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I love Atlantic City High School because of the people there. Everyone is so welcoming and they make the school feel like home. I transferred to Atlantic City High School from Ocean City High School and it is the best decision I have ever made. I wake up in the morning actually excited to go to school. I don't have to worry about what to wear or how to do my hair because nobody really cares what I look like. There is no need to feel like I have to be perfect at Atlantic City. I learn so much in all of my classes, but more importantly I learn from my classmates. Most of the kids in my classes were not even born in the United States. The diversity is remarkable. As a biracial student, I feel like I belong at this school.
As a student in Atlantic high school I see it as a amazing school for Education and also has a lot of diversity with amazing sports programs and great treatment from Administration. But Atlantic is sadly lacking in clubs there not too many and also have really bad parent involvement.
I was in the IB program, the teachers truly care about their students and want them to learn and be successful. There are tons of fun clubs, I recommend the art club and National Honor Society. The school events were fun but the venues were small it seemed. I enjoyed my four years at Atlantic and I miss my teacher dearly. Being in the IB program also really helped me prepare for college, we were writing resumes and college essays and constantly doing volunteer work and building up our resumes. Also the guidance counselors are so sweet and truly want to help, they even send out monthly scholarship listings so you always know what to apply for and when.
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Great place to learn at, you just need to wear a uniform shirt. There can be changes done, but there is nothing major that needs to be changed. Such as if there is a club that isn't made that you want to make.
This school is a great way to be prepared for college, with counselors guiding you every step of the way, even in freshmen year.
The IB Program is definitely how I was able to be accepted for prestigious colleges and is super intense on college readiness. I cant think of a better program, or a better school, to go to if you want your child to be college ready.
I enjoyed being a part of the JROTC program. I would change the teaching staff if it were my decision. The main concern was with the level of instruction we received in the honors program. Some of my teachers would focus on one topic throughout the entire length of the course, causing us to skip several chapters. One professor I had would simply have us watch YouTube videos and select a new click bait video after each film ended. Needless to say, the videos were not instructional.
I love my experiences at Atlantic high school. They give you a lot chances to be involved in the school, they have a bunch of activities where you can go and make new friends. It's a well rounded school. The one thing that I believe that should change is the food can be better.
Atlantic has both its pros and cons like any school but there is something about Atlantic that makes me proud to be a student here. The students are accepting of others and the SGA works hard to keep everyone included. There is a sense of community and family in Atlantic that makes it sad to think it is my last year. In my experience, teachers work hard to get to know each student and make them feel comfortable cooperating in class without feeling judged or not good enough. In my opinion, the teachers go above and beyond to provide support to the students in the areas in which they need them.
On the latter side, Atlantic does not offer that many food choices to those that are vegan/ vegetarian. Often, the food also lacks flavor. Further, I suggest our school does more to gather up school spirit! Often during spirit week few people participate but if there is a certain 'hype' through decor around the school or events during lunch, students would be more eager to participate.
I was in the IB program at Atlantic high school and this program changed my life. The IB program is a great way to get ready for college and earn college credit. I made a lot of great friends in the ib program that shared my passion for learning. I am still friends with these people till this day. The teachers were great and really cared about the students education. They really tried to help you understand something if you weren’t. Atlantic High school is a great environment whereyou can grow and learn.
My experience at Atlantic High School was pretty average for me because there wasn't really anything that stood out to me, we don't have a variety of athletic groups but overall I had a pretty good experience, everyone there is nice and like to help out with anything you need.
My experience was more unothrodox than most students because i joined many programs that helped me substantially while in school which was great. My only problem was that I did not feel safe 100% of the time but it was a decent learning environment and very fun experience overall.
I was in the IB program at Atlantic High School and it did a lot to get me ready for college. The IB program at Atlantic is in many ways separate form the rest of the school, so the culture and diversity are a bit different. Within the program, the professors are amazing and inspiring. There were a few fights while I was there but there were also cops on campus grounds regularly. Attending campus games was a frequent part of campus culture and they were always fun. The cafeteria food was pretty decent and the buildings were brand new.
I had a great year, starting my freshmen year I didn't even want to go there, because of what I've others say about the school. Experiencing it myself, now I have a different view of my school. At Atl safety is first, everyone is involve. There's no place for hate. The teachers, may seem annoying at times but, It's always for your own good. They all want you to succeed. We have solid sports, we have the best football , backetball, track, soccer,volleyball and weightlifting in the district. The stats shows it. Our club and activities, we welcome everyone, we always want new people, to experience the joy and what we are doing. As for our food, I have to be honest we don't have the best menu, the lunch menu is the same everyday and we kinda get use to it. At Atl we are not perfect, that's what I learned, we do our best depending in our capabilities. Everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Atl home of the eagles. We soar!!
Things I like the most about Atlantic Community High School, was they will never let other people bullying you. No fight allow they do their best to protect us, teachers help us to do our best passing our test.
Overall the school is good if you particpate and get involved in with the school. Yes, there might be some mishaps here and there, but the love and care the school provides is pretty amazing.
This school is full of passions and love! Teachers and students are nice and friendly. The school provides a safe environment for learning and offers many fun activities while in school; for example, the pyramid competition, spirit week and the autumn fest. This school provides technical program once you are in 11th grade, which can allow you to learn about the major that you are interested in and can be certified. I really enjoy being in this school and will give me an unforgettable high school year!
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This school is more diverse than a panda bear (white, black, Asian). If you want to half-ass high school and still get into college, avoid the IB program.
The IB teachers were amazing (for the most part). I am much more well rounded than when I started high school and I had a pretty good education when I was there. The guidance counselors were absolutely great and have helped me so much throughout my four years. They provided us with the resources necessary for college and scholarship opportunities as well as emotional help. The only complaint I would have is the principal. She came in my sophomore year and allowed pyrotechnics to be practiced during our pep rally and a man got on fire because of it. She only cares about the football team and only acknowledged IB students (barely) during graduation. Also, the school made us take EOCs even when we did not take the course required just so we can help the school's grade. Otherwise, the experience was great.
I had attend this high school for 4years and graduate in 2013. I missed going there, make a lot of amazing memories with my friend. I love my principal his name was Dr.Lockar and he was very motivated to push us to finish school even we want to drop-out in some point. This school though me a lot of things and also see who was my true friend after I graduate.
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