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I was in the IB program wish was an awesome opportunity. Atlantic made my high school experience very fun and interesting.
I enjoy coming to school every day, it's a lot of fun! It's going to be so sad leaving. I enjoyed my years here. It's not a disappointment. I really hope things stay the same when I leave.
Great! I love the atmosphere of the school I love how competitive th sports are, the academics are rigorous!
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Atlantic community high school is a really good school with a lot of cool people. What I enjoy the most is the sports teams and all of their coaches. The care about you both physically and academically making you focus in school if you want to play. But that's not the only reason. Another thing is that they have good teachers that teaches the material clearly for their students to understand and if you needed help with a certain subject then you had the opportunity to go to torturing and they would further help you. They gave us access to multiple resources from computer to after school activities. I really enjoyed my experience their and would recommend everyone else to going their.
I love the amount of clubs offered to the students. The variety of clubs ranges from religious to art to academics. Student Government is a great organization, which coordinates most of the fun events for the school. The academic clubs offer tutoring in all subjects of all levels. The school its self is kept clean, including the bathrooms. The classrooms are decorated with motivational sayings. The teachers are interactive with the students and have a passion for teaching. The classrooms have kids who are diverse and all willing to learn. Another great aspect of Atlantic High School, is the many course opportunities and advanced classes.
Attending Atlantic High School seemed like it would open more opportunities being in the IB career program, however, the department is very small and not knowledgeable on requirements for its students. This school is most likely outside of the loop especially with the career program.
There is very little diversity, and that "diversity" is found in the IB program.
Educators and education are sub par, although some are very easy to get along with and have experience in their fields.
The school itself does not hold many events after a few incidents occurred. Clubs are underfunded.
The only thing I like about this school are the IB staff members and students.
Over the past few years at this school, I have come to know many excellent teachers and make some diverse, but highly intelligent friends. The courses, though rigorous, teach us how college classes would be set up and allow us to work in groups to complete fun and educational projects.
As a student in the IB Programme at Atlantic, I can say that I am overall prepared for a further education. The rigor of the programme has prepared me enough.
When I went to Atlantic High School I enjoyed the diversity of both students and faculty. The school is also a very safe place, where they take great precautions to ensure the students and Faculty safety. Not only that, the school also provided student with a multiple choices such as the IB program, the Avid Program, AP classes, Aice Classes and Honors classes; this allowed student to choose the program or class best for them. Although the school had many great things, I think that they should improve the parent involvement portion of schooling and they should encourage more of their students to get into those IB and Avid program, and take those college level classes i.e. Aice and AP.
For the most part Atlantic was a good school, I was in the IB program so it was a bit of a different experience for me. Since I was in the IB program, we did not really interact with the rest of the students. I am sure it was not on purpose but majority of the IB classes were located in a certain building, meaning we did not get to interact with the rest of the students. The only time we would get the time to do that was during lunch or extra curricular activities. Other than that I had a great time at Atlantic High, great sports team, activities, a couple few staffs but overall it was a fun time. There were a couple of teachers that I will always remember and cherish for years and years to come. A lot of the teachers cared about their students.
Atlantic Community High School is a very good high school that offers an ib course as well as several AICE and AP classes. The art programs offered at the school are wonderful and the art teachers are very nice. Administration does not do what’s best for student, instead choosing to focus on what will bring more income to the school, such as forcing students to take AP classes. Many IB teachers expect students to be heavily self reliant to the point that students must teach themselves.
I am now a senior in the International Baccalaureate Program ay Atlantic High and I like that the teachers show they care about us and tesh us well in the classroom. They ensure that we understand the material being taught and don’t overwork us, despite the projects that are required for IB such as internal assessments. I think my school could improve on making the pep rallies more entertaining and giving credit to more sports other than football.
I loved Atlantic high school because it’s the best school in the palm beach that actually make students feel like home and the teacher work really hard to help us go to the next level and to accomplish our goals.
I liked the different kinds of characters there and the body of the teachers. There is so much to do between all of the clubs and organizations supported by the amazing student government association.
The IB Program here was great. I learned a lot, and had fun with my friends. School is clean and safe, and overall has a nice environment.
When I attended Atlantic I left very restricted at the school because their were faculty members that acted as prison guards, by taking away any electronics used while walking to class, sending students to detention if they were late for class, and monitoring the perimeter of the schools to make sure no body enters or exits. Also, many people there believe that the IB and Honors students care about their education, whereas the regular students don't, which is shown from the type of education they receive.
I like a lot of things there, mostly the pep rally and food. The teachers are very good there. But I regret that the change I wanted them to do, they did them while I'm already graduated. And now they allow phone before class begin and while we have lunch. But that's good duh, cause they making a big change now and I'm proud of that.
They treat you right there but you gotta be careful too on your track if you don't wanna felt your classes.
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Well Atlantic high is a good school 98% of the teacher or fun and easy. My honors class is amazing I like the way that the teachers teach, but some of the student or not to good they make the school look bad so my experience was awesome and it’s still is .
AHS's honors program allowed me to thrive. It prepared me for the college I now attend and I am at the top of my class!
Very diverse and fun place to learn. Its easy to make friends here since everyone is welcoming, friendly and kind. The IB program is especially amazing with its teachers and various levels on stimulating classes to challenge the students in a multitude of ways. Overall Atlantic community high provides a wonderful and well rounded experience for all students.
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