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The school is a typical high school which at some point will get boring if you're not doing something other than coming to school and going home. What made the school excellent for me was all of the club's you can join and be apart of. Either after a stressful of boring day the club's help give you back that energy, it's like a second family for me.
I like the schools Many programs ( Medical, Culinary, criminal justice, etc.) and the teachers are nice and helpful, but I wish programs like the medical program received more funding so we can have new equipment instead of our old ones.
One of the many things that I love about Atlantic community high school is how the staff pays really close attention to the type of environment the students are in. Atlantic teachers really works hard to give their student the knowledge to succeed.
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I got better at doing essays, and I learned that we should respect each other despise of what they do to you. I have learned that I should put my first foot forward every day. I've learned that fighting is not the answer of everything in life which i learned it the hard way. I must say thank you to all of teachers that works really hard to educate us for tomorrow. Thanks to all teachers that are around the world that works really hard to educate us . Shout out to our principals too.
Overall a good experience with the typical high school issues that most students would face in high school, mostly social. I was not as involved or outgoing as some others, though. Being more involved may have helped to better my experience.
Specifically the IB program offers some of the best teachers and well rounded education that I have heard or seen in my county.
I love the fact that the guidance counselors are always here for you, they have a program for students who doesn't speak english
Atlantic Community High School is an amazing School with great staff and principle. Being in the IB Program has helped me in many ways . Going the extra mile for my education has helped me tremendously.
I like how Atlantic High School has a variety of choice programs you can join. Also they allow you to take certification if you would like to. They also have many programs available to help you prepare for college. They allow for you to visit college on campus and they give you the information you need to be successful. International Baccalaureate program is very rigorous but it will help you get into colleges. The counselors are concerned and very well at sending out important information.
It’s a good school, teachers are very hardworking and understanding. Administrators are really nice and helpful. The only downfall is theirs to much fights occurring during school.
Since I was in the IB program, I had a different experience with Atlantic than the average student would. In the IB program, there are some very supportive teachers and counselors that like to see you succeed. I would, however, like to see a change in the amount of school spirit, since there isn't much.
My experience at Atlantic High school has been a good one so far. I am apart of the IB program and I can safely say that the majority of my teachers were very intelligent individuals who provided me with a good education. Socially, I made a diverse range of friends through sports and clubs. Individuals in these clubs enhanced my experience at the school. The majority of the people I encountered at the Atlantic Community High School are very genuine and are very kind. In my opinion, the people at the school are what makes the school good for me. The food, facilities, etc. are okay, but it is truly the people you meet and create bonds with at the school who bring up the school.
Nothing really much to say about the high school. I liked how some teachers cared about the students success. For college I would love to join a sport and a dance team as well!
IB program. Rigorous college readiness program that gets you college credits. Otherwise a normal high school
I went through 4 years of the IB program at Atlantic and I found that this program is extremely beneficial to prepare you for college and gives you a strong advantage over other applicants when applying to college. Through the program, I had access to many more resources than compared to kids not in the program. There are many clubs,(academic, volunteer, fun) open to everyone but I would like to see some emphasis and value placed on the fine arts such as band and students not in the program.
I have had a great experience at Atlantic High school. The teachers, faculty, and administration are extremely helpful and go above and beyond to help students out. There is a variety of cultural diversity among everyone. The academics are rigorous and they prepare you very well for college. The clubs are amazing and so much fun, and keep you busy, and there is a variety of them. The teachers are awesome and experts in their subjects.
I love my high school. We are always hosting fun lunch events, there are football/basketball games like every weekend, and we have a huge variety of clubs to choose from. Even though we have all that I would like to see some things change. I think that the school lunch should be improved and I personally think we should have uniform to reduce bullying and for other reasons. Also, I feel like the time school starts should be changed because the students are always so tired in the morning and sometimes it's because the piles of homework we get. It's not all bad though. They are working on enforcing badges more and they solved the rodent problems at our school so I think we making some great improvements.
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I would rate Atlantic at an average because the environment was not great but some of the teachers were good.
Atlantic is just like any regular old high schools but it's the teachers, staff, and students that really make it something else. I've learned a lot from teacher and mentors that I can put into my everyday life. At Atlantic, you see such a diverse culture of people, there are no Whites with Whites or Blacks with Black but you have whites with Asian, Blacks with Whites, and Whites with Latios. My school is really big on its program,s like the no-bullying policy, I really value that programs because I was bullied in middle school and when I got to high school I thought it would be the same thing but I was wrong. Nevertheless, every school has its weakness I wish there was more of an effort or fund into "at-risk" not on track students.
I attended Atlantic Community High School for 4 years and my experience was pretty average. I never really had any issues there but the academics are lacking. Many teachers teach to the test not for actual understanding or future use.
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