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The teachers really care about their job. They are there to help you succeed and give you the best tools and knowledge that will help you in the real world.
ACIT is a high school that is not the most standard in its methods. The students are all friends with the security guards and the teachers are anything but normal. You feel a family be grown there, and although it may not be the best in food or administration. It has a charm you can not help but love.
Some of the teachers can not teach and play movies all day. Some are amazing teachers. Some teachers don't care about their students, like mr.dittus. Some care more than anything like Mrs. McCandless. The bussing system suck. The food in prison is better than this. Administration doesnt care about anything besides being paid.
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The school is amazing and has been a very positive experience for my daughter. The education, involvement in activities she has received was beyond expected.
Going to Atlantic County Institute of Technology (ACIT) it was the best decision that I made to date. I have had awesome teachers and staff to help me excel in my classes. I am in the JROTC program there and we are striving to be the best, students, citizens and future leaders. ACIT doesn't feel like a High School it feels more like home.
Atlantic County Institute of Technology, or better know now as ACIT, was a great and fun school to attend. The best part of attending this school was the teachers. Most of them are wonderful and care for their students. The school is slowly, but constantly, updating to newer technologies to benefit the students. However, their athletic program is not as well established as other bigger school. But as times goes on, that will expand as well.
This school is most notably known for its academies and technical programs ranging from culinary to auto tech to engineering. Some of these programs can give a student the certification and skill set to get a career right out of high school; and all provide knowledge that the students will value.
I graduated from the Atlantic County Institute of Technology in 2017 from the Performing Arts academy.
Overall, I like being a student for ACIT. One of my favourite things about my school is how involved the staff is when it comes to your preparation for life outside of high school, not to mention all of the hands-on learning opportunities that arise from your time here. One of the things that I wish could change, however, is the student leadership's ability to organize events and fundraising events. For instance, I believe that in order for us students to come together as one, we should all be able to know what is going on within our school, which is something I am not sure that a lot of students feel. As a whole, I have really enjoyed my time at my school.
School was great when it was originally becoming a Highschool ,and actually had a GPA requirement to get in , and then it spiraled down from there once money got involved.
I absolutely loved my experience at ACIT. The class of 2017 made history our last year there. Acadamics are great and I feel absolutely prepared for college. My academy went through a lot of changes but I'm sure will be a lot better in the near future considering it's still in the works. ACIT will only get better. Go RedHawks!
Overall I loved the school environment brought to me here. I love most of the teachers and the kids, although annoying, extremely more tolerable then my sending school. The academy here has been an eye opening experience and I feel my entire life would be on a different path if it weren't for this school. I am excited to start doing EMT thanks to this school and I hope all the freshman coming in have a great learning lesson from this school.
Overall I did not have the best experience with ACIT. My biggest turn off with the school is their policies with many things such as discipline and with investigations for serious matters. I was unable to attend senior prom, and that could have been avoided if they actually followed their policies.
My experience so far at ACIT has been good ,ACIT has given me the opportunity to do what i love and become the person i always wanted to be . I have learned so much at ACIT ,i was given a chance to have an head start in my career and i took that opportunity and ACIT and the teacher At ACIT has Been supporting me all the way with my choices .
I love it here because you are forced to meet people that you would never hang out with. For example I thought I would never be friends with a person who like anime but guess what all my closest friends love anime.
it's a good school and they have great teachers, i am really going to miss it , i will miss everyone.
Atlantic County Institute of Technology is a place where students whom develop early goals thrive. As a middle school student, I had dreamed of becoming a physician. Attending ACIT has allowed me to pursue this passion far earlier than I would have if I had attended a high school without academies. The students and faculty at ACIT have made me fully prepared for college, and without them, I would not know how truly in love I am with the medical field.
As a student in the Academy of Health Sciences and Medicine, I took rigorous classes including Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and as a senior, am in an EMT course, have many certifications, and will sit for the State and National certification before graduation. Additionally, as a senior, I was offered the opportunity to get in field experience at an internship of my choosing (which the school helps connect the students to) and have been actively interning for an EMS squad, getting patient contact and treatment experience as a ride along on every call. The academics have improved over my four years here, as the school is continuously growing. I am thankful for my health science focused coursework and unique experience of going to a technical school.
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What I like about Atlantic County Institute of Technology is that they offer options, careers that you can major in for four years to see if you like it to see if that's what you're interested in pursuing in the future. What I dislike is the schedule the way our classes are proposed to us on a A/B day schedule throughout the entire year.
ACIT is a vocational high school. Many students already knew what they wanted to do since their freshman year. Definitely more career focused than your average high school. There was a lot of school spirit. Students were pretty involved in fund raisers and extra curricular activities. Teachers there are very involved as well. They went out of their way to help any students with academic or personal problems.
Atlantic is good school if you already know what you are going for but limits the amount of AP classes you want to partake in.
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