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i went to school here for awhile. i did not like the food, it was horrible. i feel like some of the teachers really didn’t care about you. the sports were okay not the best. the administration i felt like was out to get everyone.
I graduated from Attica High School and I feel like they never really prepared me enough for college. I learned so much about college AT college when I should have known before hand. This school should evaluate how they are preparing students for college and give them a better understanding of the college life, expectations, and how to succeed rather than just trying to scare kids by saying "it's going to be worse in college".
Unfortunately, there are not many organizations or clubs to be apart of. It is not truly the school's fault either. There are just not that many students who choose to be involved in an array of extracurricular activities.
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This school is a good school when I attended but it has just seemed to get worse as the time passes. All of the athletic teams I was a part of were very close and carried great attitudes. The teachers were always more than willing to help. Since it was such a small school it was nice to really get to know everyone from staff to the student body.
The teachers at the school are very involved with what they are teaching and with the kids that are struggling to understand the material.
It's not the cleanest or most updated, but it gets the job done.
There are many clubs to get involved with, but nothing new or inventive ever comes from them. The same group of students do all of the clubs and get worn out.
Overall, I enjoyed my time at AHS. There are many things I would change, but also many things I will look fondly back on.
There are teachers on both ends of the extremes. Some are so involved and help to run multiple clubs and put in the extra hours, while others run out the door as soon as the end of the day bell rings. Overall the teachers are willing to help and respect you if you respect them.
The principals don't really make an effort to get to know any of us on a personal level. I think that they just don't really know how to relate to the student body.
There are many opportunities for people to get involved in sports. Fitness is something that is pretty well pushed at school.
There really isn't a whole lot that is offered by my school. Once again, we are a very small school and there just aren't as many teachers as the bigger school thus, less class choices.
There really isn't anything but family night on Wednesdays and after school tutoring.
I give my personal teachers an A because I feel that they, so far, are good at what they do. Most have been teaching for years and some are just new beginners. But I feel that they are doing the job they are supposed to do.
My school really cracked down this year. The girls aren't even allowed to wear leggings or yoga pants to school. No holes in jeans above the knees either. The coaches have to check their athletes grades every 4.5 weeks, if the students has anything lower than a D-, then the student has to sit out until the grade is brought up by at least one letter grade.
I love how my school is very personal; the relationships between the teacher and the student is something that a lot of schools don't have. Plus, with our small classes, everybody knows each other so we all know what is going on in each others' lives. But sometimes it is disturbing. Still though, everyone knows each other and MOST of us get along.
I feel like this is mainly because we are a very small school, in a very small town, but I think that our school has gone up in grade over the past few years. We have made small improvements and our school is slowly prospering.
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The teachers here are nice and are able to help when ever you need them to be there.
there is a moderate amount of frustrating events that occur here that could potentially display one person in an embarrassing way.
Understanding the facts that alcohol and drugs etc is not accepted it is still kind of odd that we can't wear hats in order to input our fashion statement. All in all it is okay and am pleased with it.
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