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Atholton High School was a diverse institution that exposed me to students of various different social and cultural backgrounds. This school also had highly knowledgeable and experienced teachers and staff that held intellectually stimulating lectures. I was able to join various extracurricular activities and hold leadership positions. During my four years at Atholton, I not only formed a tight network of friends, but I also learned valuable life lessons that I continue to carry with me into college.
I really like the friends I’ve made throughout the years so far and how my school plans really fun events.
This is the place where I shed my antisocial past self and grew into the person I am today. I played on the freshman, junior varsity and varsity volleyball team and I ran track and field all throughout high school and made some wonderful friends that I'm still in touch with today. I was able to do all this and get into the university of my choice. I made so many memories at this school! I still go back and talk to the teachers.
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My experience was fantastic. The academics, clubs, and friendships that I developed at Atholton help to shape my future academic endeavors.
I loved attending Atholton High School. They include everyone regardless of race, color, religion, ethnic background or sex. They were a great school to attend when returning from overseas with my military family. I made life-long friends there and I will always treasure the education I received.
Wish certain teachers would care more and be more involved, but honestly love this school. This only applies to certain teachers, I do have many teachers that I could talk to about anything. All teachers are willing to stay after school and give the students the extra time they need. I wish the food was better, I blame it for a few of my sicknesses, but overall pretty good.
Pretty good school, there are some amazing teachers here but there are also bad ones, great environment
My four years of highschool were very good. I participated in many activities and sports and always felt involved and apart of the school. THe admisnistrations is average but besides that
Atholton is a very good school it has challenging courses and the teaches try their hardest to help you pass your classes.
I am currently a senior at Atholton high school. I love the school because most of the students are very kind to others. and the teachers are very fair and almost always willing to help a student with work. the school has a wide variety of clubs and I personally think the RPG club is the best.
This was a great high school to attend! The curriculum and teachers were very constructive and helped prepare me for college. When starting college I found myself to be in the middle to top half of my college courses.
The Atholton campus is very nice after the renovation. There are phenomenal teachers, but there are also poor and disorganized ones. Student services is a mess and is not helpful whatsoever for college preparation or scheduling.
A hidden gem in Howard County. Loved the diversity of the student population and the expectation of academic achievement. Would like to see more diversity in the teaching staff.
I like the diversity of Atholton. There are many activities and clubs one can participate in. The teachers are fantastic educators. Great school spirit!
All of the teachers I have had are knowledgeable about their subject area and have taught me a lot. They make themselves available if you need help, and they try their hardest to make class as fun as it can be. The atmosphere of the school is welcoming and there are many different clubs that you can join to connect with others who share your interests.
Diverse, involved community providing opportunity for students to explore their interested and cultivate new ones. Strong academic classes, curricula, extracurricular. Strong arts departments across the board, and very involved athletics. unique opportunity to participate in JROTC and other career-building programs. Unfortunate occasional weaknesses in counseling and administration directly involved in communications with students, but enough involved faculty that it usually isn't a problem. Student population is generally academically inclined, very diverse and otherwise open.
I loved the music program and robotics team at AHS. Robotics team is my high school pride, and there are very diverse group of friends.
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Atholton is great school, where one can meet people from all walks of life. The school offers something for everyone, which leaves no child friendless. The teachers really care about their students, and will do whatever in their capabilities to help them succeed. When in school , you do feel part of some sort of community. Like every place which has people, there are going to be some that hurt others by being racist, bullies, and et cetera. But you will always find student and teachers around you that care about you. Overall, Atholton does have some chinks in the armor, but you wouldn't wanna trade it for any other.
My favorite thing about Atholton High School was the people. I believe I made many more friends there then I would have somewhere else because of Atholton's great diversity.
Atholton HS is a nice school with in a nice area. I was in many AP/GT/Honors classes that really helped me prepare in college. The professors are overall really good however, some really make your classes unnecessarily difficult and confusing. I hated chemistry when I left Atholton but luckily the professors I had in college changed that and now chemistry is my favorite subject. Wish we had more college spirit tho...and less restrictive pep-rallys.
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