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I loved going to Atoka! People and teachers were great! I graduated in 2016 and wish I could go back every day!
Atoka High School has many options when it comes to tailoring a career plan for you. They put in time and effort to ensure EVERY student has the best pathway to whatever their future may hold. I love this school, because the teachers, students, and staff are so eager to help out in any way they can. They use programs such as ICAP, and OK CAREER GUIDE to map out a college plan for all students. Every student gets 3 free meals a day, including breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack at 3:00. There are also many options as far as electives goes. Kids can choose between many sports, weightlifting, band, FFA, FFCLA, FCA, art, NHS, and many, many others. I love going to Atoka, and am excited to see what the future holds for me.
It's basically your average small town high school. The staff is pretty friendly and making friends is pretty easy. Most people get along too. The staff is pretty nice. Food is served 3 times a day.
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When it comes to Atoka there’s very few good things I can say about the school as a whole, but the good things I can say far outweigh the bad. Atoka is a small town and the school feels even smaller, and I wish some of the teachers cared more about their students and their jobs. It’s hard to learn something when the teacher doesn’t care about the subject. However the teachers who do care are amazing and they will do everything they can to help you learn and succeed. When it comes to athletics Atoka is lacking something but I’m not quite sure what it is. The coaches have become somewhat of a second family for me and the will do everything they can to help you succeed. All in all Atoka may appear to be just another average Highschool but it can become something special and in an odd way I’ve grown to love the school and it’s staff.
My experience at Atoka has been good so far. The students have an amazing support system and the teachers have a good attitude. There are many clubs and extracurricular activities to participate in, but if I could change one thing about Atoka it would be how many core classes they offer; especially as a freshman or sophomore. I would love to see the science and mathematic field grow.
Atoka High School is a great school because of its atmosphere. It is a small school where everyone knows everybody, and if you need help anyone would be willing to help you. Teachers here are great because they care about their students and will do anything they can to help you succeed.
I enjoy the extracurricular activities that this school has to offer. The academics are up to par as well. I believe Atoka has made me more 'college ready'. The only thing I would like to change is the cafeteria food, and the few teachers who have bad attitudes. Other than that, my experience has been pretty good!
My experience with this school are both good and bad. There are great and there are bad teachers here. Some that slack and don't teach and some that teach their hearts out. I have all the educational tools I need , but the students can hinder a students learning. There are many interesting electives to choose too. Atoka High School isn't bad but it could be better overall.
In my time at Atoka High School I have learned many great things. The stuff this school has to offer is incredible. My time spent on the basketball team will be remembered. It is a generally small school so everyone has a unique bond with each other that you can't find any place else.
Students come together to support one another- school is much more than just academics but finding activities to keep them involved! All of our children have or will graduate from here!
This administration is fair, pro active, disciplined, and involved. Office staff is friendly and helpful- Dress code is conservative but can be improved-
The school building is almost 25 years old so there is wear and tear but the administration has done an excellent job keeping it a wonderful learning environment- guidance counselor does a great job helping students find scholarships and colleges to attend - free college classes on campus- new Ag barn was built and nice cafeteria and auditorium that is a few years old- safe room- walking distance to guy pm and weight room.
They offer free college classes on their campus which saves time and money driving to the nearest college/university to take classes. Also teachers have helped with homework so that gives the students extra help by being located locally!
Teachers at this campus genuinely care about their students and staff. Teaching is hard with parents not being as involved as in the past but the majority of these teachers attend sporting events, concerts, and plays to support their students.
This campus has a wide variety of clubs and organizations to choose from: FFA, FCA, FCCLA, Art, Music, Student Council, SWAT! Journalism, Band, BPA, Spanish, Color Guard, Academic Team, NHS, and several more to get students more involved.
There are lots of choices for sports - football, basketball, cross country, baseball, soccer, track, golf, weightlifting , softball, and PE.
This campus has locked doors, check in / out through office, security cameras all around outside and well trained staff to help! Students feel safe but not like they are in prison.
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Very improved compared to the previous two years.
Definitely an improvement from the previous two years.
I could be better, but it's better than it was.
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