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There was definitely good vibes and spirit. It was a wonderful experience in every assembly we had because it was filled with fun activities and free spirited people.
Atwater high has a great staff with caring teachers who inspire kids to further there education. I was taught to not be afraid to get out there there is something for everyone just have to try. Great sport coaches who cared more about school and lifting up there players than about winning. Only thing I wish to change is Cafeteria food but was very thankful we were served hot meals with plenty of options to chose from and snack carts to purchase items.
It was a small town school but everyone had a sense of unity and positive energy. Most of the teachers are more than happy to help you in regard to any work, even if it is not from their class. The open campus gives you a sense of freedom and yet the staff manage to give you a sense of security as well. The food is poor and the facility is very old but otherwise it is a fine school.
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This school is like a second home to me they treat me very well. You can get involved in anything on this campus and also we are very spirited
I love the available programs and how beneficial they are to us.For instance the FFA program has grown to be the most sophisticated one of California. AHS carries a welcoming vibe which is expressed in the no fences.AHS is the only high school in the valley without fencing. The thing that I would like to be improved is for more programs to have more money put into them so that the experiences could be heightened by field trips, educational programs and technology. I would rather see some experiments done in science classes actually expressed in front of me rather then in a video demonstration that is shown to the class.
Atwater High school is a great high school to attend. It helps to be involved so you can enjoy your time here and meet a lot of great individuals. Their motto being "Academics and Athletics with Pride and Perfection" sets the tone that they want the best for their students. As a fellow alumni this is a great school with an home feeling to it. There is no gates in front of the school so it does not feel like you are trapped. I personally do not want anything to change about this school. Get involved with sports and clubs offered at the school and have fun.
I have been at Atwater High School for all four years of my high school career. It's provided a tight knit, diverse, and all-accepting environment, of course save the typical pitfalls of many high school campuses. I've been involved in band, which opened a doorway to even more fun, excitement, and school spirit, and through band I have also been given many opportunities to succeed and go farther in my post-secondary education. Atwater High will be my home always, even as an alumni I will miss the nest.
My experience at Atwater High has been a great place to evolve academically, socially, and mentally. I have been part of many clubs and activities, along with a sport. Joining book club, debate club, golf, DECA, CSF, and going to high school events has made me feel apart of the school and the people there. Not only do I feel that I have gotten a great education with the helpful teachers, but a real connection with staff and fellow students. A few things I would like to see added are more distribution of resources and parent involvement. Other than that, the school had amazing school spirit that I would consider it the best in the county, as well as an amazing administration.
I loved attending Atwater High School! I had so many wonderful experiences there with the staff, sporting programs and classes.
I love that Atwater high has so many different electives, clubs, and sports. The teachers really engage with the students and make them feel welcomed and safe. However, the food is very bad, and the bathrooms need to be remodeled. There should also be more funding going into the arts program, and the drama students would really appreciate it if we had a much bigger theater.
I enjoyed my high school years my favorite teacher was mr, Silver is great teacher good friends. My best friend Debbie parkins, Sylvania naldi sorry about not talking to you bad time in my life my dying my husband died
Atwater High School is a place filled with caring staff members and teachers who do their best to get their students on the path to graduating. However, as a former student, I did not feel as if they had prepared students enough towards college.
I had a great time at Atwater High School. The teachers are kind and understanding but also looking out for the students.
I personally like it here because most people are friendly and some teachers understand what you are going through. Some ask how you are doing or if we are feeling okay when they see we aren't feeling well. I don't think I would change anything here at the school because I think that it is fine.
An amazing school with dedicated faculty. Not only did they instill virtuous doings in us, they never gave up on their students and always encouraged them to follow their dreams!
Atwater High is a school where you can come and feel very prepared to study, to learn about new things and to make new friends everyday. I had a great experience at Atwater High School.
In all of the four years of my high school career, Atwater High School has been such an amazing school to me including the staff. The staff at Atwater high is very generous, courageous, and loving. The teachers at Atwater high always have the students best interest at heart and want nothing but the best for their students. I could no have wanted to attend any other High school in the entire world. I do not think I would want to see anything change about this school. The diversity at this school is what brings it all together. We have so many different cultures and ethnicity's at this school and we recognize all of them equally. I have never seen a student ever been treated unfairly here, it has been such an honor to attend this High School.
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What I like about Atwater High School was that it's an amazing place with a lot of school spirit. The campus is clean, the staff are nice and able to do what they do. Many students show school pride in their football games against other schools. What I want to conclude is that this a great school to go to, but it's not the best.
My experience in Atwater High was nothing out of the ordinary. I enjoyed the time spent there with my friends. There were teachers I really connected. I would really like to see their food change, also a variety of clubs to choose from and school safety because there has been quite an amount of incidents throughout my years..
I would like to change the foods here because too much taco and burrito. I dont mind having salad, hamburger and pizza. As for the hot lunch, they should change it sometimes.
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