:30pm everyday, and each child has between four and eight of eleven class periods a day. Time management is very important to keep grades up.
I don't know much about extracurricular activities aside from basketball, but I do know students enjoy the activities they do with their clubs that are almost all sponsored by at least one adult. Members of at least one club pay a sixty dollar fee so obviously they think it's worth joining.