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School is a great school. I like how the teachers care. Thete should be more clubs. They should give students more chances if they don't do goid. Not just,pull them from that class....
It was extremely intensive when it came to school work, however, the students didn’t have as much of a voice as they wanted.
Atlantis has the best teachers in the district. They are always updating parents about the performance of their kids. With the upcoming campus almost ready, it will be exciting for everyone. Thank you for your hard work!
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I love the family atmosphere and how hard the teachers work to give our kids a quality education. My kids love going to school here and look forward to going to school every day.
Awful school system. Sub par curriculum, and instead of being focused on the children's academics, they care more about giving a 1st grader detention for trivial nonsense. They do not challenge their students and most teachers can't get out of there soon enough when that bell rings. Do not send your child here if you want them to at least have a shot of attending a 4 year college.
I have 3 kids at ACS. So much better and safer than other choices. We also had issues with a bad math teacher in the high school but she was fired and now my kid is doing great! Overall we are very happy with the education my kids get.
I am experiencing two levels which are Kindergarten and High School. So far I am satisfied with the Kindergarten but I am kind of disappointed with the High School. The teachers are sucks and I can understand why their level especially on math is so low. They need to improve their system by putting more efficient teachers. Teachers who will love their jobs and are always ready to help their students. These Teachers over there spent their time chasing students, gossiping instead of doing what they get paid for. A student shouldn't be stressed each day when they come home . Overall I wouldn't referring the High School because it's not the best but the kindergarten yes
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