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The social environment at Athens High School is what kept me here all throughout high school. There are many opportunities for students, however it seems the students who are given the most opportunity are those in higher level classes, and who are more involved with teachers. The opportunities I have been provided with at Athens High School are exceptional. Much more could be done at the high school in terms of facilities and resources for mental health, but the faculty tries their best and does as much as they possibly can in difficult situations. Most teachers obviously care about their students and most students have at least one teacher that they would feel safe talking to. There are many opportunities for students to get extra help in their classes, and teachers will do whatever they can to help a student succeed.
I liked all the teacher and school administration. They were all very helpful in setting up my classes, protecting the students and helping us organize or schedules. Additionally, I have enjoyed my time playing sport at Athens High School over the last four years during my time here since moving from Forsyth County in Georgia.

I appreciate the ability to be part of the community as well helping with Habitat for Humanity as well as the programs the High School sets up allowing us to help those less fortunate or spend time with the elderly during our community work service scheduled for twice a year. It has allowed me to learn more about the area, its challenges and how to make a positive impact on those around you.

Southeast Ohio is significantly different from Atlanta, Georgia but it has helped me grow and learn a lot about people and about the person I strive to be. I have been humbled living here.
One of my experience is FFA.One thing I like in FFA is prevet and I like greenhouse and something I like to do is art class.a couple of things I like to change is the building another would be the pinter and the food it taste really bad and there one door that gets jammed and when you open it some time you may hit someone on the other side of and you have to put all your wait.
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The teachers here at AHS work very hard and try their best helping their students! I love each and everyone of my teachers here.
Athens High School allowed me to have amazing teachers who all steered me in the direction of what I wanted to do with my life and have worked to help me achieve this goal. The teachers are the best part of AHS by far.
Athens was a good school that gave me many opportunities. I think that there could have been more diversity through the teachers.
It was a horrible experience - neither the teachers nor the students care about their learning. Teachers would teach their material in one specific way, and for the most part would not be willing to see things from other angles.
Some teachers don't even care enough to grade. For example, one teacher did not grade our finals. Instead, he gave everyone an A regardless of whether they deserved it, and if someone may have gotten an A+ on that final (me) then their scores would be curved DOWN
Other curves include a curve of exams from an 13/40 to a 13/13.
Overall high school was an experience I do not want to repeat.
I would not really consider the school a safe place for everyone, as there is routine smoking in the bathrooms and frequent drug deals within the school.
Life at Athens high school provided me with a view of various other types of people sometimes that wasn’t a good thing
It was a great school to attend. I had committed teachers and a fantastic guidance counselor. The drama club was my favorite extracurricular activity. Carol Patterson, the drama teacher, is warm, funny, and tough. She expects a lot from her students and gives even more in return.
Compared to surrounding high schools, Athens is great. Compared to other Ohio high schools, not so much. We are good at sports, and a lot of our attention goes to that. We lag behind in AP classes, resources, and college readiness. Administration at this school shows the minimal amount of respect or care for any of the students (excluding guidance counselors). As with the rest of Athens, this school is very safe, but not very diverse.
Although I loved going to school here and I wouldn't move to another high school if my parents tried to force me, I feel that some areas of the school could improve. The school doesn't have much money and often has many paper shortages, the lunches aren't very healthy, there isn't much diversity within the school although there are many diverse clubs. The school's building itself seems cheap and could use a much needed renovation, but I believe the school board is already talking about building a new school. The administration had problems with how they "handled" bullying and could use some work, but the teachers are wonderful. I love Athens and wouldn't move for the world, but I give it 4 stars.
The diversity and open mindedness is great for the most part, but the administration is rather controlling and that limits self-expression.
Athens High School is like any other high school. Some classes are challenging, some are boring. The school offerers many AP classes and great teachers to go along with them. The french program is terrific. There are also three categories of students: Student athletes, stoners, and rednecks. Athens is a great town but since the school is located in the Plains, about three miles from Athens it's a bit less exciting.
I've had a pretty okay experience at Athens. The food sucks a lot. The administration is pretty good. They are considerate and talk to most of the student and have relationships with them
While I have experienced some great teachers and classroom settings, there is plenty of academic difficulty experienced by my friends, peers, and even myself. Each situation is it's own, but in general I think the academic process here could be described as challenging but rewarding.
My school is quite diverse in ethnicity and sexual orientation, and for the most part people are very accepting. The students themselves have created a positive and safe environment. However, not everyone is the same, and personalities clash often. I believe that conflicts among my peers are a result of personality clashes rather than prejudices against certain ethnicities or sexual orientations.
The activities are fun. I like to involve myself in as many as possible. Although many students distance themselves from participation in these events and opportunities, those who choose to be involved are top-tier students with good vision and a good attitude. Because the activities and clubs are run by these students with can-do attitudes, my experience has been a very positive and uplifting one.
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High school is to be expected to include a lot of hard work and sacrifices. But something that has made my experience here less enjoyable is the attitude of some of my peers. While I have great friends, many students at this school are disrespectful to their teachers, fellow students, and administrators. My experience, as well as that of many others, would have been much more positive had more students involved themselves in the school in a helpful, rather than destructive, manner.
I have had the privilege of receiving instruction from the best teachers in my school. My experience with them has had a very positive impact on me and my motivation to continue my education. I cannot imagine completing high school without my favorite teachers. Others, with different teachers, have some complaints, but overall I have enjoyed my time with mine, trying to emulate their examples of responsible members of society.
The teachers are good about making hands on lessons but some teacher are bad about updating grades so kids aren't always aware of what they're missing.
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