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Overall, a decent school. Like every school, it has its bad teachers, but it also has its fair share of good ones. Athletics have done well recently, and the school offers a large amount of organizations for its size.
My overall experience here was subpar. This school does not prepare you for college at all. Most students are very involved in various activities including myself. I accomplished a lot in my years there but I was not challenged enough. Teachers are mostly there just to collect a paycheck or are more about themselves than the teaching the students. There is so many more problems at this school that the list is too long to keep track.
It's a very small school, you know just about everyone, in your class or not. With small class sizes you receive a more personable education than you might at a large school. Every student's schedule has a 30 minute time slot for club/class meetings and the chance to talk to a teacher about extra help on homework.
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There are not enough classes that challenge students or enough options for students to learn what they want to learn.
Most students like to go to parties and drink, but the others are fairly invovled in school activities.
Pretty safe school with not very many threats and probably more security than needed.
Adequate amount of clubs for the size of the school but the quality of the clubs aren't very good.
My overall experience was good because of my involvement in various activities. It still wasn't the best because of certian teachers, and most people paying more attention to sports teams (teams that didn't do as well as others).
Some teachers are good, but most just teach what they need to and put in little effort into their lessons.
Very limited classes, and most of the rules aren't practical. For example, not being able to exit from certain doors. There are a lot of good teachers here that are extremely good at their job. Athens was good for my entire middle school and my first two years of high school, in fact I would have rated it a five star school. In the past two years the overall feeling of the school has gotten bad.
The teachers are willing to help the students, and most stuff respect the students and treat them like they are becoming young adults. The education is good. Some staff don't trust the students at all and try to micromanage everything.
Administration tends to go a bit over our heads. Students don't take a lot of consideration into what they could get in trouble for. They either get away with something terrible or aren't treated properly when doing something small.
Teachers in Athens typically try hard to give students the opportunities to learn more and more each day. They are advocates of education and leaders. Most are easy to get along with and can guide you along with grades.
Athens is all about sports. It's more common to see a three sport athlete than anything else. Spirit for our school is major, with awards, parent nights, pep band, and clubs selling concessions at events. With such a small school, we get more opportunities to play instead of sitting on the bench during games. It's a good program.
Athens High School is one of the smallest schools around for secondary education. For being a school with less than 200 enrolled students, we have a fair variety of clubs and organizations for students to be involved in. Athens encourages involvementin clubs and does a fair amount to give us the tools we need to have successful chapters or clubs.
The people at this school are very accepting of everyone I would say. However, a lot of people at this school are big into drinking and drugs. You more than likely have to be into parties to fit in.
There are no opportunities at Athens High. You don't get prepared for college and the guidance counselor isn't very helpful. The school doesn't have a lot of money and the money they do get, they use on useless sports equipment that isn't needed.
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