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I like that Atlantic coast is full of very different cultures and you can learn a lot of stuff from having different culture friends at Atlantic coast. The most that should improve at Atlantic coast is the teachers should be more strict on what children wear to school.
I like Atlantic Coast because the teachers care about your success and push you to be better but are also very understanding. I wish we had more school spirit and a longer lunch period because 30 minutes is not enough in my opinion.
Atlantic Coast has made a tremendous impact on my life. Before my senior year, I moved from GA to FL and I was very unsure of how to go about my senior year. Leaving my friends, peers, teachers, and the school I had grown accustomed to scared me. What scared me even more was coming into a new school my senior year. I didn't know how to be a new kid, if there even is a handbook on that. I rolled onto campus my first day of senior year not knowing what to expect. The campus was huge and the facilities were above my expectations. I met the most amazing group of friends and made incredible bonds with teachers. The counselors accommodated to everyone's needs in a timely manner, the school was always clean, there were always gardening projects going on to better our look, and many activities and clubs to join. I even founded my own chapter of Model UN at the school. The involvement from the student body is unbelievable and I am proud to say I truly enjoyed my senior year at AC.
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Atlantic Coast was a great experience for me. The school offers a wide variety of Advance Placement classes and Dual Enrollment courses. This allowed me the opportunity to obtain many college classes. This helped not only my parents but also me. I have gained valuable knowledge of college level classes that I will be able to take with me to a university.
I enjoyed my experience with Atlantic Coast because of the academics they offer. They have the AP/ Honors program that I went through for 3 years.
My son enjoyed his time at Atlantic Coast. The football team did not do its best towards its athletics. Coaching staffing assisting Coach Hill could have been better. I didn't see all athletics presented with the same opportunities.
I loved the community at Atlantic coast! Everyone was friendly and the school spirit was by far the best. Also, the clubs were a great part as well
Students and faculty were diverse every year. Students and teachers were very much involved. Informed students and parents about what is going on in school
My experience throughout my time attending Atlantic Coast High School was not what was expected. My first two years there were exciting as I made new friends, joining activities and taking part in school organized events. Towards the end of my high school years, some teachers started becoming less and less reliant as far as the basics. The curriculum had changed and there were new rules and changes to the school that were absurd.
As one of the students who was the very first to go all four years on this new campus i got to see first-hand just what direction the school was trying to go and what possible moves it was striving to make this a very nice school for more to attend to receive a proper education despite being new school at the time .
There's a really nice family atmosphere about my school, those who choose to have school spirit take a lot of pride in being a "stingray" and being apart of Atlantic Coast. I'm a prideful person of where I come from so that has always resonated well with me.
Throughout my entire High School career at ACHS I have been supplied the tools for success. In the advanced placement program I do not believe I have had any teacher lack concern for my personal development. There were times i felt confused on my work, felt unhappy and times I felt giving up as a whole and my teachers were willing to always push me higher. I owe my greatest gratitude to my counselor Mrs. Rennert I will not graduate without her when she tells me she has faith in me I began to have faith in myself again. Atlantic Coast means a new chance to me. There were time I had not taken my academic career as serious as I should have been when I'm on campus it feels like and I will use my career and times here to shape myself into a well rounded global citizen. Attending AC has taught me to caring for others is more important than my own wants and for this I rate this wonderful institution 5 stars.
My experience at Atlantic Coast Highschool was life changing, i met a lot of different people experienced a lot of different things. Most of all i started playing lacrosse a sport i never thought i'd play that opened me up to a new world basically. Showing me a different atmosphere and giving me the opportunities to earn scholarships to D1 or D2 schools. Atlantic coast overall is a well rounded school the teachers are advanced giving the students an college feel, the diversity of the school is low as Caucasian is at the top of the list in race.
Great staff and students. Everyone has been extremely supportive and understanding, especially after having an unexpected life changing event occur.
Being at Atlantic Coast has been life changing. I have met people that I know will be with me for the res of my life. I would like to see less fighting at Atlantic Coast and see more unity. Because at Atlantic Coast it has always been about being one big family and I want to more of that.
The teachers at Atlantic Coast are very good. They know how to get information to students and know good strategies to get information across. The teachers I have had thus far I have become very close to because they care about their students and want to get to know each of them.
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A majority of the students are funny and make friends with the teachers. The administration is friendly.
The physical school is fairly new and great, the student body is overly crowded as of recent, although theschool is nicely organized and tries to keep up with the number of students with the large staff.
My experience at Atlantic Coast High School has been wonderful. It is a very great environment to be in.
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