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The teachers at Atlantic Coast are very good. They know how to get information to students and know good strategies to get information across. The teachers I have had thus far I have become very close to because they care about their students and want to get to know each of them.
A majority of the students are funny and make friends with the teachers. The administration is friendly.
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The physical school is fairly new and great, the student body is overly crowded as of recent, although theschool is nicely organized and tries to keep up with the number of students with the large staff.
My experience at Atlantic Coast High School has been wonderful. It is a very great environment to be in.
I liked Atlantic Coast High a lot because of the people there. The students are friendly,and accepting. I also like how there are plenty of clubs and activities that you can participate in. Whether you are a teacher or student there is something for you to love about going there.
I attended AC for all four years of high school. It was nice to attend a clean and newer school, being that my freshman year was the second year the school was open. The teachers there really were understanding and helpful and I enjoyed my high school experience there. I would recommend attending Atlantic Coast for your high school experience.
Very good school filled with caring faculty and students. I enjoyed coming to school every day and seeing all my friends. It was a fun environment to be in for 4 years.
Great experience I graduated there and the school is very diverse. I am came from out of state originally and I moved to Jax and attended this school entering my sophomore yr. and I played football every year I was there, the coaches wasn't all that but now I think they have new coaches but the teachers are fair and it's not as bad as you think and if your a freshman attend orientation cause that helps the cafe food was fair and if you play sports that's awesome it's really fun and the students make the sport even more exciting their overall pretty supportive
I loved attending Atlantic Coast High School! The diversity, abundance of clubs and activities, and supportive teachers made my high-school experience worthwhile and extremely memorable. Even though I moved from another state, I can honestly say if I could go back in time to stay in my home state or move to Jacksonville, I wouldn't hesitate to move toward ACHS.
Atlantic Coast High Scool, a very interesting place to spend your high school experience, also has its flaws. For instance, giving your students 5 minutes to transition from one class to another is way to short of a time for kids that have to walk to the other side of this huge school. These coaches for after-school activities are quitting left and right eliminating the personal connection to the players. Atlantic Coast is a great school, it just needs some work.
The school is great overall especially due to its focus on the AP program. The teachers who teach AP courses are highly engaged and focused on assisting students pass the AP exam with all their effort.
Of all the schools in Jacksonville, Atlantic Coast has got to be the best. Staff members genuinely care for the futures and needs of students at this high school, a trait that many others seem to lack. The campus is cleanly and bursting with energy. At Atlantic Coast, high school students are afforded with a vast array of academic opportunities and class options to promote a bright future for themselves.
I really like the types of classes and programs offered at Atlantic Coast. They're unique to the schoo and I enjoy them a lot. I also feel like they do a good job with a large variety of clubs and organizations to choose from.
As a student at Atlantic Coast High school, I have seen firsthand the quality of education. With this being said I have seen that you do have opportunities, if and only if you go after them yourself.
Atlantic Coast High School is a fairly new school in Duval county. It is 5 years old, a beautiful campus, with very modern architectural design. The school is a very close knit community, consisting of educators who are determined to see students succeed. the student body is diverse, and very lively. There a a variety of extracurricular activities and educational programs which allow students to focus and commit to a spirit of excellence.
Atlantic coast Highschool is a very diverse well maintenanced school. As far as academic wise classes at Atlantic Coast provided are perfect, but for elective classes Atlantic Coast should provide more options. The teachers at Atlantic Coast are good. Majority however aren't good at presenting the material as needed, furthermore the teachers at Atlantic Coast are good but there is a good percentage that need some work. One major con of going to Atlantic Coast is that they don't help you prepare for college like you need to. A lot of the things you need to know you will have to go out of your way and ask, which isn't necessarily a bad thing because it teaches you independence and responsibility but it would be nice if they could install some great tips and tricks looking for colleges and getting scholarship oppurtunities instead of piling it all on us the end of junior year and all of senior year.
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My experience at ACHS was an ok experience. The teachers are ok, the cafeteria food could be better, and it was always crowded. The best thing would be how many electives they have avaliable. Atlantic Coast should work on preparing students for college and not wait until their junior or senior year. They should start college tours or have after school session on how to make your resume or how to fill out a scholarship or college application.
I liked the electives the school provided, I just wish I had more time to take all the classes that seems really interesting to do.
Atlantic coast highschool is a safe school. I transferred to atlantic coast from Terry parker due to safety reasons and im much happier with the teachers and the student life.
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