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Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownsville, Texas is a very diverse and welcoming school. I loved my experience because when I first got there the students, teachers and staff were very nice and still continued to be the following years. What makes Athlos stand out from the other schools is that they have character traits that push you to be a better person. Some of them are Integrity, zest and leadership. This is also an athletic school that is always encouraging students to be active and helps them have a healthier lifestyle.
There were never any safety issues
There were not many clubs, if at all.
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I had a lot of fun being at this school.
My favorite teacher of all time was Ms. Rowe.
It is such a small school, that everyone gets along most of the time.
There are not many extracurricular activities. When i attented, there was only flag football for the boys, and basketball for the girls.
The food is not the best, but among the choices, people still have favorites.
Everyone wore a uniform, so bullying about the way one dressed or looked was never a problem. The staff always became involved when problems between students occurred.
My time here was great and I made plenty of friends that i still speak with today.
It is an okay school, though it come improve some.
The athletics are what you would expect from a small charter school. They are not great, but they do know how to keep one entertained. Because of the small funds it receives, there is no gym, but staff make due with what is present to ensure that the students enjoy themselves.
The teachers are overall pretty good. because of the small classes, the learning environment is great and it enables them to really pay attention to each and every student.
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