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I feel as though Aubrey High School is a great school for the youth to attend. It is very education based and I feel like I have learned so much in the 4 years that I have attended. The only thing that I would change is the fact that the students do not have the full ability to express themselves. There is a strict dresscode, and I believe that some of the policies are too harsh. Other than that, it is an amazing learning environment!
Aubrey High School is a safe, and tight-knit school. For those looking for a small town life, this is the perfect school. Aubrey, TX is also next to some larger cities so you can have a small town home but a big city social life! Aubrey High School has excellent athletic and arts programs as well as advanced curriculum. Students may take basic courses but Dual Credit and AP programs are offered as well. The teachers in Aubrey High School are excellent and are focused solely on the education and success of their students.
There are many positive things about AHS. Some of the teachers and administrators are amazing. There are a few bad apples though. My science teacher played favorites, graded obscurely, and gave different rubrics to different students to give them an edge. She is well known for being difficult and not so ethical. Having said that, I was lucky to have a few really great friends throughout high school. I didn't subscribe to popularity and diversified my friend group. Due to this, I think I will have friends for life. Sadly, that was not the case for many of our kids. There was a suicide, drop outs and many pregnancies. Aubrey is full of politics that cause the administration to turn the other cheek and not implement programs to help students who are going down the wrong path or who are feeling bullied and alone. Due to it being such a small school, only certain kids are recognized and the rest are just "there".
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My experiences at Aubrey High School were overall pretty good. There were many fantastic teachers who helped prepare me for college. The classes weren't too easy, hence advancing my study habits. A couple of things I would've changed would be the amount of extracurricular's offered. There weren't many sports or clubs, therefore decreasing diversity in the school.
I’ve lived in Aubrey three years and I’m not disappointed nor am I super impressed. I was a devout basketball player coming into the high school from out of state and I was shocked coming here. School sports are year round and athletes are burnt out very easily and I and other’s love of the game withered away. The athletic department/school puts too much emphasis on sports and not enough on academics. Our band program is amazing and very involved and our theater program is working toward a high level as well. The teachers are nice but many cushion their grades. I do however feel prepared for college.
It is an amazing school, but it is what you would expect from a small school district. There is a lack in some areas like diversity and facilities.
I like how small it is and all of the teachers I had all seemed to care about their job and helpful when needed. The class sizes are also small.
I would like to see their college readiness actually become a thing. Aubrey does great with parent involvement because its such a small school. Diversity is not a thing when it comes to Aubrey high school, and even when it does become one the teachers won't know how to handle it.
I graduated from Aubrey High School 4 years ago, and I know I will continue to look at my time there with fond memories. It is still relatively small and personable. I did some of the best work of my academic career for teachers like Mrs. Wimbrough, Ms. Dooley and Mr. Chapman who pushed us to reach their high expectations and adopt them as our own. Our band program was extremely successful, yet still allowed for the "band geek" experience. Athletics were sometimes more openly supported than the arts (understandable in Texas), but a new Principle and Superintendent have since changed that.
I have been a student in the Aubrey Independent School District since the 1st grade. However, the best part of my experience was through Aubrey High School. It is a small school, but the that is changing, as Aubrey continures to grow. There are things I would change about the school. I wish that the counselors would work more with the students on preparing us for the next steps in our lives. I am now a senior, and there are so many parts of getting ready for college that I have had to teach myself.
The teachers have always been there for me though. I love how they are willing to work with the students, and give them the best opportunities for success.
Overall, my experience at Aubrey High School has been a good one. I have spent the last four years in this school, and now I know I am academically prepared for this next part of my life.
A majority of parents do not care about the students and some do but mostly not.
The teachers at our school our low quality most of the time because they don't get paid very well.
I loved being involved in so much! I loved going on academic field trips for the clubs I was apart of. This school always puts the students and their needs first! Not many schools provide as much assistance and encouragement to its' students the way that Aubrey ISD does! I would absolutely go back, I miss all my wonderful teachers, principals and sporting events!!
I loved my time at Aubrey ISD. Because it was a fairly small school, the teachers were more apt to giving students one-on-one help, especially to those who are struggling. They always would encourage their students and push them to do their best.
The locked doors are good.
It's a smaller school, which some people like and others don't. There are pros and cons. The people in Aubrey are very unique and not like other people in other small towns that I have met. I don't think I would choose this school again if I could go back. The academics are good, but sometimes it's too much. And I don't really like the crowd of people I am required to be in all the time.
Some teachers are great, some are not so much. Some really truly care about their students and are willing to go above and beyond for them. Others don't. Some teachers give really hard classwork and tests, yet they don't teach us any of the curriculum we need to know, we have to learn it ourselves. Other teachers are also coaches, and they care more about coaching than they do about teaching.
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This school has a great police service and the nurse is extremely kind!
The most pushed extracurricular activities are the sports for the school. There are a few other small activities but not very many. They need a wider variety of options exploring all different kinds of fields.
I enjoyed every single minute at Aubrey High School. The only disappointing thing about it was that some of the more popular students didn't care about the lesser popular kids and would leave them out of certain events. Just because they didn't fully agree on something they were treated differently and that made me angry.
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