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With sorrow this school is on a rapid decline with the change to the Chair of St Peter, the new priest and the new administration. The quality of education is declining daily. The new administration lacks administration backgrounds and it shows greatly. The school are loosing children by the dozen with enrollment well below 500 students. We are questioning if the new people running the parish and school is on a mission to close the school.
I have gone there since the first grade. It teaches very good interpersonal and problem solving skills. It is a very intensive curriculum and can be very challenging. It could use more sat/act/psat preparation, and more technological skills taught. However it is a classical curriculum school and does very well to that point.
I have worked at The Atonement Academy for 13 years. While it is not a perfect place, i would highly recommend bring your children here. I have three young children and i know every aspect of this place. I know The Atonement Academy will help teach my children the values of the Catholic faith. I know they will be treated will love and respect and yes they will have to deal with hardship and rules. But overall The Atonement Academy is the only place i would entrust my children to attend.
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They truly care about their students, they’re not only a price tag as an another school that stop caring for the welfare as soon you pay the fee . From the administration to the teacher and students they take the time to make sure you feel welcome and they not stop until you feel like you belong there .
I love it !
I received an invaluable education at this institution. Any problems I encountered there stemmed from administrative difficulties.
The fact that it's small makes it feel like a family. However, the admin gets mad over the tiniest things. It may be that I'm just a teenager, but sometimes I feel like my freedom is nonexistent.
Atonement Academy challenges your mind. There is never a time where school work is too easy. This school truly prepares one for college. Everybody in the classes get along and there is an overall friendliness that cannot always be found in other schools. It is a blue ribbon school. I love the Atonement Academy.
I'm very glad to have gone to the Atonement Academy. If you want your kids to have a deep learning in the Catholic faith, this school is it. Everything is tied in with God. Very rich classical education
It is a wonderfully rigorous place that will prepare you for college but it can be too strict and unresponsive to parent/student feedback.
The administration does not follow the true teachings of the Lord. They are a bunch of "Do as I say not as I do" people.
We were lured to Atonement through the beautiful buildings, the artwork, and the lies tod to us by the "friendly" staff. But once we got into the school year, we quickly learned that appearances weren't what they seemed. The teachers are not very good at all. except for a few textbooks used by the upper school, the curriculum is outdated and inadequate. They pile on the homework to the point of excessive. Expect your child to be up till 2 and 3 in the morning getting assignments done. This school is all propaganda and is over rated. You are better off somewhere else.
honestly, this school just sucks. stay away if you can. everyone here wants to leave and rules are so unnecessarily strict, it is insane. kids literally faint in mass, physically run away from campus, and are rejected if they have a diferent opinion than the school. i wish i didn't go here. i don't want you or your kids to feel the same way. don't say i didn't warn you.
There are some excellent teachers here, but the turnover for most is too high to establish a proper sense of stability for most students. The choral music is excellent, but other areas could be further developed.
One nice thing about my school is that, because of its small population, participating in sports and clubs is not difficult. There are no sports try-outs, everyone who auditions for a roll in a play gets a part, and the School's Pro-Life club is heavily populated (as well as a way to get teachers and students to like you more).
Perhaps I am biased, being a non-religious student in a strict Catholic school, but the degree with which the school practices its faith has made attending this school incredibly unsatisfactory. Students are required to attend and participate in a daily, hour-log church service, where a (sometimes quite gruesome)sermon is given by the school's priest about the saints and martyrs. Each class also beings with a prayer, which every student must say. An in-depth religion class is required every year, and grades from this class are factored into the students' GPA. The school also has a "Pro-Life Club" where students are encouraged to protest in front of Planned Parenthood offices, as well as "symbolically adopt the souls of aborted babies" and pray for these fetuses, as well as annually celebrate their symbolic birthday. The whole thing seems completely absurd to me, and makes me very uncomfortable, but if I were to voice this opinion, as some have, I would face bullying from students and make an unfavorable impression on teachers. This over-the-top religious zeal my school displays is far beyond any other Catholic school in my area, and has made attending this school difficult.
Teachers at this school come and go. Many teachers are fresh out of grad school or even college, and most of them leave after one year or less of teaching. Of these one-year teachers, I find that about half of them just do not like kids. The other half effectively teach their class. A couple of these young instructors, however, have managed to relate to the class while maintaining a professional relationship, and have positively affected my academic life. Of the school's more permanent teachers, they are mostly neutral. These teachers are neither horrible nor life-changing, and they manage to teach the class. Only one or two teachers are particularly bad. I classify these teachers as "bad" not because they are strict, but because they spend more time in class telling irrelevant stories than actually teaching. There are, however, a few amazing teachers. The science and mathematics teachers in particular make difficult subjects interesting, and aim to help each individual student succeed. Overall, the teaching situation at this school is only slightly above average.
Not teachers that I would recommend or continue to put my child through.
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Not great. Not terrible. My 3rd grade child reported bullying by some of his classmates that we took up with the administration and never heard back from. Obviously this isnt on the top of their lists.
Administration doesn't give much effort or funding for after school activities. The minimum is done and nothing more to support them.
Just overall not satisfied with how my child likes the school or how the school treats my son. He comes home crying, saying his teacher yelled at him IN MASS. Not the warm and caring envirmonment the tour painted it to be. Anyone wanting to put their elementary child here is gravely mistaken. Also, putting children so little in mass everyday and aggressively calling them out when they close their eyes is also something I dont admire about this school. It would seem that the academy is more preoccupied with how they look on their tour then how they function in everyday life.
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