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Atlas Preparatory Academy Reviews

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I graduated from this high school and they don't really care about getting you college ready they just care about you getting the credits and graduating
I really like how the teachers make connections with the students and teach students in a way each individual can learn and understand the concept of the lesson that is being taught.
The thing I liked most about Atlas was how the teacher communicate with the students and how they were so good at helping the students with their work and whenever we would struggles.
I liked everything about atlas.
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its pretty safe at school, I've never felt unsafe or worried about my life
there need to be more extracurriculars
there were a few things i wished was different, it'd be better if they were more open to the students idea
The staff and teachers do care about the students safety, but improvements could be made
Atlas has very few extracurricular activities.
Overall its like your typical private school strict and preppy, but has its own unique ways of learning the best part about Atlas is you will never know what to expect going to class. Although, I would not choose to go back to Atlas i would recommend this school for those who really wants to receive a good education. Me personally if I had the opportunity to choose another school I would not pick Atlas simply because I experience the school already.
Teachers take time and effort to help those in need of extra help, also show passion teaching students.
the building is in great condition, but we do not have any specific labs, the cafeteria is multi use . It is used as the gym and auditorium .
The teachers try there best to work with there students so they get everything they need to pass done, they talk to there students to understand maybe why the student came in to school a bit down or sad.
Id say the uniform, cause most parents might not have enough money to buy 5 uniforms for there kids to wear thru out the week.
we have the best administrators, Ms.Thomas is the most helpful person.
is safety and the transportation is truly accessible
the doors are lacquered and safety and security within the shool is really good.
No abuse no discrimination and racism.
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When I graduated from high school I knew that offered me great benefits to apply and be accepted to college and find better jobs.
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