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Athens High school is an exceptional school. Students are very nice, the teachers are experienced, friendly, and helpful, and the school culture is phenomenal. Athens is a rigorous school that provides a fun and safe environment for students to excel.
Athens High School challenges and prepares its students for further education. It gives you the resources and materials for success and you choose whether or not to take advantage of them. There were also a lot of ways to get involved within the school.
I loved being a red hawk. It was great. Just small things here and there kind of sucked . like the fact that there are no windows . or the fact that the bathrooms were never clean overall Athens was pretty chill.
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Overall it was pretty good. I had a very good education that was able to get me deep into Oakland University which I am currently in now. I also believe they have many sports options although I was not able to make any of the teams. This school definitely got me ready for college. I feel like I knew many things that they were teaching in my classes now, from Athens. Teachers were great. They were always willing to help with both work in there classes, as well as things that didn't have to do with class work.
Athens High School is one of the best High Schools you could ever see. It is in a good district and the staff and students are very helpful and friendly. It is a pleasure to be a Hawk.
Though overall a good school, the building is from the seventies, the bathrooms have never been remodeled, the food is horrible, and it's a wonder how some teachers have never been fired.
From the moment I walked into Athens high school, I knew it was the right place for me. I absolutely love Athens with a passion, it has helped me grow and become a better person in general and academically. I'm involved in so many activities. There is a lot to do at athens, I would recommend anyone to go there. Sadly, I'll be a senior next year and I have to go off to college, but I will take all that I learn from athens and put that in my daily learning and daily living. Athens will forever be the best high school ever!
The principal, Dr. Scrimsher, is focused on giving students a proper education. Most teachers at Athens are experienced, especially the Honors and AP teachers. The selection of classes is broad and provides various opportunities for students to learn what they are interested in. There are also a wide variety of clubs, including Student Council Association, Spanish Club, and Students Against Destructive Decisions.
Overall, it definitely was a good environment with many AP classes offered. Unfortunately facilities were quite poor.
My high school has shaped me into the person I am today. Troy Athens is a school that truly inspires you to set goals and become the best person you can be. Academics is an important aspect of our curriculum, and our teachers always work to ensure our success. We also have the most school spirit out of any school I've ever seen. Our football games are always packed and our pep assemblies will give you chills. One of my favorite things about Athens is Charity Week. During this week, we raise money for a certain charity. Last year, we raised $84,104 for the Joan Rose foundation. It is amazing how everyone is able to come together and put forth effort to make a change. I believe that my school has made a difference not only in my community, but in the world. Sure the bathrooms may need fixing and there are hardly any windows, but I wouldn't change a thing about my school.
Troy Athens high school was one of the worst places I've been to in my life. Within Athens, I experienced many good things such as rigorous programs, school spirit, and a true interest in charity. Along with the good, I experienced many bad things such as racism, exclusion, and severe judgement. Though the education I received in Athens high school was great, the social barriers between people within the school in between specific sub groups of people made it difficult to attend school every day.
I enjoyed my high school experience at Athens High School for the most part. I made personal relationships and connections with many of the teachers, which I believe is a large part of learning in high school. AHS had many options for challenging classes, which greatly prepared me for college, and I think that has a lot of value. If I could go and change something about my high school, it would probably be the administration. A lot of the staff other than teachers did not seem very approachable and welcoming to me, which ruined some of the environment around the school. I think that everyone experiences their high school differently, but I think that Athens was an excellent school to prepare me for college.
Coaches should be evaluated every year by the AD and by parents/athletes.
Overall, the teachers are great. There are always a couple who seem to have lost their passion and who should probably have retired a long time ago. My kids seem to get stuck with those teachers.
Not much bullying, safety is high.
The parents are very involved and put time in.
Teachers at Troy Athens High School truly care.
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Extracurriculars are a good way to spend time honing your skills and padding resumes and college applications
I genuinely had a great time at this school. I was personally involved in several clubs, had many good friends, and teachers were great.
Cannot personally vouch for every teacher, but the ones that I had were enjoyable to talk to and made classes more engaging
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