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I love the diversity of people all around the world bringing cultures from many different countries and teaching each other their life experiences.
I really enjoyed the bilingual program in the elementary school that taught kids to be bilingual. Although I already spoke Spanish at home, it was incredible being able to have completly fluent converstations with kids who have jsut learned it at school.
The language program is the best especially the Spanish section and the science section is the best. The only problem I have with the school is the Literature program.
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Diverse and welcoming school culture, unlike any other environment in the region. The curriculum is focused on development of critical thinking and understanding of fundamentals.
I left another big name Atlanta prep school to attend AIS and couldn’t be happier with my decision. The culture, community, and diversity of this school is truly unique. From the boys and girls Varsity soccer teams to the mock trial and robotics teams, AIS is a school that breeds excellence in extracurriculars, in addition to the academic rigor that comes with their IB programs. Students at AIS come from a host of different cultural backgrounds, who bring new perspectives to every classroom setting. They grow with a global mindset that prepares them for an increasingly connected and global world. All students are accepted and welcomed into an AIS community where the relationships are truly special and last long after graduation. The exciting thing is it’s only getting better. Every year new programs and facilities are being established that improve students’ educational, extra curricular, and social experiences. I would recommend it to any prospective student in Atlanta.
I loved my experience at Atlanta International School. I've been interested in studying languages my whole life and I had some of the best language teachers at AIS. I played basketball and soccer at AIS and loved my experiences with both of those activities. AIS was my home and I made my best friends there.
I have attended the Atlanta International School since the age of 4. Over time, I have grown to observe a lot of things about the school that I do and don't like. Although overall athletics are not our strong suit, academics and language definitely are. The curriculum is definitely one that is rigorous and prepares students for college. The school is extremely diverse and accepts students from a wide variety of countries and cultures. That is my favorite part about the school, the diversity and how well everyone gets along.
The school is amazing and provides a lot of diversity due to its international background. The campus is welcoming and teachers are always ready to help even after school.
Atlanta International School, home to 50 percent American students and 50 percent international students, offers all three International Baccalaureate (IB) programs and prides itself in its rigorous academic setting complemented by its world class language program. By emphasizing the importance of languages in an academic setting, the atmosphere at AIS is indescribable. A simple walk through the school hallways and one encounters languages and cultures from all around the world. Be it an 8 year-old student singing in unison to memorize vocabulary in a foreign language or seniors performing advanced organic chemistry titrations, AIS offers a wide variety of academic pursuits to its diverse student body.
It is a great school with good teachers. The athletics lack except for and top quality football team with an array of talent. Overall it has been a diverse and well structure experience at this elite institution, helping to improve my skills and become a better IB individual with extraordinary achievements.
I've been going to AIS since 4K and I would DEFINITLY recommend it! I love this school, you get to meet people from all around the world who bring new perspectives and opinions that you would otherwise never have thought of. If you participate in activities after school hours there are tons of ways to get involved in school spirit. Everyone here has high standards and most people work hard to get into the best college possible. It's a great atmosphere and place to grow up in and I am so thankful my parents sent me to AIS for my 4K-12th grade education!!
One of the few schools that offer enrichment activities for young learners after school. So convenient for parents!
An incredible school that makes every parent think two things:

1. I wish I went to a school like this!

2. If only the rest of the world could be like AIS!

The school is about pluralism, sure, but it's more than that... AIS shows us how small the world is and how powerful we can be when we see the strength of our diversity. A great, enriching community!
Truly excellent and devoted staff who have frequently spent many years, even decades teaching. You can see the love they have for their students. We love the teachers that are a part of the early learning center. They are sincerely kind and nurturing. They treat these young children with tenderness and affection. Education is top notch and out of the box learning is encouraged. The small classroom sizes allow the teachers to really be one on one.
Very demanding academic environment within a diverse and internationally minded community. You can't find a similar experience within the Atlanta Metro Area.
Teachers are good at helping students discover relationships between the different topics they learn. They enable and support the students as they learn within the global context of the IB program.
Everyone participates; it is part of the circulum and view of the world we have.
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AIS AIS AIS AIS AIS It is the best school in the atlanta area.
They are the real diffrence makers who positivily affect the community.
Although there are many options as far as extracurriculars go, many of them are not extremely well maintained (sporadic meetings or no plans for the year) or have died off in past years. At the school there is a specific focus on community service groups and there aren't many clubs as far as interest or arts. Most students are involved in clubs but its not a huge part of the community at all and there is some passion about extracurriculars within the school.