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When I attended Atlantic I left very restricted at the school because their were faculty members that acted as prison guards, by taking away any electronics used while walking to class, sending students to detention if they were late for class, and monitoring the perimeter of the schools to make sure no body enters or exits. Also, many people there believe that the IB and Honors students care about their education, whereas the regular students don't, which is shown from the type of education they receive.
I like a lot of things there, mostly the pep rally and food. The teachers are very good there. But I regret that the change I wanted them to do, they did them while I'm already graduated. And now they allow phone before class begin and while we have lunch. But that's good duh, cause they making a big change now and I'm proud of that.
They treat you right there but you gotta be careful too on your track if you don't wanna felt your classes.
Well Atlantic high is a good school 98% of the teacher or fun and easy. My honors class is amazing I like the way that the teachers teach, but some of the student or not to good they make the school look bad so my experience was awesome and it’s still is .
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AHS's honors program allowed me to thrive. It prepared me for the college I now attend and I am at the top of my class!
Very diverse and fun place to learn. Its easy to make friends here since everyone is welcoming, friendly and kind. The IB program is especially amazing with its teachers and various levels on stimulating classes to challenge the students in a multitude of ways. Overall Atlantic community high provides a wonderful and well rounded experience for all students.
I loved every bit of that school, the teachers and even some of the students . Some if the kids always are respectful and the teachers are loving.
I recommend that students join a sport or a club, I was a part of the Student Government and it is where I met some of my first friends! This school has an outstanding medical program, I graduated with 4 certifications.
This school is very promising but little things keep it from being a great school. This school can improve massively if it did little things like offering more after school programs that help students prepare for the real world, like simulating mock interviews, learning about finance and banking, and also how to seize opportunities.
Atlantic High School is a great environment for many students to achieve their goals and make new ones in order to become a greater part of the community. Being a transfer student from another country, I was worried that I would not be able to "fit in," however, the staff and students at Atlantic welcomed me warmly and helped me feel comfortable with my new surroundings.
Overall, I believe that this is a great school, academically and socially, for all students!
I participated in the International Baccalaureate Programme for my 4 years. Most of my teachers were extremely supportive and understood the potential stress this program could cause. The courses are rigorous. This program prepares you for college, you would have written one large research paper in addition to smaller scale ones for each of your courses during junior and senior year. This program has kept me academically motivated. However, there are some flaws. I wish they had more pep rallies, ever since we changed principles we have had around 4 pep rallies total, in contrast to having 1-2 every nine-weeks. This makes the "school spirit" diminish immensely. I also wished they could figure out a way to make the lunch rooms less crowded. It is not the cleanest campus I have experienced but then again its high school.
My son is in the IB program. The teachers have been great. I wish the clubs and extracurriculars were stronger. It's a sink-or-swim environment, which I think is actually very good to students to learn to navigate.
My experience at Atlantic high school was excellent. We have many different academies to help relate to what students might want to be in the future. Our school comes with criminal justice, medical program, construction, earlychildhood, and rotc. My school is very known for our overachieving football team, often we have many student athletes get full scholarships to the college they get offered from. The teachers at my school are patient and interested in you success. One thing I like the most about Atlantic is our school spirit days. What I would like to see change at Atlantic is maybe our school lunch.
I think Atlantic is a pretty good school in regards to the IB program. The regular school is a different story.
I'd like to see more resources available for students and less mediocre work given to students in regular classes. These don't give students enough college readiness. The guidance counselors really don't help at all, it's like they don't like their job and simply do not provide much guidance. The administration simply doesn't live up to the standard that they say they do. I'd also like to see more focus on the actual academics than the football team.
This school has potential however mediocre at best currently. The ib program is ok with teacher involvement being limited.
The safety and discipline is a concern.
Atlantic High School has been nothing but good to me for these three almost four years. It is a very diverse enviornment and holds lots of friendly people. The class choices are endless, and Atlantic offers lots of help when it comes to helping their students succeed. The adminstration is excellent, and they do everything in their power to make sure all students feel safe and happy about coming to school. Teachers and staff do nothing but help students push foward in preparence to the real world.
I was a part of the IB program at Atlantic High School. Although the academics were up-to-par, the school was completely unbalanced and disorganized. From setting fires at pep-rallies to an unhealthy obsession with the football team (resulting in little to no funding to any other program), Atlantic was a mess. That being said, the IB Program at Atlantic is pretty good. If you want to be considered for good colleges, I'd definitely suggest going into the program. The teachers in the IB Program are (mostly) great, especially Mr. McManus and Mr. Powers (Mr. Powers is probably the best, most enthusiastic math teacher you will ever have). The science teachers aren't that great, but other than that Atlantic IB has some really cool classes that you couldn't take in normal high schools, like Philosophy and Anthropology. Overall, I wouldn't suggest going to Atlantic unless you are planning to go into the IB Program.
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I was more than excited to be a part of this school, ATL, Iloved their IB program. This program got me feeling more prepared to endure college life at FAU. Also, my hard works there in the IB program at ATL helped me entered FAU in Boca with already 11 credits almost like dual enrollment.
If you come in as a new student senior year, good luck. Students aren't very open on letting people into their friend groups.
Coming into Atlantic High School as a freshman, I was surrounded by many familiar faces which made me feel like at home. Over the years, I have met a lot of great open-minded people whom I will never forget. I have made a lot of connections and friendships, which I will cherish forever. As for academics, I was in the International Baccalaureate program which is a very rigorous corse but I has gotten me ready for college! Over the years, there were good times and bad times, but overall the good outweigh the bad. I would recommend Atlantic High to anyone who wants to experience diversity, an uplifting setting, spirited, and overall well rounded high school!
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