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Atlantic high school a good school, To Be there to have friends and to learn is a. Fascinating thing Learning at ATL is the most pushing motivating things that you can do the teacher push you to be better duty to push you so you can go to college they help you they give you tools The teacher want you to pass not filled not held back do you want you to pass .
Everyone is very close and friendly. I like that everyone can get involved whether it's in FFA, sporting activities, volunteering, and much more.
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I like all the opportunities to be involved in things that interest me. Sports, clubs, academic groups. Our school has a lot of things that make it enjoyable to go through high school.
There's such a sports focus not only in the school but the community. We're really good at many fine arts events such as the art fair, speech, debate, band, and choir, yet everybody would rather show up to a football game despite winning only once during a seasin then support their peers in the play or at a concert.
At Atlantic High School I participated in many activities which helped me make more friends and increase my school spirit. The teachers and staff are all very friendly and helpful. I never hesitated to go to any of them for help or advice. We are constantly improving the facility and our resources. Overall I had a great experience in Atlantic High.
I love Atlantic High School. A small town atmosphere filled with positivity. The teachers are there for you and administration always continue to look for ways to upgrade the environment or help the students succeed. A great system is set in place in Atlantic High School and I'm glad I am part of this amazing community.
This school of mine is very involved and encouraging towards the athletic activities. However, the performing arts of this school is full of talent. Yet, the school doesn't put as much effort to make the students that are involved in the arts feel like they're important. The arts of the school has more students involved than the sports.
The teachers in my school are very involved in each and every students ways of learning. Their ways of enriching the minds of the students are vastly different with each teacher.
I've gone here my whole life so I don't know much else, but there seems to be just a small group of students who do tons of activities, and the rest don't do anything or very little.
Not everyone's teaching styles work for everyone
The teachers are very helpful and truly care about the students.
I've only gone to this school so I don't really know any different. But overall I like it for the most part. I love my art and spanish classes and I love how I can take college classes through the community college in town for free.
This school is okay. You can get basic knowledge of what you need for your future but the people and the faculty can make it very difficult to enjoy.
This school has a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes school spirit sucks, sometimes it's weirdly great. Sometimes students pick on each other, other times they stick together. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. Some teachers care, some don't. It all comes down to what you make of it, and if you choose to see the glass as half empty or half full.
Food is bad for how much it costs. "Healthy food" is available but it's usually gross. Most meals taste like plastic. 25 minutes isn't nearly enough time to get through the line and eat. I'm always hungry at the end of the day.
Much like the teachers, some administrators are wonderful and truly care about what they are doing. Others just don't. Most rules are fair and make sense, but there are some that are just stupid.
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I don't play sports, so I don't know personally, but from what I've heard, most of the equipment and programs are good.
There are some absolutely amazing teachers, and some who just don't care anymore. There are some who know what they're doing and love it, and some who you wonder how they're still teaching in the first place.
As far as the Fine Arts activities go, what makes them great are the people. All the fine arts (Band, Choir/Show Choir, Theater, Speech, and Art) coaches and directors really care about what they're doing, as do the students. We have a reputation for not being very good at band and choir, but every year we get better. Theater productions are usually high quality. Speech and Art students both score extremely well at individual competitions.

The problem is that the arts don't get very much funding or appreciation. The school can't really be blamed for this--it's just the culture of the town to care more about sports than anything arts related. But c'est la vie. The arts still provide the best culture at this school.
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