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The teachers at Atlee are excellent and usually super nice. The Atlee community is very involved. The principal does a great job, but some of the other administration can be very strict. The school is overcrowded. It took me months after school started to receive a textbook for one of my classes.
Atlee High School is a true embodiment of a learning environment. The teachers that work there go above and beyond the bare minimum, making sure that their students are learning, focused, and achieving in all of their classes. They respect the lives that we lead and the extracurriculars that we are involved in, ensuring that we learn at a fast yet manageable pace. I would highly recommend this high school to anyone who was interested in attending.
They have a variety of levels of classes to choose from - standard, advanced, AP, pre-IB, and IB. Most of the AP teachers that I had were very knowledgeable in their subject and worked hard to teach their students and make sure they actually understood the material. They made themselves available before and/or after school for students that wanted extra help or had questions.
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I would like to see the administrators and teachers be more accepting of students who are different or do not go with what is in at the moment. In a lot of the activities there is very much favoritism towards the kids whose parents are either involved or are in the "in-crowd".
Pleased with the high level of expectations. Teachers are very caring and involved with their students. Guidance counselors are there to help your child. Communication is very clear and weekly.
In my 4 years of high school here, I made many friends and had great experiences. I was on the lacrosse team and was able to learn more about the sport. The coach let us have plenty of fun while also pushing and making us better.
The teachers are very nice and do their best to help you whenever you need it. They are easy to talk to and some of them also want to get involved in your life. One of my teachers senior year actually came to one of my sparring tournaments.
My time at Atlee probably had some of the best moments where I made some life long friends.
Atlee High School is a great school for anyone seeking academic challenges and a wide array of subjects. I loved all of my teachers, they all knew what they were doing and helped me become a better student. There isn't anything that I would change, and I would recommend this school to anyone.
Overall, Atlee is a great school. It offers a scene to accommodate almost every interest: from athlete to scholar. Higher level courses offer some extremely engaging classrooms. Many of the clubs are a disappointment, offerring little more than a checklist to complete so it can be added to the college resume. The athletic department is excellent. Administration can sometimes be unreasonable, and they often seem intent on micromanaging insignificant things. Guidance is excellent at offering you opportunities for numerous classes that interest you and providing reasources to aid in your college aspirations.
My experience at Atlee High School was like every other high school experience except for the fact that it was some of the best years of my life. Atlee High School has so many ways to become involved and everyone there really wants you to succeed.
I am currently a Senior at Atlee high school. Atlee high school offers a strong academic atmosphere where one can really thrive. It is a great school for preparing you for college. It is not as diverse as i would like, but there are a lot of nice students. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming with a bunch of student traditions. I highly recommend Atlee high school.
We feel our child got a great education at Atlee and is prepared to go to college in the Fall. The teachers and administrators really take the time to get to know their students. Overall excellent experience.
My experience over four years at Atlee High School has for the most part been enjoyable and enriching. The academics at Atlee are quite strong for a public school, and the vast majority of teachers are invested and skilled. Atlee has very good athletics, with conference and regional championships regarded as typical occurrences every year in a variety of sports. There is a multitude of clubs and organizations to get involved with which I would recommend doing as soon as possible as these groups typically lead to strong relationships among peers. Additionally, the variety and quality of food at the school is good, but over the last few years many options have been taken away due to presumed health restrictions. A downfall of Atlee is that it is not a diverse school, with the greater part of the school being white. Other than that, to me, Atlee has been a great place for me to learn and grow over my high school career.
Overall Atlee high School is a very honorable school. There is a wide variety of classes, clubs, athletics, and much more. I have ran across a few teachers that aren't the best at their job (i.e. they don't clearly explain subjects, they get their material online); although this is frustrating it does prepare you for the hardships of life. I am heavily involved in many of Atlee's band programs and i all i can say is that my experience has been nothing short of amazing in the 4 years I've been able to be in the programs.
Really good overall, well rounded with academics(offers both AP and IB courses), great opportunities for clubs and sports, with great teachers as well. Administration is fantastic, and they prepare their students extremely well for college.
Atlee provides a place for inclusion as everyone can find another person who shares their interests. However, it can be too narrow minded when it comes to priorities since academics is placed above well being.
Atlee High School is a very good school. Compared to many in the state. Most of the teachers are helpful. Many of the students are nice. Over the course of 4 years the school has become more strict than what it was when I first started. There is less time between classes now. Only 5 minutes to get to class. My freshmen year was 7. And now the classes are even longer. It's a terrible idea, I lose focus after 40-50 minutes. That should've never changed. I wish the school had more diverse students, but the school cant help that. But over all my high school experience in general was great.
Good variety of classes offered. Teachers genuinely care about their students. Guidance Counselors are excellent resources. Good sports teams. Need to upgrade some sports equipment for Track and Field.
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I love everything about Atlee. I'm a senior here. Everyone is friendly. The administration make you feel comfortable and you can talk to them about anything. The teachers are amazing and they'll help you with anything you need. We have several AP, IB, Dual, and Advanced classes that'll have you ready for college. Academically, Atlee is the best high school in Hanover County, ranking at #32 in Virginia. The "rage cage" is one of the best parts of being a raider. Atlee has one of the most supportive student body. With 26 Varsity teams, Atlee has had 13 state championships. We also have many clubs that anyone can join! The only thing I'd change about Atlee is the food, the new food program isn't the best. Other than that Atlee is great. And I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to walk these halls, cheer in the rage cage, win multiple state championships, and just be a raider. Thank you Atlee for the best high school experience a girl could ask for.
I love all the extracurricular activities available at Atlee! My class (2019) is a very social class and most everyone gets along. I love the teachers at atlee too, all faculty members are very nice and as long as you respect them, they will respect you. The only thing I would change about Atlee is the bell schedule, I feel like more time is needed to change classes.
I've played golf for Atlee since I was in 8th grade and playing a sport at Atlee is the best way to get involved. I have made some really great friends over the years and have had to preserve through extremely tough situations in the classroom. Overall Atlee has prepared me for most of what life will throw at me.
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