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We love AIS and all it has to offer, good education and very diverse. Many opportunities for the Students to grow with and open mind. We really love the School. We love the community and all the events that promote culture enrichment. We have been a part of this community for over 10 years. We can't imagine any other school for our child.
My child has been there for almost 8 years and loves it. Being an international family, it is hard to see where else we would feel more welcome and comfortable. People with very different backgrounds and origins come together creating a strong sense of community. Teachers are truly professional and devoted to provide the best education. They come from all over the world, bringing an incredibly rich experience and knowledge that they share with students. Parents are very involved in the school, volunteering, organizing, and socializing in a unique atmosphere.
The experience my child has had and is having in this school could not be matched in any other school. High academic standards that inspire him to learn and to put all his effort into delving in a wide variety of subjects (academics and otherwise) to learn. My child's teachers have been inspiring and supportive in class and beyond (afterschool activities). The international-mindedness that my child already exhibits is a testament to the great education offered at Atlanta International School. I can only wait to see what the rest of Secondary School at AIS has in store for my child!
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I've been going to AIS since 4K (which is 13 years, now.) During this time, I learned how to speak both Spanish and English. Due to the unique nature of the IB (which is the curriculum offered at this school,) I have been able to learn about different subjects through a lens of critical thinking.
Apart from the curriculum, you will find that both the teachers and students come from very interesting, diverse backgrounds. I have both peers and teachers that have travelled and lived all over the world, and are always super interested in hearing your stories (no matter where you've lived!) Even if you've never lived in another country (like me,) you'll love hearing about the sheer variety of experiences people have had.
In conclusion, I really love the overall community of AIS. It is very small, but instead of finding that stifling I really do believe that people have your best interest in mind. I would greatly recommend the school :)
I absolutely love this school, the exposure to culture and diversity is great. My 5-year-old daughter has been here for 2 years now and she loves it as well. She loves the environment, her teachers and especially the hands-on experience.
We've had our child at AIS for almost 2 years now and I have to say, I've been nothing but impressed by the professionalism and quality of the teachers. It is as diverse an environment you could hope for with so many nationalities. The language program is incredible. We only speak English at home and after less than 2 years our child is conversationally fluent in her chosen language (and confident enough to use it outside the classroom). We can't wait for our next youngest child to join the school when she's old enough.
Atlanta International School is an amazing school!!!. My 10 yrs old son has been attending AIS since 5K. He is so excited & enthusiastic about his teachers, friends and about learning! The teachers are so involved and passionate about helping students learn! I strongly believe I could not get a better education anywhere else!
I went to AIS for 14 years. Their main claim to fame are their language programs, which are incredibly lacking. I took Spanish for all 14 years and have yet to understand how to conjugate, or structure sentences. Bullying was the norm. Students would even use racial slurs. Many student were too competitive to function as a community.

Some teachers were great while others enabled cheating and plagiarism. Teachers even discussed student's romantic relations in front of their classes.

AIS also has a rampant drug culture. Students use drugs and vape during class. I do NOT recommend spending thousands of dollars on a below mediocre education and high school experience. Please save yourself the time and pain!
I love how diverse the school is however, I would like to see the school use this to its advantage. I do love the campus. It is much different from many traditional high school campuses. It gets the students ready to cross college campuses for classes.
My school is an amazing mix of people from all over the world and speaking over 90 languages. We are an international baccalaureate program and dual language, as well. The academics are very challenging, but prepare us well for college and career.
My child started as a new 9th grader this year, and she is having a phenomenal experience. She loves everything that AIS has to offer - a diverse student body, strong academic classes, and tons of clubs and extra-curricular activities. She loves her teachers and has hit the ground running. As a family, we are thrilled to be a part of the AIS community, and we highly recommend this school!
I just recently graduated from this incredible school. I spent 13 years of my life here and I wouldn't change it for the world. AIS taught me many valuable life skills such as time management, communication, and organization. I feel incredibly well prepared for college because of the amazing faculty and staff that supported me throughout my time at AIS. Thank you for giving me some of the best years of my life!
AIS is unique in Atlanta, it has a truly Global outlook and the international community is warm, diverse and welcoming. The IB is rigorous and challenging for sure, but the support was superb throughout and prepared our kids for colleges here and in Europe. Our family will miss the school but are already enjoying an international alumni network that allows you to find friends in any major city!
AIS is a diverse community of learners where teachers, parents, staff, students and board members work together to achieve its mission. AIS environment is unique and fosters a climate of tolerance, respect, inclusiveness, compassion and understanding where students can learn and understand that other people with their differences and opinions can also be correct from their own perspective. I have an alumni and a current rising grade 11th student and they had an excellent experience at AIS.
It has a great environment with lots of diversity. It prepared me very well for college and how to plan and use my time effectively.
I've been here since I was 4 and I love the school. The language program is excellent, the group of students are very culturally diverse, and I've made life long friends there. My only complaint is the math department. There are a few gem math teachers, but most of the good ones end up leaving after a few years. Recently, the new head of math seems to be making improvements. Overall, I 100% recommend AIS.
I've thoroughly enjoyed growing up at this school. The people that I've met here make me feel like I've been all over the world and I am positive that I'm a better learner and more open-minded because of the perspectives that are brought into the classroom. While the school is ethnically diverse, it struggles to deal with economic diversity
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It is a very challenging and rigorous environment, as it is an entirely IB school. However, I enjoy the challenge and know I am receiving an excellent education. However, sometimes the sheer amount of work, both academic and other requirements can be overwhelming in an unhealthy way.
Been attending the school since I was 5 years old. Now a senior, I can say Atlanta International School has absolutely changed over the past years. Its primary school program is outstanding, however, the middle and high school have much to improve on. The facilities are great, the sports are fantastic, the arts have some areas of improvement, and the environment is rigorously academic if that's what you're into. Competitive over collaborative is how I see it.
The teachers are lovely and the IB (despite some of its flaws) really helps in terms of college prep, especially if you want to study outside of the U.S. The students, however, are awful. Since it's a k-12 school, it's extremely cliquey and people never EVER branch out of their friend groups. If you don't fit into some sort of group, you're basically in exile. There are a lot of cases of very clear bullying and violations of school policy that are swept under the rug by the admin if that family has money. Speaking of the administration, they only seem to care about who will donate to their precious eagles fund as opposed to actually creating a safe and inclusive environment for their students.
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