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Atrisco Heritage Academy High School Reviews

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I have met some great people and learned a lot. The school offers many course and I have taken full advantage of that.
This school focuses too much on security rather than other components such as whats going on inside class rooms.
Atrisco Heritage Academy Hight School has amazing staff from the lunch ladies that make you feel welcomed to the caring educators that their number one goal is to help the students succeed
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Atrisco is very involved in your school life and they really take an interest in your interests. They will do ANYTHING possible to see their students succeed. I have been at Atrisco Heritage Academy for all four years of my high school and they and very influential and they will push you to your limits and show you abilities of yourself that you didn’t know you had.
I have been at Atrisco my whole high school career, this school will always be my school but there’s definitely something that needs to change. The school is past full capacity, that needs to change ASAP
The school was big for all the students it had and also the teachers were good people to get help from. Something that I want to see change is how the counselors never do their job they just sit and eat.
I liked how at home the entire staff made me feel. I always knew there was someone I could talk to. The diversity at this school was something I loved, everyone was welcomed and we were all like a huge family. This high school really prepared me for college not only academically, but also socially. Truly a great high school experience.
For the most part though out my whole high school experience was four stars. The idea of feeling new feelings that we have never felt before was great and meeting new people was an interesting adventure. There are plenty of academies to choose from and you can truly find yourself, everyone and anyone can find themselves here in this high school. Not only is there a wide variety of academies to choose from however there are many more clubs and activities.The school spirit is on point every single game and I am very proud to call myself a jaguar. There really wouldn't be anything that I would change about this school, yet if I had too then I would choose to keep building this high school bigger than what it already is because of all the students that are attending this high highschool.
Atrisco Heritage is a good school, most teachers actually care about you and how your academics are. The school could improve on how they handle registration and working more with teachers to figure out where students should be placed.
Being an Atrisco Heritage Academy student has been a great experience for me. Coming in freshman year I had no idea what to expect or what I was going to be required to do. As I went on my teachers explained to me what honors and AP classes would benefit me in. Atrisco has demonstrated to me the things that can be done to get farther than high school. It has changed my mindset from being closed to opening up to different subjects, from Art to Business and Marketing classes. No high school is perfect and of course there are things that I would wish to change. One thing would be the advisory and the interaction with the students, the lunch that is provided to the students should not be the same every day, and lastly the teacher student interaction.
What I really liked about Atrisco Heritage Academy is the concentration on helping their students prepare for college and feel determined to get to the finish line. They take their security system policy very serious requiring the students to wear ID's at all times in order to identify students from those who are not. The community is very involved in school spirit, making students aware that high school is not just about school work but also having fun and enjoying the time while it last. One thing I would wish to change is the advisory involvement with students. Students always have trouble finding the type of help they need.
Atrisco Heritage Academy has amazing staff and faculty that help guide and mentor students to grow in academics as we'll as extracurriculars
My peers and fellow students are extremly impressed with tremendous support that our school provides. As far as academics, my fellow peers and i are very successful with our grades and the learning strategies that are placed upon the students.
I liked that the teachers were very involved in furthering the students education. The extracurricular activities led to friendships and bonds beyond the classroom. Being able to experience freedom of choosing a certain sport or club helped me find my interests in the world. Through the school I was able to develop morals, values, and a strong work ethic that I can take with me forward to all my future endeavors. Though the road ahead will not be easy, I know I am prepared thanks to Atrisco Heritage Academy High School.
Coming to Atrisco for these past years was a very great experience. Now that I'm a senior, looking back at my freshman and my sophomore years were a long way for me to be in this position. I am proud and loyal to this school that such a huge campus would let me be a part of its environment. Highschool was really a big impact in my life. I was bullied a lot in middle school because of how different I am such as my race conpared from others. But when I entered highschool, it was a whole new world for me. I got many supportive friends throughout the years, I joined sports, I had great teachers, and the classes were amazing. Of course, the challenges will always be a part of me, but I just keep on moving forward. One change that I would want the school to have is that to ensure the strong safety and off from violence, and also the success of all students to be ready for college.
It was good i was a cheerleader. It did have some down side but i could over look it. The school is very big tjere is a lot of walking. The academics are good but somtime a little over the top.teachers are not nice dering class and some times they dobt help you after class but the hier grad you go in to thet start helping
The school was fairly new and over-populated. I think that the teachers lacked engagement with the students because of the work-load that they had. Administration was not the best in terms of providing resources for students to prepare us for college.
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If you work hard it’s a good school but the administration is rude and aren’t always helpful. The counsolars are very helpful throughout the whole year but get really busy and hard to get ahold of at the end of the year.
I've been going to Atrisco for 3 years now going to 4 and i have always had fun there. I'm a senior now and i can say that my experience there has brought some good times there. i have made some good friends and made some great memories there. The school would always bring smiles to everyone's faces and brought so much fun to the school with pep rally's , games and the dances were so fun.
AHA has a variety of rigorous courses. However, the administration can and is discourteous towards students.
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