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A hidden gem in Howard County. Loved the diversity of the student population and the expectation of academic achievement. Would like to see more diversity in the teaching staff.
I like the diversity of Atholton. There are many activities and clubs one can participate in. The teachers are fantastic educators. Great school spirit!
All of the teachers I have had are knowledgeable about their subject area and have taught me a lot. They make themselves available if you need help, and they try their hardest to make class as fun as it can be. The atmosphere of the school is welcoming and there are many different clubs that you can join to connect with others who share your interests.
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Diverse, involved community providing opportunity for students to explore their interested and cultivate new ones. Strong academic classes, curricula, extracurricular. Strong arts departments across the board, and very involved athletics. unique opportunity to participate in JROTC and other career-building programs. Unfortunate occasional weaknesses in counseling and administration directly involved in communications with students, but enough involved faculty that it usually isn't a problem. Student population is generally academically inclined, very diverse and otherwise open.
I loved the music program and robotics team at AHS. Robotics team is my high school pride, and there are very diverse group of friends.
Atholton is great school, where one can meet people from all walks of life. The school offers something for everyone, which leaves no child friendless. The teachers really care about their students, and will do whatever in their capabilities to help them succeed. When in school , you do feel part of some sort of community. Like every place which has people, there are going to be some that hurt others by being racist, bullies, and et cetera. But you will always find student and teachers around you that care about you. Overall, Atholton does have some chinks in the armor, but you wouldn't wanna trade it for any other.
My favorite thing about Atholton High School was the people. I believe I made many more friends there then I would have somewhere else because of Atholton's great diversity.
Atholton HS is a nice school with in a nice area. I was in many AP/GT/Honors classes that really helped me prepare in college. The professors are overall really good however, some really make your classes unnecessarily difficult and confusing. I hated chemistry when I left Atholton but luckily the professors I had in college changed that and now chemistry is my favorite subject. Wish we had more college spirit tho...and less restrictive pep-rallys.
Atholton is diverse! We have a lot of different people with different interests. We have many sports teams, a very successful robotics team and a large marching band.
Overall I did like my experience at Atholton. The teachers had a very positive and encouraging atmosphere for the most part and really encouraged students to do better.
It is a school for GT students or high average students. Administration is lacking. Many teachers are out of touch with current ways
Atholton High School has a great staff and great school spirit! The students are diverse and there are so many clubs and sports to get involved in! Atholton is in a great neighboroos
Pretty great school, but there are a few teachers who aren't that great. There are so many different types of people, the diversity here is great!
I moved to Maryland in my senior year of high school and I was worried about my grades transferring over and meeting new people. Everyone at the school is extremely helpful and always willing to listen, I haven't felt stressed about graduating and all of my grades transferred over just fine! Wonderful school!
I love all my teachers and my friends, but it's the other students I have issues with. The immature students constantly throw food and harass other students, despite having previous offenses the administration continues to ignores the issues at hand with the constant disturbances.
Atholton High School has made a mark on my history as being one of the most incredible schools I have went to. Most of the staff are amazing educators, composing the school in a professional and productive manner. It is, by far, the best 4 years I have lived to be able to learn and experience at Atholton.
Atholton has been a great enviornment durring my last four years. I have gotten a lot of help from teachers for college essays. Additionally I was able to participate in everything from athletics to music and technology. I have learned a lot of new skills at Atholton that I will taken with me throughout my life.
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There are a variety of clubs and organizations to suit the needs of students from diverse backgrounds. The level of commitment for the different clubs varies. It is sometimes difficult to get a teacher sponsor who is totally committed; time is a rare thing. The PTSA offers a lot of programs/activities/fundraisers to engage the entire school and surrounding community.
the overall quality of the teachers at the school is good. Teachers are knowledgeable and engage the students. They encourage them to think for themselves. Most teachers communicate effectively with parents and include weekly classroom/classwork updates.
The school offers a safe environment. School police are available; security measures and alerts are in place. messages are sent promptly to the school community.
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