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Atkins High School exceeds in academics! The courses are challenging, but with the help of engaging teachers, I still maintain a 4.0 GPA. I am involved in FBLA, BETA, HOFNOD, Student Council, and Teens for Christ. Each club is involved in community services and fundraising. This makes our trips and conventions possible and fun! I am also involved in basketball (All State), volleyball (All State), softball, and track (District and State Champion).
I loved the small class sizes and that the students are all pretty close to each other because of the small graduating size. I don't like though that some of the teachers tend to pick some favorites and that I feel isn't fair. Everything else is great!
Atkins is a very close relationship school. Everyone knows everyone and we each have each other's backs
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For the most part, I have enjoyed my time within Atkins High School. While a few of teachers lack in basic content understanding, or don't teach at all, there are a few who go above and beyond for their students.
I feel like my classmates and teachers are like family. They genuinely care about me and my success.
The teachers are extravagant. The safe and secureness is amazing, and every teachers has their own sense of humor. Bullying is an issue, but the teachers do try to resolve it all.
I love the small town atmosphere of Atkins High School. With only about sixty-five students in my graduating class, I know them all pretty well. Our school has great "Red Devil Pride," and it has always been a comfortable, fun environment to learn in. Something I would change about Atkins High School is, I wish the school would advance in the opportunities of each student to learn more by offering more classes.
As for security, I would say we are pretty good compared to most schools. However, the only thing I would wish to change about the high school's health care of students is to get a nurse in our building. Whenever one of us gets hurt, we have to walk to the elementary/middle school just to get access to a nurse.
Personally, I love the extracurricular activities available at Atkins! I am currently a member or a part of: band, F.B.L.A., Beta Club, Student Council, Student Advisory Board, AHS Softball, and AHS Volleyball. This is just a few of the clubs and organizations! The advisers of each of these all work very well together, so you can balance your time in order to participate in as many as you want. At the beginning of the year, several teachers and upperclassmen encourage club membership here.
I have been going to Atkins my whole life. Since it is such a small school, I've had the opportunity to build relationships and create lasting friendships from the start. Now that I'm in high school, I feel like my class (of 75) is one big family . All of the parents support each student in various activities, which can be very encouraging. One of my favorite things about Atkins parents is that they aren't afraid to show a little Red Devil Pride for all 75 of their kids!!
Teachers at Atkins are all very intelligent and enjoy sharing this intelligence with their students. All of my teachers have been interactive, while presenting interesting and informational topics of study. As far as grading, there is not one that I have had issues with. Each teacher has daily grades put it before the final bell and everything is done fairly. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better group of teachers to have.
I've attended Atkins Schools since I started school. I have really enjoyed coming here. Of course every school has the good and the bad. Some of my favorite experiences were Homecoming weeks. I loved dressing up all goofy and participating and having school spirit. We got to dress at Tacky Tourists and that was really fun although we all looked so dorky. I also love all the sports we have here. We have tennis, football, golf, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, track and more. I take part in tennis, softball and basketball. We usually almost always have large turnouts. I also enjoy going to support all the other sports during their season and we almost all the time have a student section yelling for our team. I would choose this school again. A lot of the time I say I many not like it or I hate it, but really it's a really good school and some of my best memories have been at this school with these people. Also, the people here aren't too bad either. My grade basically gets along and we hardly ever have drama or fights.
I choose the rating level that I did because I like how the setting of the school is set up. you have a lot of teacher to student contact, which is good because when students are going through some rough times, they are there for the students. they are always willing to work with the students if they are having problems with their work and they never give up on a single person.
Most of the classes in this school will give you an overall good idea of the subject. In some AP classes, the workload is outrageous though, so it might be a good idea to split your AP classes between your Junior and Senior year or you will be very stressed with a high workload.
They do pretty well with what they have. Most of the food is average or at least not horrible. I wish there was more variety in what we could choose every day. The most important issue is that there needs to be a better variety of beverages. Our school, most days, only offers milk or chocolate milk, and students have to pay money if they want a carbonated beverage or water. Water at the very least shouldn't require payment since there are individuals in this school that are lactose-intolerant.
There is a pretty good amount of clubs an individual can join at Atkins High School. I just wish they were a bit more diverse. Out of the clubs that one can choose, most of them have a lot of events, a few field trips, and may even present academic opportunities.
The reason I don't give this a better rating is because there aren't a lot of sports an individual attending Atkins High School can choose from. I could probably count all of the sports programs on one hand. Out of the minuscule amount of sports available however, the school usually supports them very well and gives the teams a lot of encouragement.
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Most of the teachers in this school will at least give the lesson, grade your work, and help you if you need it. A few teachers also go above and beyond to make sure you are successful in your college career. There are only a couple of teachers I can think of that don't really take their job seriously in this school.
We need advances in fine arts and advanced classes.
I love all of my friends and have had an overall excellent experience and education.
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