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Au Gres-Sims Middle/High School Reviews

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Having attended Au Gres-Sims K-12 my experience has been very good. The teachers are willing to help students individually. When it comes to discipline I feel that punishment is not taken seriously. The principle does not follow through, or does not punish kids because he either knows them or does not want to be thought as "mean" in students eyes. He lets kids off the hook for this reason.
I like the small class sizes and teachers which can engage the class in a wonderful learning experience. However, I feel that the food can at least change for the better. The food is pretty average for a small school like ours, but it could definitely do better. I believe that college readiness is important for our seniors, and our courses here accomplish that goal of being college-prepared. Overall, the school is the best in the area.
Not many choices in extracurricular activities
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the kids at school leave me out of everything
teachers to their best to make sure we all understand
My children have been in the unique position of attending the school district in which I teach elementary students. MOST of the teaching staff is highly effective. Our school is award-winning, with small class sizes and personal relationships between teachers and students. We genuinely care about ALL of our students!
Our janitorial staff does an exceptional job of maintaining our school buildings and grounds! The students respect these workers enough to help too! More and more technology is added each year. Tutoring is available two evenings per week. Busing is a must in our rural area. This year, they are well-maintained. Parents are always welcome into our school, as long as they have filled out the proper paperwork.
Most teachers genuinely care for the students and do whatever it takes to interest them in subjects so they can learn pertinent material. Of course, there are always teachers who lack imagination, walk out at 3:20, and take no interest at all in being involved with students after hours. Grading seems fair; and they accept late work openly.
The students have small class sizes which allows them to become close with staff. The staff makes time to meet with students for extra help. The band program is excellent! Everyone knows everyone else. Many of the staff members are from the area, so they can relate to the students.
We have Science Olympics in the middle school. Drama Club is available for the high schoolers at certain times of year. We also offer cheerleading as a club sport.
I feel the school provides a safe learning environment for all students. With such a small population, rarely do things happen without someone hearing about it and putting a stop to it.
The middle school has a "social promotion" policy which leads to several problems when the students hit their high school years. The high school teachers are tough, but fair. They work hard to promote the learning of all students. A counselor has just come on board; so we will see what happens this year. Due to staff cuts, classes are offered online, and no A.P. classes are "on the menu."
Students have a wide variety of athletic opportunities for such a small school. The P.E. teachers are well-trained. Most of the coaches make personal connections with the athletes, the facilities are well-kept, and the families/fans support the student athletes. However, the boys' basketball coaches do not play the players without bias. They pick their starters based on personal bias and only substitute with their other "name" favorites. Sadly, this leads to a loss of superior athletes who are overlooked!
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