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I have honestly enjoyed the overall experience at my high school. There are some things I wish were better, but I'm proud to soon graduate from this place.
We have an AMAZING band who grow on you and become family as well as some of the most determined and athletic people around.
There's really not any drama unless you go looking for it, and everyone genuinely seems to care for each other or rather have each other's back.
There's something to do for everyone and as long as you try your best and make an effort, the teachers are there, willing to help you.
While I attended Atlanta High school it was a good school, everything was going good sports wise and the number of students that attended, but over the years the school seems to be going down hill.
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Atlanta High School is a big family. People are nice, and it feels like home. However, it is boring, and very small.
Skip attending. Many going to neighboring district. Students got in several teacher's faces and nothing happened to them. One student pushed a teacher and nothing done. Some students chronically wandered the halls or left classes and nothing done to them either. Even had 4 fights the last month of school, 3 in the last week that happend within 30 minutes of each other. School's a joke cauze some kids only answered a few questions on a worksheet and got a 70 in one class. Another teacher regularly gave answers to test b4 the test and let them take in notecards full of answers before the test, so they didn't lern. Sad cauze this year's freshman were worse than last so it's not gettin better.
I love how much the teachers/students care about the students. No matter what subject, the teachers are always there to help you succeed to your full potential. The staff at Atlanta High School strives to get you prepared for life after high school and make sure that you know exactly what you need to do to succeed.
They have a lot of work but other than that this school is great. Good in sports and academics. I would rather went to this school then any other school.
I went to school there quite some time ago and didn't really get the opportunity of graduating there, but I made some life long friends. There was a bit of drama at the school, but that's to be said about any school really. I should know I attended four different high schools. I will forever be connected to that town in some way or another. The school was great and so were the teachers. The faculty and staff really do care about the students. I had some of the best coaches there that shaped me into the college athlete I became. I owe a great deal of my character and determination to them.
Atlanta High School offers students a good variety of academic and vocational courses and has an amazing band program.
This school is relatively small, which makes it perfect to get to know everyone. My senior class is basically 139 memeber family and we are all very close. If there is one thing this school has taught me is that to be successful in life you must have a competive nature. Everything is a completion wether it be sports, academics, or any other extracurricular activity. The only thing I wish to see change is the attitude of some people.
Atlanta High School has been my source of education for the past 3 years. With an amazing staff that are all very dedicated to ensuring a bright future for us, I have never been more proud to be a student at AHS. There is an excellent sports program, with Football, Soccer, Tennis, and even Golf! They offer several Dual Credit courses to students, helping us prepare for college. We have a well developed technology department, which allows us to incorporate electronics into our learning. Overall, Atlanta High School is a great school to be at, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
Atlanta High School has made the high school experience an amazing one. Between the sports and social events, everything has been amazing.
Most of the teachers stay on top of their work. They engage students and care about them learning.
All of my classes have been online so it's great
all my classes have been online so far and my teachers have been very helpful
The BLAST after school program is good.
Something that makes the school unique is the fact they give us personal school computers. Depending on the kind of person you are the technology either increases progress or hinders it. The classes have intergrated the computers into their work, and it helps.
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Depending on who you ask the teachers are either the best ever, or don't teach you anything. With me many teachers just do their job, while other do more than you expect. All of the teachers are insightful, and may talk about current events after all work is done. They care about their students but the ones that give respect to their teachers get amazing help. They communicate well depending on the class and the students in the room. All of the teacher grade on about the same time so grades are in after about a day or two after receiving them.
In my opinion, the school is not particularly up to code when it comes to health standards in the cafeteria. The food is almost to the point of not being edible. Also, the school nurse seems almost impossible to get hold of during a school day because she is traveling from campus to campus.
There are a pretty large amount of extracurricular activities, considering the size of the school. There are enough to allow everyone to have some type of option for themselves if they are interested in being more involved.
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