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I was enrolled in the Math, Science and Engineering program. In my freshman year, I really enjoyed it. Tenth grade through my senior year, I was very unhappy with the program and the teacher who runs it. I was unable to change my academy so I was either forced to stick it out or change schools. I didn't want to change schools, so I stuck it out. I never got any better. If given the chance again, I would have not chosen that academy and possibly chosen a different school. It became very overcrowded as well, I was unhappy with the class sizes.
Really good! I enjoy the experience, it gives me good skills and qualities that I will be able to learn more about in the future.
I was finally able to find my passion at this school! I learned that I loved fashion design. I was able to to take part in 4 fashion shows plus a couple small ones during the holidays. I received amazing lessons on fashion, fabric and sewing. I completed trend forecasts and loved my teachers endlessly. On top of this school having different academies to study in, the vibe of this school is so family oriented. We cherished friendships and community. During my high school experience I struggled with the loss of all of my hair. I found so much guidance through teachers, guidance counselors and the students. This truly was a blessing in disguise though. I found love, passion, and amazing experiences.
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It's honestly an awful school. The teachers don't care about your success, they spend money in all the wrong places, the food is terrible, the clubs/activities are run haphazardly, and overall I just had a horrible experience here.
Help student succeed academically and prepare them for the future. Teach life skills that will be helpful once they are sent off on their own. Guidance counselors are very involved with seniors plans for their future. They help them apply to college, and stay on track.
I am a senior at ACIT and I am in the Culinary Program. While in this program the school has widened my view on the culinary field and has given me what I need to further my future in the culinary industry. This was the first step for in my career and this has led me right to the next step I need to take to advancing where I am now. I would like to see the school gain many more opportunities, not only with the culinary academy but also the other academies, that help students better their career and give them more experience needed in the world while in school but also for when they finish with their high school experience and have to go out and look for jobs and make those connections.
Atlantic County Institute of Technology really prepares students for the future. This school has many career programs you can choose from, that students take all four years. Each academy has well experienced and educated teachers. ACIT really feels like home after four years, and the students love going here.
I have a fun time at ACIT. The school is full of diverse students from across the county. Although it is fun and very educationally nice. The school could definitely be improved. First off, the school spirit at ACIT is very underdeveloped. The pep rallies are all very unenthusiastic and do not exemplify any school spirit from the students or the staff. The security at ACIT is very well, but the security guards are often rude. There is also a lack of school sports offered at the school. The school lacks track, football, and lacrosse as well as many other sports. The school's diversity somewhat separates ACIT. The education offered is very well at ACIT and there are many amazing teachers who I have come close with as well as many of my peers.
My experience at ACIT was a great experience. I met new, different people of different cultures and races. I learned the most I can during my 4 years of college. What I like about ACIT is, I like how the teachers take time to actually help you learn. Safety is always precautioned and I feel safe at my school.
Overall, my experience here was pretty good. The education is better than other schools in Atlantic County and there's people here for basically everyone and anyone. It's very diverse since you have kids from all over the county going here. I don't agree with the decisions administration sometimes, but I won't go to another school if I had to do it over again.
I enjoy the fact that ACIT provides a college-like experience. It's like no other high school that I have known. It is not just your typical 8-period day with 40-minute classes, it's a 4-period day with 82-minute classes and this allows me to truly understand what a college course would entail. Can it be a bit unorganized? Yes, especially as a technical school, I would expect nothing but the best. The idea that we have to apply in order to go to this school shows how much the administrators would like for their students to be as ready as possible when they graduate. I just would have appreciated it if they showed a little more order in the way they run things.
The Atlantic County Institute of Technology is great for people who want to get a head start on a career if they feel they've already got their heart set on a certain path, while also getting in their high school education all at the same time. At the same time however the school just never seems to have a hold on anything their doing. There is a huge lack of sports available, not even a football team. The school is constantly undergoing huge changes because there are too many flaws with their previous plans, and the whole experience overall is tarnished with this little odd ends all piling on top of each other. It just doesn't feel like the school is addressing the problems that are occurring until there is literally no other option. ACIT, is a pretty okay high school apart from all that, but the only thing that really makes it special is the career classes they offer.
There are good opportunities. The teachers are great and do everything they can to help you succeed. The block scheduling is great it makes the work load smaller and allows for more learning time. The school could be updated and more sports and activities could be added. We really need a football team.
I liked that we gotta better opportunity than other kids at other high schools. We were getting our normal education and a career choice class. ACIT has gotten me ready for the real world and adult life.
I enjoy ACIT. It is a great school with plenty of opportunities for students to follow a path that they want to pursue. Most of the teachers are fantastic and very helpful when it comes to understanding material.
Many of the rules are too strict. The dress code does not allow any form of showing shoulders and the students are not allowed to wear pajamas. Some rules are unnecessary. The school had a former principal that did not allow any student proposals to be passed. The new principal is working on making improvements. Since it is a tech school the academics are great and the teachers are very experienced in a variety of fields. We do not have much school spirit and our sports need to be improved.
I am a senior and going to ACIT was probably the best decision I could've made going into highschool. Although being only 14 and choosing a profession you would like to pursue for the rest of your life is a little young. But the school really gets you ready for what you might face in the real world. And we are a Red Hawk family so we stick together.
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After attending the Atlantic County Institute of Technology for 4 years, I can say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my young life. As long as students take advantage of what the school has to offer and do their work they are provided with a significant edge over students attending their home schools. College readiness, high SAT scores, and solid AP scores are guaranteed as long as students put in all of their effort. The ability to briefly study a field you're looking to pursue is unique to this school and allowed me to decide whether I wanted to study it in college without wasting time or money. Students at this school come from backgrounds ranging from urban to rural, however security is abundant and safety has never been an issue.
What I like about the school is they never give up from giving more students a chance to switch around and do different majors to know what we want to do and be . It help us find ourselves as students and young adults . I would like to see a change in being in more than one major.
Honestly, there's not much that I enjoy about ACIT. I really dislike that it is still considered a vo-tech school and I don't like that students must select which academy they want to be in. I chose the engineering academy, and now I don't want anything to do with engineering in my future. The teachers are barely qualified, we don't have many options in terms of electives or higher level courses, and we get much less recognition than other high schools because we're considered a vocational school. The one thing I do like is that the campus is pretty nice, despite not being properly maintained.
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