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If you work hard it’s a good school but the administration is rude and aren’t always helpful. The counsolars are very helpful throughout the whole year but get really busy and hard to get ahold of at the end of the year.
I've been going to Atrisco for 3 years now going to 4 and i have always had fun there. I'm a senior now and i can say that my experience there has brought some good times there. i have made some good friends and made some great memories there. The school would always bring smiles to everyone's faces and brought so much fun to the school with pep rally's , games and the dances were so fun.
AHA has a variety of rigorous courses. However, the administration can and is discourteous towards students.
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It's a good school and its a very nice campus but none of the administration can give students or parents the correct information ever. They value sports over academics like the original purpose of the school. To be a college prep school. Nevertheless better than most schools.
Even though I don’t be go here anymore AHA is an amazing school with plenty of teachers that genuinely care. Maybe the teachers are really and I mean REALLY hard on us but that is because they actually care. The whole administration is really uplifting and when you do get in trouble they will talk and actually help you understand what you need to do. When it comes to school fights there are very few, in fact only about 4 a year!
From my experiences at Atrisco Heritage Academy, the school expresses great involvement in our school to our teachers, faculty and the students themselves. However, I wish fro some change to occur to maybe help improve this school would be to inspire students to become more involved in clubs and activities and possibly serve an improvement on school food especially during lunch.
Atrisco is a school that is all about their sports and getting the students prepaired for college. What I would like to see change would be the way how some clubs and activities arent awarded ir congratulated as much as they should and some of their staff is very rude.
Atrisco Heritage is a good school at its heart with a lot of flaws.
While my overall experience there was positive, I also sometimes felt very isolated from the general student population and activities that were going on. Organizing any sort of club or activity that wasn't sports-related was also a nightmare a lot of the time.
However, Atrisco has a lot of amazing teachers who not only teach well but also provide you with plenty of support when you need it, as well as generally just being very kind, well-meaning people. I felt like I learned a lot and genuinely felt a little sad leaving the school behind at graduation.
My student life at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School has been a roller coaster. There are teachers who are just amazing at teaching the necessary content to pass tests and actually learn, while I have also had teachers that are not the est at being teachers. However, all administration members have great personalities and prepare us students for the future. I have always been a hard worker in school and a student with amazing grades. I have been left at disappointment, however, when permanent substitute teachers gave me a grade that I did not deserve. Despite this, I have worked and kept good relationships with teachers and staff because they can be great help in times of need.
What I loved about AHA was the great teachers and staff. Almost all of them were very caring for all students and are very knowledgeable in their fields. Every teacher I ever came in contact with seemed like they cared for not only their students' futures but also their well-being.
This school is absolutely amazing, they care about your education and you succeeding in life. They help you with the tools necessary to go to college and I love that. They have people dedicated for what ever you may need and there always there for you.
The only thing I would change is stop changing the schedule for bells, testing etc.. it get very confusing when one person tells you one thing, the next thing someone is telling you something else gets kinda annoying.
I have been at Atrisco Heritage Academy HS for my 4 years of high school. The teachers that I had the pass 3 years have been great, the taught me great tings that I know will help me after on in life. Now I am in my last year at Atrisco Heritage, my teacher have helped me out a lot to pass my classes. The principal is a GREAT person, I love how she is always with us in our school activities and events.
I like how i got help from many teachers and will help me graduate on time. Atrisco heritage academy is one of the best schools out thier. I appreciate many teachers out thier for all the support and the help
I liked a lot of the people there and I had a great athletic experiencs here, one thing though I hated was the traffic situation
Being a senior at this school, only having one entrance and exit sucks! There's always a lot of traffic its pretty annoying. I'm hoping in the near future that will change, but overall this school is really good.
The school is super fun and really hard on academic learn to push the students to achieve better. A lot of student involvement.
My experience at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School was awesome. I went to Atrisco for 4 years and I do not regret going to this high school. The teachers at Atrisco are awesome. You can go and see any counselor at any time and they are more than likely to help you out.
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Atrisco Heritage is a great school for anyone who wants to expand their horizons and try something new. There are different academies to join such as the film academy, the health academy or the law academy.
I love the teachers but the school culture has change since a change in administration. College prep courses such as Ap courses are available. The school has a very good Collage Go center to help students chose majors, Colleges and to help students get scholarships.
The school is great, the teachers are the best and communication is good. Basically every thing is at least good except the attitude of many of the students.
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