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Very small. I would like our school to offer more classes. Also, I would like our athletics to go up with the growth of our student body.
My experience at Atlanta Community Schools had its ups and downs. The small environment is what I enjoyed the most. I liked the idea being able to have more one on one with the teachers and since it was such a small school, the faculty got to know you more than just a student. Some of the things I would like to see change would be the sports programs.
Absolutely horrible. If you want to get bullied by the staff this is the place to go. Teachers have no control and other staff members are power crazy. Staff members who have low titles select students and bully them. Different discipline for different students, teachers lying directly to your face. Seriously, Spend the extra money and get your kids as far away as possible.
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I went to this school until 10th grade and while there were a few good teachers it was overall disappointing as the education was lacking and there were not many opportunities for any advancement.
They try to keep everyone as healthy as possibe. They even have dentist come in to clean kids teeth.
There are many different sports that will surely get someone's interest. They always try to add new things each year for students to do after scholarship like cooling class or sewing class.
I love the teachers because they are so nice and helpful but I would higher the curriculum.
All the teachers are very helpful. They will help a student with homework all the way to problems with a boyfriend or girlfriend. They are like an adult friend that is also your teacher. I am very proud to be their student.
There are not many extracurriculars here.
I feel relatively safe here.
The school overall is okay but there are some very mean people.
There are some that are very nice and easy to talk to but there are also some that are very mean and intimidating.
Everyone here parties, does drug's, it's just not a good place to be.
I hate this school it has done nothing for me. No one likes this school. I know this sounds bad but I hope it burns down.
The food is probably the worst food ever. I can't begin to explain how horrible it is.
The teachers here are great, but the school is so far behind, I know people that have been to college and barely made it because we are so behind in our education. It's not the teachers fault they just teach what they are told to teach.
Our sports have been horrible there have been only a few years that we have been good. Our basketball, football and softball sucks horribly barely ever win a game. Sports are not good here at all.
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I have been accepted at Baker College, I plan on moving to Wyandott, Michigan to start my college. I can't begin to explain how excited I am to start college, and pursue my career in Phlebotomy, and start my new life.
There is a couple good re he's that put in more work then they need to, but some seem carless
Girls are allowed to wear skirts pretty short and they don't really say anything about it.
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