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My experience with Athens high school has been a very good one. Learning everything that I need to before college and what I can do to keep me safe while I am at college.
Athens High School has given me the opportunity to play a role in my community that I would have never thought possible. As a school, we raised $150,000 for the Believe in Miracles Foundation in just one week my sophomore year and have continued to raise upwards of $100,000 each year. Athens is full of amazing teachers, students, and staff and I am glad to say I can talk to nearly all my teachers like they are my best friends.
The teachers are phenomenal. I was awkward starting out high school. They helped me see my potential and I even took 3 AP classes which I never imagined and did well. There are so many after school activities even if you don’t play sports. My favorite is Circle of Friends where we interact and have fun with special needs students!
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The school curriculum is very challenging, but rewarding if you put in the work. I really enjoyed all of the different courses we could take, as well as all of the awesome and diverse clubs that we could join. While sports has never been our strong suit, the friends made on the teams I was on are lifelong friends that I so appreciated getting to know. The faculty is amazing, and very caring about their students and how they are doing, and most will help you with coursework after class if you are struggling.
Troy Athens is one of the top 10 schools in Michigan for a reason. Athens has a strong student body and dedicated students and most of them get into the careers they want and are happy with. Almost every year at least one to two Athens students are accepted into Ivy league schools.
Athens has a great community that fuels learning for all students. Academic opportunities are every where you look. All the teachers want you to learn and have fun! Athens raises a lot of money for great causes during charity week each year. The whole schools gets involved. If I could change anything, I would like to be able to take more classes per semester.
I love how everybody is very involved in school activities or activities in the surrounding area. I wish the school would be more helpful and open about college and helping get started and have more guidance
The school has a very positive environment and everybody is always willing to lend each other a hand. The teachers are very kind and supportive of all the students. I feel that Athens does a really good job of teaching everybody important life skills inside and outside the classroom.
As a student at Athens High School, I have been introduced to many opportunities I would otherwise not have. The staff as well as other students are supportive and provide the school with a comforting environment. I feel as though I am able to branch out through trying new things through electives, as well as talking to counselors and teachers who can help me personalize my schedule in order to make my high school experience the best it can be. Through the many events Athens holds, such as charity week, students are able to come together in order to improve the lives of others all around the world. I am truly blessed to be attending Athens, as I know that my school introduces me to amazing experiences that I will hold with me as I continue on throughout my life.
I loved my experience at Athens High School. The community is great, and everyone gets along very well. We raised over $155,000 for charity our senior year, and that couldn't have been done at any other high school in my opinion. The teachers and staff are amazing, and I couldn't be happier with my high school experience. The only thing that I did not enjoy about this school was that they only encouraged students to go to a University. They discouraged other routes, like community college, and the trades.
Great school. Great academics, some people in the school are just scary though. Other than that would like to see the arts program get extended and more disciplinary action.
I liked how they school supports you when you need it. They really look out for all students alike and will do their best to make sure you have everything you need to do your best.
I loved Athens High school. I thought it’s college prep program was fantastic and as I end my senior year, I’m happy to say it’s prepared me well for college.
The Troy School District is a great district to grow up in school in! With highly experienced faculty and hands on learning education is so fun!
Overall, my experience at Athens High School was very good. Most of the teachers and administration really care about the students and do their best to help each and every one of them succeed. The school culture is very accepting as most students and staff are very accepting of people of other races, religions, genders and sexuality. There was various clubs and sports available for students to participate in. Students are granted resources to further their education, and if something a student needs is unavailable, teachers and staff will find a way to make it accessible to them. There are also retired police officers to maintain school safety during school hours. The doors are also locked to increase safety. Teachers and staff do a great job of preparing students for college.
Athens is a great environment for all students. There is a lot of diversity allowing anyone and everyone to fit in. At Athens, there is a charity week where we have raised thousands of dollars for organziations to further help our community. Athens has amazing teachers and administrators making it a top tier high school in Michigan .
I did enjoy my time here especially with the dedicated staff. I have seen a lot of improvements and renovations at school which has helped improve the atmosphere at Athens High School. I would like to see the funding go towards scholarships and other opportunities to help those in need.
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I like that we are able to make our own decisions , our school should change the teachers up like get new ones to replace the old ones
What I like about Athens High School is that it offers tracks for students of all academic levels and interests. There are a wide range of class subjects, electives, and difficulty levels. Furthermore, the student body is very diverse in ethnicity and culture. The staff and location of the school make me feel safe. I wish the food options and quality were better.
I currently love Athens, and nearly all of my teachers, whether I've had them academically or not. They are considerate towards their students and understanding when difficult circumstances come up, and always wish the best for their students and look out for the students' best interests and are encouraging. Also, the fresh-baked cookies during lunch are top-notch, I have to add.
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