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Atherton Jr. / Sr. High School Reviews

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I loved how everyone is a Family at my school We all speak to everyone there are no cliques we're all together.
Atherton has been a great school for me so far. The staff is very nice and they help you the best they can. The kids are sometimes disruptive but that is in all schools.
The teachers are the best I've ever had.
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They make the school as safe as possible.
There are many opportunities to get involved.
Atherton is my home. I will always be a Wolverine.
The teachers made everything seem so easy.
They know how to work around student disabilities. They put in the effort before and after school to help anyone who really needs it.
Atherton is a very tiny school, so everyone knows everyones business. At the same time, the closeness of the school lets you get to know your teachers, and lets them get to know you.
The school doesn't have much money so their programs kind of lack. What they do have though are fun. I felt like people got along and really helped each other on their performances.
I believe that Atherton could use a lot of upgrading. There is molding in some areas. The janitor only came twice a week so sometimes the classrooms would be dirty. The students there didn't help to make the school cleaner, but It also didn't help that the school didn't get enough money to improve the facilities there. The Atherton staff were always willing to help. They tried to provide as much resources for the students to be at their best. There was a select few families who would help raise money for the school so we can get better supplies. The buses always felt safe. The drivers are very polite and can be very intimidating when they want to be. There could have been better college prep resources. The National Honor Society would tutor kids so it was up to the students to make the effort to get help and tutor.
They had standard policies. Sometimes students got away with things, but it didn't happen often. I believe that the school could've done better with enforcing the rules or getting the kids more motivated to go by the rules.
For How much the school was able to offer, they had a nice variety of classes to take. They offered wood shop, band, and choir. Students were able to be in AP english classes. They offered calculus as well. Activities such as the National Honors Society allowed the students to take part in the community. There wasn't a huge workload on the students, but they treated us as if we were in college. I believe that the teachers did their best to teach the students and prepare us for college.
The teachers here are really nice and helpful. A Lot of students don't appreciate them as well as they should. I could tell that every teacher there loved their job. Each teacher tried to teach the students in a variety of different styles to make the students learn better. There was consistent grading. I wish the teachers at Atherton were treated better.
My school is not very good at sports for various reasons. Some sports get a new coach basically every year; this doesn't allow the team to become close with them and doesn't allow the coach to work the team hard. Since most of our sports aren't good, we do not get a lot of school spirit at home games. This drives the teams down even more than they were before and makes them want to practice even less. Although the sports teams are not good, we do have some upsides to our fitness programs. All year long my school offers weight-lifting for anyone that is interested. My school also has an open track and tennis courts that anyone in the community can use.
The teachers at my school are very knowledgeable and are very helpful to students. The class sizes are kept to a minimum, usually between 25-35 students, however not many advanced classes are offered. My school does not do any honors classes, and usually only offers AP English for 12th graders. Our counselors are very understand though and allow advanced students to take various AP classes online after completing the general class. Although we do not have many advanced classes, my school offers a lot of popular elective classes such as wood shop, psychology, art, band, choir, iPad tech, computers, and C.A.D. The schools counselor usually begins trying to schedule classes in April/May of the previous year and always tries to put everyone into the classes they want the most. Although not everyone is always happy with their schedule, our counselor does a very good job at compiling everyone's schedules. My school also allows dual enrollment, skill center, online classes, and gennet classes for some students that would like to take things my school doesn't offer.
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