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I would love to see an improved school with the new building and I hope that the school eventually can increase the staff in the next several years. Class sizes increased considerably after budget cuts, which was difficult. However, in my experience, the teachers have done their best to combat this, building close relationships with students and doing all they could to enable us with any means they could for us to gain the most out of our time in the high school. This is especially present in clubs- which the school has absolutely no shortage of (and if there ever was, it is clear and easy for students to make their own clubs with any area of interest). The drama and music departments in particular were well run with many students involved, giving a chance for heavy involvement especially as officers and in other leadership roles or just varying roles. Overall, I had a great experience here, and will miss the school that has greatly helped and influenced me when I graduate.
Attleboro High School made me feel as ready as possible going into my last year of high school. I went to a different school in South Carolina before moving here and I enjoy high school so much more by the effort the teachers in order to educate kids. The only thing I wish would change is that there should be more clubs to be active in so you can feel connected to the school outside if the class.
I liked the community/family school that the school has. The principal, students, and other staff have so much school pride I felt proud to be apart of that school. Academics are also amazing; they push us to be the best students possible. Athletics was also a great experience. I became a better person from the people I communicated and worked with. The school gave me the best years of my life.
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My experience at Attleboro High School has been excellent. I have had several teachers who have impacted me greatly academically and who have also been great mentors and friends to me. The food choices in the cafeteria could use some improving as well as the building itself. Being involved in several activities offfered including sports have helped to make my high school experience a memorable one. I feel I am being challenged and will be prepared for when I am at college and out on my own.
I enjoyed doing sports at the high school. the school itself is in terrible shape and is unsafe for learning. some of the teachers are not qualified to teach the classes they teach.
I found that the CTE program at the school allowed students to explore the many roads they could take and gives them an opportunity to try out different shops.
I enjoyed the teachers and atmosphere. Sometimes there were some crappy rules and interactions but overall pretty decent. I'm also glad the new building is being built.
My experience was pretty good, most teachers are nice and just want to help you succeed. I hope in the near future Attleboro High School gets a new school since the school now is very damaged because of extreme wear and tear.
All of the teachers at Attleboro really cared and pushed you for the best, but sometimes the building was hard to learn in as its old. Also there were classes cut for 2017-2018 school year, such as AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science, which was disappointing.
My experience at Attleboro high definitely changed my life. I came to the US about 4 years ago and I received a lot of support not only form the school system but also form the staff and classmates.
My teachers throughout my four years of attending Attleboro High School were passionate, smart, and helpful in and out of class time. They were always able to stay after school if ever I needed extra time on a certain activity, or needed extra help. My guidance counselor readied me for college, and provided me with all the resources I needed, which made applying for college easy and stress-free. The only thing that wasn't pleasant about the school was the building itself, which is old and deteriorating. The bathrooms worked poorly, the water fountains weren't filtered, and the lockers were in terrible shape, some missing their doors completely. The cafeteria food wasn't great either, but it depended on what was being served.Overall, the academics and faculty were the best part, which made for a great high school education.
I wish that there were more staff that were committed to bettering our education, but a lot of the staff here don't care and they are just here to get out at 2:30. We are also desperately in the need of a new building as ours is like falling apart. I wish we had more of a choice on the classes we take. No one helped me get ready for college I literally did everything on my own, my guidance counselor barely helped me, only called me down to confirm I did my stuff like a week before it was needed.
Attleboro High School has a lot of blue pride. It’s definitely on its nails for getting a new school so students and administrators can learn and teach in the 21 century
I think that there are many good teachers in the school that care about how we do. They try new things to get students to learn. The food is definitely something thy could improve.
The school itself is a disaster but if you take AP classes and complete the honors program, you will have good teachers who want you to do well.
Attleboro high school has a lot of spirit and is very encouraging to all of its students. The only thing I would change about the school is how much it focuses on sports is and to spend less money on sports and more on school activities and classes.
Attleboro High School is full of diversity and academic opportunities. As a school, we are united greatly. We believe in Blue Pride, and the PRIDE 5 initiative, as a way to encourage students, and create a respectful and responsible school environment within everyone in the building. We believe in all students who enter our school, and I am very happy to have been part of the educational journey of Attleboro High School.
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One thing I liked about Attleboro High School is their different clubs they have. Some of those clubs are art club, pottery club, the Leo club, Best buddies and American Sign Language club. I have personally attended two of these clubs but for the rest of the clubs I had heard good things about them. Another thing I liked about Attleboro High School is the support the teachers give you throughout their time of having you in their class. The teacher do not want us to fair but they also want to ensure we know everything we need to know for their class. One thing Attleboro High School can improve on is giving each student a chance to get into the Career and Technical Education classes throughout all of their years attending the school.
I think that some of the teachers are fantastic, while others could do much better at their jobs. I've had a good experience here. However, we could really use a nicer building with air conditioning and some more funding for new books and better internet.
The one thing that I really liked about Attleboro high school is the diverse environment. We are also very willing to
Change for the betterment of the students life at Attleboro high.
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