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Athens is a small town with a small school. It's not the worst thing in the world but my experience could have been better. No air conditioning in half the classes was not fun, the band room is a disaster, the school only seems to care about football, and the food in the cafeteria was not fantastic. They're planning to re-do the entire school but I would like to see how much actually goes through. There aren't many kids so I'm not sure why they are redoing and making the school larger.
Athens HS was very focused on making you a well rounded student. They really pushed extracurriculars, and pushed their athletes to be as driven in the classroom, as on the field.
I liked that most of the teachers wanted to help you learn. I would change how you are taught. I would like to learn to learn, not to test.
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This school is nasty. It's dirty and old.
Clubs are very small. Sports are very clicky. It's not a easy to be accepted here.
I have had good experiences at Athens High School, but sadly the good does not out weigh the bad. I have seen so many sad things out of such a small school in such a small town. Drug deals, marijuana being smoked, alcohol being drank in the school, dip being spit during class, talking down to teachers, opinions being erased from outspoken students. It's just not the environment I pictured for my high school experience.
At Athens High School there are a variety of teachers considering the small amount of students. Some stand out in a way to each individual student, either in a good way or a bad way. I suppose that this is typical, however some teacher's I can say have personally affected the way I learn, both positively and negatively.
High school is high school, no matter where you go.
The best part of my school was homecoming week. Everyone was hyped up and the dress up days were hilarious.
Most of the teachers are great at the school. They truly care about the student and want to see all of the students succeed, if you put in the effort.
We have an average curriculum. The only tutoring offered is for special ed students or math lab.
My school is supposed to follow the health rules, but we tend to have fries on a regular basis. There are very few sides offered as an option. The saddest meal I've seen is a hot dog on a bun served with milk and dry cereal.
Our school tends to baby us. If we are having trouble in a class, we talk to the teacher for extra credit opportunities to get our grade back up- something I'm not sure they do in college.
The principal we have now does not tolerate bulling at all. However, he tends to be a bit biased on discipline if the one in trouble is a major player on a sports team.
We have random police checks, however, most of the people who do drugs in my school never get caught.
With my school being so small it has limited options.
We are a small community whose church involvement is probably more than it should be. Nearly 99% of the school is Caucasian and we have a deep rooted prejudice that is ridiculous against homosexuals.
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I live in a small community and the rush of Friday night games usually have a huge impact on the town and nearly everyone is there.
We have a cockroaches in our home economics class and rats everywhere else. To top it off we have no air conditioning.
The school is very safe. Faculty does everything they can to keep us safe.
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