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Athens Junior/Senor High School Reviews

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Terrible school! Principal is a bully. Talks to students as if he was one. Teachers lack in teaching. School is small and not efficient at all. They decide who their going to like and who their going to go against without fairness. Completely a one-sided staff. If your not a sports player or something they can benefit from then they will attack you! No passion or drive from any of the staff. Its all about the count at the end of the day so they can reassure their funding.
If I could do this all over, I wouldn't go here. Thus only for personal reasons. I am a very unique person and that is barely accepted in the school by the students. The teachers are very nice and kind hearted.
First years were really good. I was really involved and loved school but as I got older, they still treated us like we were freshmen but expected us to act like adults.
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The helpfulness of the principal and counselor are minimal. The school is more worried about discipline rather than academic help. Teachers have influences over the higher powers due to involvement and community ties; favoritism. When reporting a bullying incident, you are told it will be taken care of, but no actions ever take place. Dress code has become more lienient due to relentlessness of students.
The cafeteria food is terrible. The A La Carte options are better, but neither are very healthy.
If you are willing to put in the extra work, most of the teachers would be willing to help you. Teachers willl help you as long as you want to help yourself.
There are many clubs and organizations for students to participate in, with teachers and leaders willing to organize things for them to do. The only drawback is the funding for these clubs.
This school has the basic sports. Student involvement is decent. There are usually no cuts made at tryouts. Player performence depends on your family ties and community involvement; favoritism is definitely present. Fan support only present at the girls basketball games, all other sports are just supported by the parents. School spirit is minimal compared to other schools, possibly because of the school size. Fitness programs such as weight lifting are limited due to minimal weight equipment.
Classes are small in size, with only the basic core curriculum. No honors or AP classes are offered, however students do have the option to dual enroll at the local community college. Students tend to schedule easier, laid back semesters; only taking the classes required.
Even though there may not be as many choices in Athens as there are at the bigger schools or more wealthy schools. But I am here to tell you that the quality of the teacher is just as high and probably higher. We have some advanced classes however, along with all the electives you'll need.
At our school there are numerous ways in which a student who was struggling inside the classroom could seek help after regular school hours. Almost every teacher will stay after and help you one on one and help you get back on track with your grades. We also have tutoring everyday for students who need extra help.
The helpfulness of our school's guidance counselor is one of the most comforting things to have as a stressed out senior such as myself. Trying to know everything and do it all by yourself is nearly impossible but with Mr. Service, our guidance counselor, the whole process was made much simpler.
My years at Athens High School have been so awesome. The friends I have made here over the years will be my friends for the rest of my life. Also, the teacher here are so committed to the students I will never be able to thank them enough for their time. My children will definitely be attending Athens in the far future.
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