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AHS is very good school and I enjoyed attending. The only thing I would change is adding more extra-curricular activities, such as music, softball or maybe a drama class.
Atlanta High School is an average school. The English and Math are well structured but every other subject doesn't compete against the other schools nearby. There aren't a diversity of classes that can be taken other than the basic computer classes, English, math, science, and History. There's nothing academically that makes this school stick out other than the English teacher who grades very hard.
The school is biased towards athletic players and the class scheduling is very confusing/messed up. There are students whose grades get changed to passing grades because they go to the Principal and vice Principe and they help them with the assignment until they have a A for the assignment. I consider this unfair because if I fail an assignment or make a bad grade then I won't be able to change it.
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The teachers at my school are well educated and prepare us for college. My English teacher grades our essays as though we were in college. My math teacher will go out of the way to teach us anything we don't fully understand. And my history and science teachers are both available for after class.
I don't really ever feel unsafe, but we don't have a lot of resources because we are a poor, rural school.
Pretty good amount of extracurricular activities for a small school
Overall, I have had opportunities here that I would not have had other places. I have enjoyed taking dual enrollment and AP classes.
I think that the students are kind of lazy, but they are very accepting of differences. The teachers are overworked, but they do care about the students and try to provide interesting classes.
Bus drivers make sure students get to where they need to safely, and make sure students on the bus are safe; however, some routes can get a little crowded.
All the extracurricular activities make sure students take part and grow. We do activities such as community service projects, donating food, clothes, or anything to the needy.
Before enrolling into this school, I went to Winnfield Middle School. I left this school because they tore me down. I could not participate in anything and the reason they gave me was, "I wasn't good enough." Coming to Atlanta has rebuilt my confidence and it has showed me that I am good enough, higher than average actually. They gave me a chance at the sports I wasn't "good enough" for. They let me be apart of groups that I wasn't "good enough" for. Although our school is small, it has made a big difference in my life.
The teachers are always ready to help students when help is needed. They make learning fun. They also show that they care about their students.
This school afforded me so many opportunities and life lessons. I would not have wanted it any other way.
The health and safety policies are great
The clubs are great. Just need more sport offerings (i.e. Baseball)
When I got to college I very prepared for English; thanks to the great English teacher!
The administration is very helpful and concerned for the wellbeing of each student.
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Atlanta high has top notch technology thanks to the many grants. Although our technology is great our buildings could use an update.
There's an average amount of diversity at Atlanta High. It consits of black, white, Asian, as well as foreign exchange students from far away lands.
Atlanta high has been readily recognized for its academics. We as a student body serve as excellent examples as to the advancement of academics.
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