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I really have enjoyed my time at Atlanta Girls School. It is the only all girls school in Gerogia, and has given me a unique opportunity to what an all girls school education entails.
A good looking exterior with nothing inside. Slogans and empty rhetoric are all the administration at this school have any competence with.
I attend the Atlanta Girls School and it is by far the greatest learning and social experience that I have ever had. The students are friendly, the teachers are talented, and the culture and traditions are fun and creative. I would not want to go to school anywhere else!
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Atlanta Girl's School is one of the most amazing places for a girl to go for high school. the school not only is extremely inclusive but has an amazing community of LGBTQ+ students.
Atlanta Girls' School is an all girls private school in the city of Atlanta. The girls learn in an environment that is nurturing and with a mission statement that says it all "Leading Girls' to Lead Lives of Purpose."
Atlanta Girls' School is honestly the best place for girls. The founders of this middle and high school envisioned an independent school that reflected not some , but all of Atlanta. Not only is Atlanta girls' school diverse racially, but economically and religiously as well. AGS is a place for girls to grow into women, develop confidence and become the powerful women of tomorrow.
It is a very new school in the grand scheme of things, but within the short time it has been open, it has created a very strong academic curriculum and is continuously improving other areas. The school really focuses on annalis and wanting to truly learn subject matter.
I love AGS! I have had the opportunity to participate in incredible internships with two business and global travel in Belize. The teachers support each and every student and challenge them to be their best.
Atlanta Girls school has been a really good experience for me. The teachers are really helpful and the administration tries to listen to complaints. I am not really into sports but it seems like the girls who are like it a lot. Since it is an all girl school I can concentrate on my work and not have to worry about boys. There are two problems though. One problem is that there is no cafeteria and the food options are too expensive. The other problem is that there are a lot of girls and the building sometimes seems too small. All in all I still recommend the school and would go there again if I had to choose from the beginning.
This school has wonderful teachers and allows students a great opportunity to learn information in as much depth as they'd like. Unfortunately, it is a very unhappy place for teenage girls. I can't put my finger on why that is, but most of the girls seem miserable by the time they are seniors.
I have been a student since, the 6th grade. I have continued to see the school improve each year. It is a small school with an amazing community. The teachers and students incourage each other to grow. I have seen in myself and others a positive change. The enviroment and community incourages gaining self confidence. Also, peers push each other to work harder and become stronger learners. We focuse on finding our personal learning styles and creating bonds between students and staff. Overal, I love this schoo! And, incourage everyone to tour and learn more about the school.
This is my second year at Atlanta Girls School and I have really enjoyed it so far. Coming from a public school, I was really impressed with the tight community between students and teachers. The teachers are so supportive and they are dedicated to the success of all students. The students are really welcoming, which gives it a real community feeling. Something that I really enjoy about Atlanta Girls School is the unique programs and classes that are fit for you. The administrators and teachers put in full effort to support your learning and prepare you for the future. Atlanta Girls School is a very diverse community that is accepting of all races, cultures, ethnicities, etc. In addition, AGS offers variety of sports ranging from beginner to experienced. I can already tell that AGS has impacted me such much in just over a year of being here.
Beware online classes cost $$$
The sports are not given attention but good clubs
Parents do not have much of a say
Lots of new teachers that are not prepared at all
I felt solidly prepared for college academics after attending this school, and I felt that I had a lot of choice when it came to classes.
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I had a fantastic experience with extracurriculars. The clubs were small and intimate, so there was a real sense of community. They all had faculty advisors who usually were very invested in the success of the club and in fostering a nurturing community.
I don't remember the parents having much of an impact on the school's environment and culture. They did show up to events, but the administrators usually had their way in running the school. Students came from a variety of home environments, with parents who were lenient or overbearing or anything in between, who were fantastic parents or who left something to be desired (though there weren't many—or any—that I remember off the top of my head who were horrible).
I felt that the teachers genuinely cared about our academic success and respected our individuality and intelligence. Some of the teachers even care for the students on a more personal level; there were some that provided me support for my personal struggles and academic/career challenges outside of their classes, for which I am eternally grateful.
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