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Atlantic Shores Christian School Reviews

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I transferred to Atlantic Shores for my last two years of high school and I felt as though I belonged there. Amazing teachers who really care, love you, and will pray over you!
It is a very decent school. It has many good qualities, but it also has several other areas where it could improve. Honestly just typing all this to meet the minimum word count. Did you know that Acorns were essential to not only the survival of early native Americans, but also a key cornerstone to their financial and economic system
The teachers were very nice and the school was very sports-focused. Uniforms are required. They offer dual-enrollment courses.
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It is an amazing Christian school. Your faith is the main focus, and you can build it through friendships and aftershock activities
This school stands alone in it's ability to manufacture delusion and hypocrisy all while superbly failing to educate your children.
Had a good time at Atlantic Shores. Can't wait to see the changes to the building in the future. I went to the school from 5th grade to 12th grade. I have loved every single teacher. They tend to my needs and helped me though school
I really dont like the small size of the school, but the christian environment is good. I really don't enjoy how much is expected of me compared to the little time i am given to meet those expectations
I was prepared for college, but I know a lot of people are not when they leave.
There are like 4 really good teachers in the school, but the rest are really sub-par.
The school is in the process of expanding, but right now it's just eh.
There are rules against pretty much everything at this school, but everyone is still doing them (even within the walls).
The admin. let some kids get away with absolutely everything, while purposely single out other students to get them in trouble.
There's only so many opportunities at a small school.
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