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I think that there are many good teachers in the school that care about how we do. They try new things to get students to learn. The food is definitely something thy could improve.
The school itself is a disaster but if you take AP classes and complete the honors program, you will have good teachers who want you to do well.
Attleboro high school has a lot of spirit and is very encouraging to all of its students. The only thing I would change about the school is how much it focuses on sports is and to spend less money on sports and more on school activities and classes.
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Attleboro High School is full of diversity and academic opportunities. As a school, we are united greatly. We believe in Blue Pride, and the PRIDE 5 initiative, as a way to encourage students, and create a respectful and responsible school environment within everyone in the building. We believe in all students who enter our school, and I am very happy to have been part of the educational journey of Attleboro High School.
One thing I liked about Attleboro High School is their different clubs they have. Some of those clubs are art club, pottery club, the Leo club, Best buddies and American Sign Language club. I have personally attended two of these clubs but for the rest of the clubs I had heard good things about them. Another thing I liked about Attleboro High School is the support the teachers give you throughout their time of having you in their class. The teacher do not want us to fair but they also want to ensure we know everything we need to know for their class. One thing Attleboro High School can improve on is giving each student a chance to get into the Career and Technical Education classes throughout all of their years attending the school.
I think that some of the teachers are fantastic, while others could do much better at their jobs. I've had a good experience here. However, we could really use a nicer building with air conditioning and some more funding for new books and better internet.
The one thing that I really liked about Attleboro high school is the diverse environment. We are also very willing to
Change for the betterment of the students life at Attleboro high.
Attleboro High School is a place where everyone can find somewhere where they belong. From numerous AP couses to choose from to sports and clubs, AHS has something for everyone. I feel as though I was given so many opportunities to succeed during my four years, which has a lot to do with the amazing teachers at AHS who care about each of their students.
The school is pretty run down, but for the most part the staff is friendly and wants you to succeed.
Overall, my years at Attleboro High School have neither been great nor terrible. The teachers there are very diverse in that some of them are great while others are outright awful. There are teachers that genuinely try their best and care about their students and want them all to grow as thinkers and to succeed beyond high school, and then there are teachers that are content as long as none of their students fail. The school itself could use some updating but overall it gets the job done; which, in a way, is a good way to describe Attleboro High School as a whole: it gets the job done.
There are quite some unique and great teachers at this school, as well as interesting classes. And although there isn't a very large performing arts department, it's an amazing thing to take part in and I love it so much.
There are some things that were absolutely fantastic about my high school experience, people and events I´ll never forget, and teachers who have had huge impacts on me. But that was tarnished at the end of my junior year when we were first told of the budget crisis. We weren't told how much, at first, and we knew there would be some cutbacks. But even our wildest dreams somewhat fell short. We Found out we were four million dollars in dept, and half our teachers were being laid off. As a high school senior this changed things around for me drastically. My entire High School career I looked forward to my senior year, as all underclassmen do. But due to the staff cuts that inherently lead to some courses being cut, especially electives.
There is much to learn at this school with the various programs that they have available. You are able to go into trades that interest you while still taking high level courses
There are many students from all over who come here.
There are many extracurricular activities available.
I had engaging classes and the support was amazing.
Many of the teachers go above what they have to!
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I think the school does a really great job in making sure the safety of the students is always there and never faltering. Of course, anything can happen anywhere, but if anything were to happen at this school, I feel confident in saying that the school would handle it appropriately, as it has done in the past. The deans of the school make sure the students are safe, by confronting those students who may have threatened anyone's safety in any way. The principal also makes sure to do fire and intruder drills every now and then to ensure our safety in situations such as these. The school nurses are also very helpful, allowing me and other students to lay down if needed, given medicine, or anything else that was needed to make us feel comfortable and able to go back to class again, or home if needed.
I think teachers at this high school are for the most part, very friendly and thoughtful when it comes to their students, and really open minded and passionate about what they teach. All teachers I've had throughout high school were willing to stay after school if I or any of my classmates needed it, and they were serious about helping if we wanted that for ourselves, and advocated for ourselves. There were some teachers who weren't really like this however, not open minded nor thoughtful, but I think every place will have people like that. So overall, the teachers were great and made class a safe and interesting place.
Our students at Attleboro high school come from all walks of life we have the stoners and we have the good kids it all depends on who you are as a person and what you choose to get involved in. While bullying is present it is manageable and you find that nowadays there is enough diverse city among the students that this really isn't an issue
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