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The school is ok. School is very much into diversity however there wasn't much to offer on the Christian or religious side of diversity. Trying to connect with counselors was not an easy task and they didn't offer much in the way of helping to connect for scholarships
Atlantic Coast High School was an amazing experience. i had just moved to US and they helped me with everything during the senior year. Teachers where great to me and where there to help me on everything I needed.
So many great experiences and opportunities to put yourself out there and grow on a person level. Great teachers that are both mentors and a great support to your learning.
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My overall experience with Atlantic Coast High School was good. Attending ACH changed my entire outlook on what high school in Jacksonville would be. I thought because ACH was a new school we would constantly have changes with no consistency. I was wrong. There is a foundation at ACH, the teachers and faculty are pretty consistent, they're helpful, the education is good, the environment is safe and I can say I enjoyed my 4 years there as a student. I was constantly informed with my performance, when I was not doing to good in a particular subject I was offered after school tutoring. The communication between my teachers and parent was good and consistent. I feel like everyone wants to see all the students win ACH.
I liked the AP/Honors program at Atlantic Coast High School. The school has an overall good atmosphere. Most teachers and students genuinely want to be at school and want to be either teaching or learning.
I like the diversity and the teachers. There are good programs like AP and dual enrollment. I wish we had more school spirit because homecoming week was a fail, no onen dressed up. I wish that we had the ROTC program along with early college to have more diversity in programs.
Up until my senior year I loved my school but now our administration has become insanely strict. For example, all there years of high school I've been able to wear running shorts and t-shirts with out any problems but now they're a huge issue and are giving people issp for wearing them.
Atlantic Coast is a good school with good facilities, most teachers are very good, especially for AP.
This school has great teachers who can help you in so many different ways, it's a great school where you can receive a great education and school environment. It's also a very diverse student body. Currently, they're making some adjustments which I'm happy about. Overall, it's a great school that deserves much more.
It is a new school so everything is very nice and updated. The staff at the school is very helpful. There are also many resources that help students be successful. Security is good so I feel safe at all times. Study body is very passionate about the school so it is a great environment to be in.
Atlantic Coast High School is very friendly and clean. There are many activities for every type of person.
I think Atlantic Coast high school is an average high school. There is a big pool of diversity, which is a positive aspect. The safety in the school is a big thing, and makes me feel comfortable here due to all of the recent catastrophic events. The academics at Atlantic Coast are decent, however a student's drive is typically based off of how much a teacher cares. Some of the teachers seem very careless and do not care to see their students succeed.
Atlantic Coast High School has a great AP/Honors Program with wonderful teachers who trul want you to understand the curriculum.
I am a senior and would have really like to have the faculty truly care if I was prepared for college. I am doing all the research on my own. Seems like no one really has time or bothers with kids unless they are in AP classes.
My general experience at Atlantic Coast High Has been good, I’ve made connections that I didn’t think I would have made. The sports and coaching have been phenomenal and my teacher shave all treated me respectfully. I can relate to my teachers because they were once in my shoes and they understand the hardships we go through in high school, which isn’t many but it’s still nice to know they care. The administration do their best to keep they’re students safe even if it means making rules that we don’t understand. They custodial staff is nice and the cafeteria workers know that it’s goid to have a relationship with the students. Overall Atlantic Coast is not near perfect but I’m proud to call myself a Stingray!!
Atlantic Coast High School is a Diverse culture with equal opportunity for all students. Resources and facilities are ready available! School safety and security for the students is a priority.
Great school! Amazing teachers and awesome clubs! Advisers were always helpful and helped me get information on how to be ready for college when applying.
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Teachers and Faculty show effort and work together with students and help build the leaders of the future.
Overall, I had a pretty good experience at Atlantic Coast. Made some good friends and had a lot of fun. Never had any major issues with anyone there or the school itself. However, I do hope that the future junior/seniors have a better prom experience than I did, haha.
I like that Atlantic coast is full of very different cultures and you can learn a lot of stuff from having different culture friends at Atlantic coast. The most that should improve at Atlantic coast is the teachers should be more strict on what children wear to school.
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