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The teachers were very nice and accessible. The financial aid people were very helpful. They called me back right away.
I have come to AAA as a 10-year homeschooler as a connected student, and the change has been good. I really like the teachers and their interaction with the students. I was able to ask questions and I received answers. I feel they have prepared me well for College.
This year I must say the Christian atmosphere has been much better than last year. The technology for the distant learners has been very good.The teachers seem to utilize it better. All in all, this year has been great.
I have teachers that really care about their students being successful in their classes. Not only that, they are available outside of school hours for any questions we might have. Email is used most of the times to communicate. They care for our well-being as well and students trust them.
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Being a private school, long distance students are picked up at different locations to be brought to school. The technology is very much alive, as ipads is the main source to doing classwork, homework, and books. Assignments are turned in using online technology. The facilities is well kept, it is fairly still new. The hallway can get crowded. Lunch is provided by the elementary school that is on the same campus, but there is not a lunch room. Student use the classrooms or go outside to eat. Parent's are always welcome to volunteer as class sponsors. The school does offer college prep classes for those wanting college credits.
This school is very safe. We all feel we are part of a family. The staff takes care of us as if we we're their own children. We have never felt as if we were in an unsafe environment.
Dress code is somewhat strict. It has to be business casual. The boys have to wear ties. The ladies dresses has to be at or below knee level. Blouses cannot have straps and show no cleavage. The school wants us to be prepared for the business world and the dress code is meant for us to look as professional as possible in a school environment. All of the school staff is very well involved to see that the dress code is meant. Attendance is also taken seriously. If a student gets 10 unexcused absences in a semester, the parents will need to re-register the student and go through an acceptance process.
This school offers after school games like basketball and volleyball for both boys and girls. The whole school has an opportunity to go off campus twice a year for a long weekend for a spiritual retreat. We have a campus ministry that is very fun to be a part of. There is a choir and bells assemble and both departments have annual trips to reach out to other communities.
It is ok because there is no school nurse.
It was great the first year but became dull the last two years.
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