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Atwater High School is very welcoming and strives to give students a good education. There are many programs offered at the school like AVID and a Latinx club that helps students prepare for college. There are also many sports and clubs on campus that allow students to get involved! The campus offers student work in the cafeteria and also informs students about community service activities. Each year Atwater High improves itself!
My experience at Atwater High School was a very good experience. All the teachers and counselors are very nice and want you to succeed in life. Also I made friends and met a lot of new people. What I like about Atwater High School and the area it is around is that everybody knows each other and it is a nice environment to be around. One thing I would change is the food at Atwater High, it is not the greatest but it is decent.
I liked that all the teachers here wanting to see you succeed in life, they try their best to prepare you after high school. I didn't the food they served.
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I was able to form a close bond with all my teachers. Plus you could feel the school spirit all around campus!
My experience at Atwater High school has honestly been great. Since freshman year I've made tons of new friends. I've also got to meet a lot of great staff and teachers, and let's not forget about the school spirit! Atwater has to be one of the best schools in the 209. Something I liked about Atwater High School is they're so caring, and they put the students first. Everyone is super kind, and friendly. Although I would like for the school to get a better lunch for us student.
Atwater High School is a very diverse area which is my favorite part about it. No one is ever judged by who they are and what they do, but instead, they are appreciated for being themselves in front of everyone around them. My experience with my school has been the best it can possibly be because of diversity.
My experience at Atwater High is overall a pretty average one. Teachers here are friendly and easy to communicate with. Classes are limited and the availability of resources we do lack in some areas. Although focuses are mainly toward sports there are still ways a student can get involved if they are not an athlete.
This school has a wonderful Ag program. It also has people that are very diverse and intelligent. This school has so much to offer (elective-wise) and overall the staff are really nice to talk to. Mostly every teacher here cares about your future and want you to succeed in life. This is the only high school I've attended, but I don't want to go anywhere else. What I wish to see is changes in the food. I think it can be better than what it is. I do enjoy the fruit, but I usually don't eat during lunch because of the food quality. It isn't unsafe to consume, I just feel like it tastes like prepackaged, tasteless food.
going through high school at this school was a nice experience for me 'cause it is in a safe location very clean and all of the teachers were nice persons although some of them could have used a little more of an educator attitude and be more prepared for such a large classes. the food was terrible like in every school in this country. This will only change when the government sees that is more rewarding ,by far,to invest in educating children rather than to take more care of jail inmates.Maybe just maybe if teachers were being paid more probably they would show more enthusiasm towards students
I am a Junior at Atwater High school and through this journey I have experienced many new things as joining a club, sports and even enjoying the time that I get to spend with different kids in my classes. One improvement I think Atwater High school needs is to add more types of class for the students like cooking and different language class other than spanish.
Atwater High School has a lot of other friendly students and they have a great selection of classes.
Atwater High School is the largest school in our district. At Atwater High School we believe in "Academics and Athletics with Pride and Perfection. At Atwater High, we teach ourselves the importance of diversity and different clubs that our students run. We meet academic purposes to get accepted to different colleges which means we are college readiness. Our administration works with students to make sure they feel safe and that they have all the essentials they need to make learning easier and understandable. With our athletics, we make sure that parents and coaches feel they have the supplies they need.
There was definitely good vibes and spirit. It was a wonderful experience in every assembly we had because it was filled with fun activities and free spirited people.
Atwater high has a great staff with caring teachers who inspire kids to further there education. I was taught to not be afraid to get out there there is something for everyone just have to try. Great sport coaches who cared more about school and lifting up there players than about winning. Only thing I wish to change is Cafeteria food but was very thankful we were served hot meals with plenty of options to chose from and snack carts to purchase items.
It was a small town school but everyone had a sense of unity and positive energy. Most of the teachers are more than happy to help you in regard to any work, even if it is not from their class. The open campus gives you a sense of freedom and yet the staff manage to give you a sense of security as well. The food is poor and the facility is very old but otherwise it is a fine school.
This school is like a second home to me they treat me very well. You can get involved in anything on this campus and also we are very spirited
I love the available programs and how beneficial they are to us.For instance the FFA program has grown to be the most sophisticated one of California. AHS carries a welcoming vibe which is expressed in the no fences.AHS is the only high school in the valley without fencing. The thing that I would like to be improved is for more programs to have more money put into them so that the experiences could be heightened by field trips, educational programs and technology. I would rather see some experiments done in science classes actually expressed in front of me rather then in a video demonstration that is shown to the class.
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Atwater High school is a great high school to attend. It helps to be involved so you can enjoy your time here and meet a lot of great individuals. Their motto being "Academics and Athletics with Pride and Perfection" sets the tone that they want the best for their students. As a fellow alumni this is a great school with an home feeling to it. There is no gates in front of the school so it does not feel like you are trapped. I personally do not want anything to change about this school. Get involved with sports and clubs offered at the school and have fun.
I have been at Atwater High School for all four years of my high school career. It's provided a tight knit, diverse, and all-accepting environment, of course save the typical pitfalls of many high school campuses. I've been involved in band, which opened a doorway to even more fun, excitement, and school spirit, and through band I have also been given many opportunities to succeed and go farther in my post-secondary education. Atwater High will be my home always, even as an alumni I will miss the nest.
My experience at Atwater High has been a great place to evolve academically, socially, and mentally. I have been part of many clubs and activities, along with a sport. Joining book club, debate club, golf, DECA, CSF, and going to high school events has made me feel apart of the school and the people there. Not only do I feel that I have gotten a great education with the helpful teachers, but a real connection with staff and fellow students. A few things I would like to see added are more distribution of resources and parent involvement. Other than that, the school had amazing school spirit that I would consider it the best in the county, as well as an amazing administration.
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