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All my life Ive lived in this wonderful town. Its a peaceful and a very great place to live and grow up in. I love it here its home
Athens High school is an excellent facility with the newly built school and event gyms. All athletic facility's are excellent along with the cafeteria,and lecture hall.
everything is great about our school itself. the only thing that concerns me is our administration. I think we could have better guidance in that area.
You honestly won't like a lot of things about the administration or the teaching, because it's not good. There aren't that many pros. Extracurriculars are really the only good thing because of the opportunities and relationships with the few reasonable teacher.
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Athens high school is a great school overall , the people and teachers are very nice and it's a great learning environment.The school is not very big so getting to know everyone is not very change i would like to see is that students could have more time during the day to get work done.
It was a decent school, but it didn't provide many opportunities. They have a great administration staff, and they have several notable teachers who care about their students.
I loved that at my high school we were able to have a chance of getting our associates from a community college as well as graduating high school.
I recently graduated from Athens High School so the experience as a student still is fresh on my mind. Most of the educators were amazing and build relationships with their students while others didn't teach at all. Some administrators were helpful, some were not at all.
Pretty Good School, i love the food and some teachers are pretty cool. I spent 4 years in Athens High School and i enjoyed it very much so i get emotional thinking i graduate from there in a couple of weeks. I have made many memories in those hallways. Overall 8/10 experience, I would start High School all over again if I could.
What I Like About Athens High School Is That The Teachers Are Good At Explain Things And Its Really An Good Environment To Be In . I Would Like To See If Everybody Is Possible To Pass Their STAAR Test The First Time .
The school is good they take care of there business. the teachers are nice and help all of there students. Most teachers make if fun to learn.
the things i liked about athens high school is some of the teachers. what i would like to see change is the disciplinary and the attitudes.
My experience in the time being in Athens High School was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed every second, being around my friends and awesome teachers. They were a couple of days where I just wanted to stay in and sleep. They were some difficult days at my school where I just couldn't focus in class and had some down days. When it came to the school spirit, my whole class was always down to ride for the hornet pride. I do wish I could go back and re due my senior year, I would like to be able to play sports.
The teachers have extremely low expectations for students and I believe it would ease tension if there were more minority instructors to match the high level of minorities in the student body. The school also has weekly drug dog searches which creates a tense atmosphere. Specifically there are a large number of Spanish speaking students who struggle with English and if there was a program or staff that could teach in Spanish then these students would not be left behind so dramatically.
I love attending AHS its a great school with many good teachers i love that it offers many sports to play and is full of pride.
It is great expirience to be at the school and have everyone supporting like the teacher very supportive the help they give you the principals helpping you also.
my review towards athens high school that it is a great place to learn and to be at with they have a great educational system in which you can come at with and be connected with
My experience in Athens High School has been a roller coaster ride. I've never took high school series my first 2 years here. I'd always fool around and get in trouble. However my friends were all upper class men. As soon as they graduated everything became so lame, or should i say serious. I got more into my work and focused more on school. All though I'm not having more fun I'm getting myself prepared for the future.
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In my opinion Athens High School is more focused on how a student is dressed then how good their grades are. They seem to try and find the simplest things to get you in trouble for. Instead they should just focus on the students education than to worry about other thing that are not important.
Overall not a bad experience, definitely just feels like I got a High School education and i'm going to be moving on with my life afterwards. Nothing too special, but definitely not bad.
Athens is okay its not the best school but its not the worst school. The work load can be a lot sometimes but at least you are learning a bunch at this school.
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