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Overall not a bad experience, definitely just feels like I got a High School education and i'm going to be moving on with my life afterwards. Nothing too special, but definitely not bad.
Athens is okay its not the best school but its not the worst school. The work load can be a lot sometimes but at least you are learning a bunch at this school.
Athens High School is really just an average Texas school. School spirit is generally low, and they certainly aren't leading in any academic fields. However, after the passing of the recent bond, all main campuses in the district have expanded, with the high school, in particular, gaining a new band hall, new science labs, and supplies, new student computers, a new football field house and concession stand, a brand new cafeteria, modern entry, and a full basketball stadium.
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Overall experience was that the staff had their ''favorites.'' They picked out people to get into trouble but some of the same stuff was going on with the ''preppy'' white kids.
It's a good school, the teachers are very nice and very caring about an individuals education. They also work with students one-on-one to make sure they understand the concept.
I liked Athens High School very much, because I was always able to get help from my teachers whenever I needed too and I made many friends the 4 years I have been here.
What I like about Athens High School is the athletic program. I would like to have some changes made with the school , the main thing that needs to be changed is the teachers because some of the newer teachers don't know what they are doing . The things they do is not suppose to happen , I really don't recommend people to come here because of how the teachers are , that's one thing I would like to be changed .
The experience i have had in this school are very good. They always want to help out everyone mainly sometimes seniors because they want to check if they have everything so they can graduate. It's a good school to bring their children here to Athens high school. The things that i dislike is that if we are late we get a tardy and have to do detention sometimes is not are fault in the morning coming late. Sometimes their is traffic and anything could happen to us. The good thing about Athens high school is that they are making the school bigger because more students are coming. We the seniors of 2018 we got the chance to see the new cafeteria and might get the new school gym to graduate.
I would like for the districts focus to be more focused on academic achievement than on building the athletic program and the schools facilities.
I like everything about the school, i love attending school games there are some great teachers that help you a lot.
Athens High School is a fantastic school, it's very easy to make new friends almost everyday. I've enjoyed this school because we have so many caring teachers and administrators that actually do so much for us to be successful. Another thing I enjoy about Athens High School is that we have many athletic and intelligent people. Most of our sports have made it far in our District. Having the chance to attend this school was a great experience.
Its pretty average high school, but it has its flaws like how they manage their classes and education.
Athens high school isn’t the best place for students to be. There is a lot of gang violence, fights, and the teachers sit at their desk on Facebook or on YouTube and when we ask for help they say they can’t help us because they’re too busy with other work and they don’t grade our work on time which lowers my grades and my GPA. The school has gotten so bad that we have to have cops on campus and we have drug dogs three times a week and drug test and have metal detectors in the library by the doors for safety reasons. Most the time we aren’t learning anything we just sit in our desk on our phones. Our school has the lowest academic records in the area.
I have lived in Athens my whole life, and now as a senior in Athens High School, I feel that I am qualified enough to provide my opinion on the state of Athens High School. As with any public school there are going to be some teachers that are quite average, and that most of the students do not enjoy. There are also going to be teachers that are quite exceptional, and that are very helpful; one such teacher that I, unfortunately have not had the pleasure of learning under, is Mr.Becker. I have not personally witnessed any bullying as a senior, however I'm sure it has happened before, and the administration is quick to deal with incidents such as these. For the most part Athens High School is a diverse school that is easy to be a part of if one simply follows directions.
I love Athens High School. When I first moved here, my junior year, they were so kind and welcoming. The food options could be better but they are not the worst. The choir organization is my favorite and I have loved being apart of it.
I’ve been in Athens high school since sophomore year. Mostly everything is great; I like the teachers and staff because most of them are friendly. The food is unpleasant for most students so they bring their own lunches. The high school is currently under construction for building a new gym since the city is growing, therefore more space is needed. Some people are snobby which is disappointing when you’re trying to get help for something. I would like to see changes from the principals and most of the teacher because sometimes, students would get in trouble for some minor problems and get an In-School Suspension for something they really didn’t do.
I like how Athens High school tries their best to keep the students safe and works to improve academics. Something i would change is the food choices.
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What i like about Athens high school is that they have many sports students can play. A other thing i like about it is that they made a better and big cafeteria.
My experience at Athens High School has been pretty good. It makes everyone feel safe because of the security and little requirements they ask for.
My experience in Athens High School has been deplorable. Since I arrived nobody helped me to get to know the school or help me knowing Athens. I arrived from Mexico in 2014 to Athens. I was hoping to have a great experience in this country, I was hoping to know new friends, have a good time but nothing has been like that because if you don't come with money or you are rich people won't try to help you or try to be your friend.
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