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Atlanta High School Reviews

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The nurse is not very good at her job and is only in her office for half of the day
Clubs are poorly organized and not any fun, but they are reasonably priced
Almost everyone at this school is a bully and the school is poorly funded so the education of the students is suffering
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Most of the teachers won't do anything if a student is being disruptive and they tend to ignore the students that need help doing their work.
All of the teachers love what they are doing and their students. They will also stay as long as they can after school to help with every problem that they can.
We have a small school and I love that. I like that everyone knows everybody and that you have your group of friends that you stick with for all of you school years. I wish that our school offered more things to do but I love my school and wouldn't change it for a thing.
Our athletics in our school is pretty good. Our coaches do put good effort into our sports and we have a good participation from our students. We have a new field for baseball and softball but we do not offer football or volleyball. I wish that our school had more options but over all our athletics are pretty good.
Our staff is good. Our teachers are here to help and they are very educational. I don't mind the dress code but I think we could be worrying about bigger things. I also think that our school has a little bit of a bullying problem.
Our cafeteria had poor choices for us and we have the same things over and over. They are healthy foods but not real good foods. I wish we had more of a variety. Some of the things we have are: Pizza (every Friday), a lot of different kinds of chicken, and we have fruit cocktail very often. If I had some advice for our cafeteria it would be to give us more choices and make more things that kids will eat.
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