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I recently just graduated with the class of 2018. Athol High has it tough areas buts it’s like around a good school with good people and good teachers who do everything to get you ready for the next chapter of your life!
I enjoyed growing up in a small town and small school because it allowed me to make life long friendships and memories however I had limited resources and help with planning for my future.
It's a great school everyone fits in no matte where you are from or what school you came from its very easy to make friends. The staff is helpful and extremely nice and some teacher are willing to stay after for as long as you need to catch up on work or to bring up your grade. Something I would change about the school is the food it's not that great and we are always having chicken.
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I have grown up in the Athol-Royalston districts, and they were all good/average. Although some teachers aren't the greatest, the good out does the bad. Every student has Raider pride, and shows their school spirit. Teachers prepare us for college and push us to do better, so we can become successful and active members of the community. The school may be old, and the food isn't always satisfying, but the education you acquire and the community within the school is worth it.
The school is great. Just recently there has been a huge amount of renovations and improvements to the building. Not only the building, but also the staff. The halls have been redone with new tiles, the auditorium is getting new seats, and the locker rooms are getting new lockers. Along with this the school itself has always been more than adequate when it comes to staff and extra help. Overall just a really great school.
There's a police station, fire station, and hospital, all within walking distance of the school, should there ever be an emergency
The major extracurriculars are the music departmant and the sports teams. The Music Department in particular has won many awards for their performances, yet lack in funding compared to the sports teams who, more often than not, struggle. The drama club and music department put on many great performances and shows, yet lack support from the community. This is not to say that the music and drama clubs are bad, but they simply are put on the back burner behind the sports teams. Many students find their closest friends and make lasting memories in whatever extracurricular activity they choose (with many students engaging in both). There is also a variety or smaller clubs as well, such as Chess Club, Video Game Club, Gay Straight Alliance, Student Council, NHS, to name a few
Many teachers have demonstrated that they care about their students and want them to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom, and push students to try and challenge themselves
poor quality of food, but the lunch ladys try very hard
strict administration over particular issues
needs new athletic equipment. very old gym and locker room
lack of technology. teachers need to be evaluated
not enough extra curricular activities for students.
Did not prepare me well for the real world. Teachers do not have much faith in students and lack effort in teaching.
The guidance counselors are not the greatest. They don't really know how to address situations that are serious to students. Threats and things like that aren't taken seriously between students when they should be.
There are many sports offered at Athol high. They are intense and athletes actually have to work hard to make a team and stay on it. It is worth it because you make some of your best friends on school sports teams that you will have forever.
I had some of the greatest teachers at Athol High school. They went above an beyond and really cared about student goals and their personal lives as well. I think that because it is such a small school, teachers are able to actually get to know students and care about them in a way more than just grading them on papers.
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There wasn't many options for activities after school. Most of them were Student government type of things and many students aren't interested in that. I think it would be beneficial to have a wider variety to appeal to many types of students.
After high-school I went to community college for three years to try to figure out what I wanted to do in life. I don't think High-school really guided students in selecting colleges or helped in making career or college decisions. Since Community college I have transferred to a Four-year school. I love it here and could not see myself anywhere else right now. I got much more help from Community college at helping to decide where I want to go from there than I did in high school, which I feel is more important.
A lot of people do sports and student council. I, however, participate in performing arts and math team. The teachers who work in the clubs are all fantastic and I would never dream o switching to a different high school solely because of them.
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