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As a Junior at Atlee I have come to appreciate the strong academic standing and wonderful teachers that are the backbone of our High School. The school takes great pride in supporting our community and the parents and community return the favor by being involved in our activities. I have enjoyed Marching Band and the opportunities for leadership training and travel that the band has provided. Further, the school encourages growth regardless of your level of strength in different areas. No one is left behind, and there is a strong culture among students of lifting one another up.
Atlee high school is probably the best high school in the state of VA. The best teachers, academics, and sports that you can get. I loved going to school everyday. The teachers push you to be the best that you can be. The atmosphere there is great also, everyone is so nice and welcoming.
Atlee High School is a high achieving school with many course offerings. The school provides opportunities for IB, AP, Associates Degrees, as well as diverse subject matters. During my attendance at Atlee, I took advantage of technical drawing, electronics, engineering, physics, and calculus courses. Hanover County also provides opportunities in health care, trades, and mechanics. Our communications department offers classes in graphic design, yearbook, newspaper production, and video production.
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It's nice, I guess. The teachers are okay and the food is terrible. That all adds up to 3 stars for me.
Most of the teachers and staff try to make connections with you and care about every student in their class. The lunch is decent, it was better last year when we weren't on the new food plan. The students are all very nice and caring. Most will be willing to help you at any time.
When I first got to Atlee I thought to myself that this was the best school ever although I did not realize this until my junior year that the school had many problems. Not saying that the school is bad but some problems could not be overlooked as in the about of kids who were getting in to some bad habits, smoking, drinking, etc. The school other than those problems which are in a small about is a great school the teachers and most other students are nice.
Atlee High School has shaped my character so that I am the best version of myself as I move onto college. The academics and opportunities to be involved are amazing. The teachers genuinely care for each student and their success.
I loved being a Raider. The administration was concerned about their students academic and extra curricular success. Their focus was on helping their students be prepared for the future whether that was college or immediately moving into the work force.
It is a great school, and the teachers are amazing. I am in the IB program, and I have never been challenged like this before. It is difficult, but it will pay off.
I have had a relatively good experience at Atlee. My biggest complaint is the lack of diversity, but you will definitely get a good education. Almost all of the teachers and administration genuinely care about you and your education and want to form a relationship with you
As a senior attending Atlee High School, I believe this school to be overall a very good school to attend. Most of the teachers that I have had have at least acted like they care about student issues and how they can make everything as doable as possible for each student. Also, there are a variety of clubs at this school and you're almost guaranteed to fit in somewhere within this school. One thing I would like to see change for Atlee is the improvement of general technology and equipment that the school provides for its students.
Atlee did not give me the best education that it could've. It made me miserable and the teachers didn't give there best to help students that needed help. The ones that were afraid to speak up because of the fear of how the educator would react. They need to do a better job on outreach.
Overall, a very well facility. What could be improved on is better food and more activities (including expanding on sports).
The best thing about Atlee High School isn't the facilities, it's the people who are in it. I like this school because of the great arts program. This makes up for the lackluster food, bathrooms, and classrooms. The academics are really strong here with an IB and AP program.
With teachers, it just really depends on who you get. You could have one of the best teachers one year, but a horrible one the next year. Some teachers also play a really strong favorites game with the students. The students who are their favorites get away with doing certain things and don't face punishment when they do wrong. This contributes to some of the student's bad attitude.
This school also lacks diversity. Over 90% of the school population is Caucasian, with the rest being minorities. This lack of diversity reflects in topics discussed in class sometimes. Overall, this school is what you make of it, it can either suck or go really well.
I think Atlee is a great school. It has provided me with a great education an prepped me for college and afterwards. Two things I would say need to be improved upon are food and facilities. Atlee changed it's food this year and the quality has dramatically decreased. Our lunch ladies love cooking real meals but the system that is in place doesn't allow them to. Also, the school facilities, more specifically restrooms, need improving. The cleanliness is not the main issue but rather the fact that most are locked directly after-school which for someone that stays after everyday is a major inconvenience. Overall I have enjoyed my time at Atlee and would recommend the school highly to anyone interested.
The teachers and academics at Atlee are fantastic. I'm actual friends with a good amount of my teachers and I feel like everything we learn in classes will be used very well in a college setting. There's a place for everyone, you can find friends as long as you actually try. The administration is very good at interacting with students and making it feel like a friendly place. I really enjoy going to Atlee
Everyone was nice at Atlee, especially some teachers. A lot of teachers you can have connections with and will help you with anything you come to them with.
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The teachers at Atlee are excellent and usually super nice. The Atlee community is very involved. The principal does a great job, but some of the other administration can be very strict. The school is overcrowded. It took me months after school started to receive a textbook for one of my classes.
Atlee High School is a true embodiment of a learning environment. The teachers that work there go above and beyond the bare minimum, making sure that their students are learning, focused, and achieving in all of their classes. They respect the lives that we lead and the extracurriculars that we are involved in, ensuring that we learn at a fast yet manageable pace. I would highly recommend this high school to anyone who was interested in attending.
They have a variety of levels of classes to choose from - standard, advanced, AP, pre-IB, and IB. Most of the AP teachers that I had were very knowledgeable in their subject and worked hard to teach their students and make sure they actually understood the material. They made themselves available before and/or after school for students that wanted extra help or had questions.
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