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Our orchestra program is great. After a very thorough and highly competitive application process (one that included the submission of numerous audio and video recordings as well as other supporting documentation) our orchestra had been selected as one of only five high school string orchestras from around the world to be featured performers at the 71st annual The Midwest Clinic International Band and Orchestra Conference in Chicago in December 2017. Our robotics team is also exceptional. We were able to advance to the World Championships 2 years in a row. We won the Chairman's award two years ago. I've heard that are volleyball team is really good too. Besides these things, I like that our school is very diverse and accepting. I like that our school is not overly competitive; it is just right.
Atholton High School was an academically challenging yet supportive school environment. All teachers, regardless of if you think they're good at teaching, are very nice people that are willing to help you if you ask.
AHS is great. Most teachers you will encounter are very friendly. Guidance counselors are very helpful even though they can be confusing at first, going in one on one is always better.
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It is a very nice school, it was recently renovated and looks good. The staff is iffy, but most of the teachers are helpful and know what they are talking about. The athletics could improve. The bathrooms smell sometimes but its overall a nice school.
The school has a good mix, in terms of race, academics, and social groups. Overall, the teachers are strong in the history/english/math departments. Science teachers can be a mixed bag. Great research program and strong athletics, especially volleyball. Spirit is good.
I am currently in my junior year at Atholton High School; it has been a good experience so far. At least for my class it is quite academically competitive meaning one should put in their best effort into all classes. I really like the teachers at Atholton mainly because they challenge their students which is beneficial on the students’ part; for they are able to approach any task given. This applies especially to the G/T and AP courses offered at the school.
I like the Theater Department. I would make sure to have all the locks in the bathrooms working,and full tampon despensers. Properly working paper towel despensers.
I have only been at Atholton a couple months now. Atholton is a great school with a diverse population of students and amazing clubs. The downside is how competitive it is. There is a lot of pressure to be in honor societies and clubs, and maintain good grades in hard classes
Atholton is a Howard County Public School System high school. The academics here are very good, and students have plenty of opportunities to select classes that are appropriately challenging for them.
Solid school. One of the better in HCPSS. Academics are very good, athletics are average to above average and spirit week/school spirit is dead. Teaching staff is very good.
There's a lot of diversity here and I'm told we have lot more school spirit and kindness than some other schools in our area.
I attend the school it is clean and some staff go harder for the student then other. The school has receive new administration recently who been "ok".
I was an immigrant and started my junior year in Atholton HS. The people were very nice especially the teachers! They guided me well and helped me in my studies and all.
It was a great school, and a super nice community. The only thing that sucked about it was the parking lots and all the so called "drivers" who didn't actually know how to drive that well.
Really good school, the teachers were great and very helpful to get the students ready for college. The courses were meant to be a little difficult to help us all in the overall outcome which was very beneficial.
Atholton High School is full of opportunity for every kind of student. Whether you're interested in drama, sports, robotics, art, dance, band, or anything else there will be something for you there!
I enjoy the supportiveness from friends and teachers. They made it enjoyable and can already see it will be so next year.
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It is a very diverse school. Lots to do there if you choose to involve yourself into its community. Even though the school went through renovations, it still looks terrible. I also think the school spirit in the school is quite low due to all the complaints from the administration.
Atholton High School was a diverse institution that exposed me to students of various different social and cultural backgrounds. This school also had highly knowledgeable and experienced teachers and staff that held intellectually stimulating lectures. I was able to join various extracurricular activities and hold leadership positions. During my four years at Atholton, I not only formed a tight network of friends, but I also learned valuable life lessons that I continue to carry with me into college.
I really like the friends I’ve made throughout the years so far and how my school plans really fun events.
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