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Attended Atkins after attending prek to middle school at one location. I was nervous about transitioning to a high school after being with the same group of friends for ten years. Surprisingly Atkins made that experience very easy. The staff made me feel welcomed and at ease. I quickly made new friends and the extra curricular activities such as science olympiad, technology student association and economic challenge helped me enjoy the fours years at Atkins. This school helped me prepare for the next four years of attending the college if my choice by counseling me on which classes will be needed to further a career in technology. The counselors were knowledgeable and provided me with material the made the transistion from high school to college possible. They cared about me and my future and thats why I will succeed.
Best teachers who make your strive to be extraordinary. It was ok to be smart and be accept by all my classmates. I didn't have the pressure of fitting in or being bullied because I was different. What I gained at Atkins High School, I know I am prepared for college!
Go Camels!
Atkins is a great school for those who want to get a jump start on their careers in STEM. The school is diverse and has many different personalities.
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My experience at Atkins hasn’t been wonderful. The teachers and administrators genuinely care for each student. You are encouraged Toch work your hardest and to get involved in lots of things. I have been provided opportunities here that I am confident I would not have gotten anywhere else, and I have been able to find my passion by trying out lots of different things. The student population is hugely diverse, kind, and accepting of others. At Atkins, you are able to feel comfortable being yourself.
Atkins' academic facilities are well above average. Some of the classes I've taken have been terrible with teachers clearly showing an inability to do their job properly and, despite students complaining and tests having to be adjusted, the teachers have yet to be fired.
Atkins High School is the best high school in the state of North Carolina. It is a STEM school; everything from engineering to biomedical tech is offered. Students at this school get internships easily because of the connections the staff have with professionals around the community. It is also located in Winston Salem, one of the cities doing the most innovative research in the health sciences and biotechnology. Atkins is not a school to attend if you plan to be mediocre and fulfill basic requirements of high school. The teachers at Atkins conduct how they grade, their assignments, and the atmosphere of their classes based on their college experience. Most students who graduated from Atkins and did well come back and say college is much easier than what they thought it would be. The principle works to eliminate any external distractions such as bullying and that is why we have SMOD. Our motto is "where its cool to be smart," and it definitely lives on!
Atkins Academic and Technology High School is a great school for anybody interested in a STEM field. While attending the school I was given four STEM-focused tracks to choose from to "major" in. Each track from; engineering, computer visualization, research-based health lab, and a hands-on health track all provided different experiences. The teachers for these class also gave great insight to future professions. Though the school was amazing academically we lack the same abilities in sports and the arts. Now both the arts and sports programs are growing immensely. I am proud to be an alum from this school.
Being a students at Atkins was an eye opening experience for me as there I learned of my love for Engineer through their engineering focused classes and my love of music through the talented Atkins marching caravan Marching Band. Atkins has a diverse range of academic opportunities with the school's focus on S.T.E.M.. Here you can take classes on engineering, Sci Vis (3D animating, Adobe, and more), nursing, biology, physics, and even courses in Video game design. Atkins, with its high status, is also funded well to support those classes and it clubs. As an example Atkins received seven 3D printers for its engineering department. The printers have also been use to help and enrich the learning experiences in different class such math and science. The teachers even help to tailor student learning experiences for those who need the extra help.

Atkins is place of growing with the developing world and instills the work ethic needed for the schools high expectations and above.
Overall, I had a good experience at Atkins. The teachers, counselors, principals, and coaches really care about their students. The assistant principal goes out of his way to do special things for students, which is hard to find. For example, when I told him I was interviewing for my first job, he gave me resources for interviewing skills. He also gave me pointers like asking the company questions. I was really shocked and felt special that he would even take the time to do this for me. I would like to see a better selection for school lunch; we need more options.
Atkins provide a great learning environment and teachers who want to help students learn. It is a STEM based school with teachers who have held jobs in the class they are teaching.
One aspect of Atkins that I appreciate is the level of academic toughness that the school posses. Simon G. Atkins Academic & Technology High School is an institution that pride itself in having core and extracurricular courses that prepare you for the challenge that is college.
I had a great experience at Atkins. I was very involved in the JROTC program and Cross Country sport. The teachers want to see their students succeed. I had to work hard to make good grades but with help of after school tutoring it helped. Some of the teacher's teaching style was way different than a typical classroom teaching style which I found difficult. The principal is top notch. He genuinely cares for his students.
One thing that i really love about Atkins is that no matter what you like to do, you will without a doubt fit in and find friends. Atkins is extremely diverse, as in race, ethnicity, interests, hobbies, etc. Atkins is also a very safe environment for anyone. The teachers are there to go the extra mile to not just teach you, but support you as well. Atkins is like one big family. We, as students, are lucky to have this amount of preparation for college course that we get from Atkins. I'm thankful to soon be a graduate from Atkins Academic &Technology High School.
Atkins High Scool is a very diverse school with students who really care about their education. The school has majors that allow students to begin their journey in fields they may be interested in such as health science, biotechnology, game design, and engineering. These majors may also give students an idea of something they may want to do as a career.
There is a great amount of diversity school wide and within each grade level. Initially I'd had no reason to want to pursue a career in stem, but after my year that changed. This school has allowed me to find purpose and steer me to the career I'd like to pursue. The teachers are great and supportive, with skills many other highschools aren't able to provide.
Atkins has created a truly unique learning environment that pushes students to create their best possible future, through involvement in STEM classes.
I love Atkins! it allows me to explore my potential in unlimited ways. As well as academic success, atkins has lots of opportunities for clubs and athletic teams. Atkins has allowed me to explore all possible activities and classes. i am a preengineering major, and within my major I have completed all seven courses. Each course has taught me various skills such as physics, calculus, architectural skills. I enjoy the diversity at atkins not only within the academics but in the population. everyone is invited to be themselves, and all backgrounds are welcome.
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Atkins is a school where you can get involved in many different areas. It's small enough that you can play on any sports team and there are many academic and interest clubs to join after school as well as music and arts activities. The teachers are invested in the school and students, as they are faculty advisors for many of the clubs and programs. Atkins is ranked high academically in the county and the state and they rank in the top three in many school academic competitions. Close to 100% of their students graduate and attend college or join the military.
What I liked best about Atkins Academic & Technology High School would be the awesome hands on experiences, we as students receive. I am one who learns better with having hands on experience. I like how my teachers believe in me, no matter how tough the struggle may be for me, which encourages me to keep pushing it and not give up. I also like how the school keeps everyone on track with what they would like to do or be. I am interested in becoming a Pediatric Anesthesiologist, and my school encouraged me to take courses that will guide me in the direction of my success. My school offers AP classes too, which is a plus. I love how the teachers are patient with students, even if we are not a student that's in their class. They will tutor anyone that feels they need that extra help.
Atkins is different then any other high school in the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools system. At Atkins, we have CTE classes for students and they can take any classes in the Scientific Visualization feild, Biotechnology feild, or the Engineering field. Also, Atkins have college based classes for students that want to go to the next level in their learning. Atkins give students a chance for them to reach their potential in the academic field.
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