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Aside from the schools mascot being a racist caricature, i've experienced many incidents of racism from staff. A student was allowed back to school after setting off firecrackers in the stairwell and yelling "gun" yet I was often interrogated by staff for even looking "suspicious". This school prides itself on diversity yet doesn't do much for its POC students.
The education at this school was wonderful, however the social scene was an incredibly toxic environment. From the perspective of college readiness, I was incredibly prepared, however socially the school was incredibly difficult to navigate.
Overall, I would say that my experience was really good for the most part! I was able to meet new people and create new relationships which helped me learn how to open up to others. The curriculum can be a bit challenging to understand but luckily most of the teachers are very supportive of our learning. Speaking of which, I wished more teachers would try to make what they teach more interesting instead of just handing out only worksheets. Another issue I also had was the food being served during lunch due to it not being very high in quality.
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I love it at Atherton. I think that the IB program is amazing and all of the teachers are truly there to help you. I have herd from students in the Honors program that our honors classes could use some work. I think that all together it’s a school full of unique and different people and students who are there to help.
It has been fun and eventful. I’ve met a lot of great and different people. The activities are fun but wish we had more.
Atherton is the most accepting school I have attended. The diversity is amazing and you'll never feel like you won't belong. Even though it's a big school, you will feel like a family and can always get help if needed. There are so many opportunities to do whatever you put your mind to.
the school focuses the students with the arts but if that is something that you are not interested in then the school isn't for you. The school doesn't help the students with careers that they want to pursue. Atherton has a nursing program but that's as far as it goes for careers. anything else you are required to take into your own hands. the school also doesn't provide enough help with finding and applying for colleges just like with careers, you are expected to figure it out on your own.
I absolutely loved this place. I felt kind of special there for some reason. It’s a great school in general.
Atherton has been wonderful. Everyone there wants to learn and it makes for a great environment. Teachers have high expectations but always try their best to put our well being first and not stress us out. The only thing I wish is that it was more diverse at Atherton.
I started at atherton my freshman year and it was pretty ok for the first half then a lot of the time all you seen was kids skipping and sneaking away and fights and then most of the teachers chose who they wanted to teach or talk to.
Going to Atherton every day was fun, I didn’t ever dread going to school. There aren’t any cliches and everyone is accepting and friendly, including the staff.
A great school overall, amazing teaching staff that cares for students. Have met great friends throughout my four years attending and teachers who have also in a way become great friends. I would say that I’d like to see the material get more challenging and an update in school resources such as textbooks.
Atherton was amazing. The teachers were nice, the building was clean, and many students were very nice and approachable. However, there were some issues over the years that caused my review to simply be a four-star. This was honestly due to some students as well as teachers that were disrespectful and dishonest. Things like that can truly deter one's original thoughts on a school as a whole.
Out of all the schools in Jefferson County, I know Atherton was the right home for me. The community is so diverse and welcoming and I always feel accepted by students. I have been a part of numerous programs and clubs offered by Atherton, such as its distinguished choirs, Beta Club, Rho Kappa, National Honors Society, Environmental Club, and Young Democratic Socialists of America. Atherton offers so many extracurricular opportunities that are important and educational for students. The advanced classes at this school are challenging and create hardworking individuals, and I feel that the classes I've taken have truly helped me become more open-minded. As an International Baccalaureate school, Atherton emphasizes the importance of taking classes that allow you to engage in open discussions while broadening educational opinion and opportunity for growth. The IB courses at Atherton are efficient in teaching students about the world related to core subjects.
I love this school, it’s honestly the best thing That has happened to me. I was a football and basketball player and i also participated in band. All of my coaches and teachers cared so much about me and made me feel so welcomed
Atherton has a diverse culture. The sports program is continuing to improve every year. Teachers are committed to the success of their students. Safety is a bit touch and go, as there are many entrances to the school and no real preventative measures to keep intruders out.
I liked how there was a diverse group of people at atherton. I appreciate the teachers I had. I felt that the courses I took prepared me for college.
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Atherton has such a welcoming community, though the atmosphere of the school building itself could use some improvement. The teachers are kind and there is a place for everyone at Atherton. Atherton offers an IB diploma (which is optional) and has the Academies of Louisville, which gives the opportunity for career exploration in areas such as Engineering, Allied Health, Biomedical Sciences, and Media Arts.
When I first applied to high school I didn't wanna attend Atherton. But as the school year started I learned to love this school. The teachers, councelors, even the principal actually care about what's best for the students. Its adaptable to all kinds of students those with physical or mental disabilities. And the four academy's that we have allow us to really explore our options like media which basically is photography,film. And engineering, health science which each student is allowed(not required) to explore. And every year they talk about how many credits we need and taking IB or AP courses look good on college applications. Something I would change is that other things matter than sports and better pep rallys since they could use a little excitement.
As a current high school senior of the C/O 2020, I believe that Atherton is unlike any other school in the sense that the level of community, quality of education, and student diversity is unmatched by any other school in the area. My IB education tops that of a standard lesser AP one, and has taught me to critically think for myself, and not just accept what is told to me. I have gained so much as a student but have gained just as much as a human being. I would definitely recommend Atheron over Manual, Male, or Eastern any day of the year.
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