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I like Athens High School because of the diverse community of people that a student attending this school would have the chance of meeting. Something I would like to see change though would be the way that some of the issue in the school are handled, an example of this could be when a student simply misses work.
My experience with Athens city school has always been amazing. I have never felt any Bad judgement from students or teachers. Everyone here kind and help one another !
Athens High school is a 63 million dollar school that could not find it in that budget to install curtains, lights or sound equipment in its auditorium. The school has amazing teachers and even some good administrators but most of the administrators seem to strive to impress the school system with its flashy view sonic boards( that most teachers struggle with) and flex areas for student relaxation (that students aren't allowed to sit in for the most part) this school could be great but it seeks to impress others instead of improving itself.
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I am a class of 2019 alumni and would say with all the annoying things we had to go through from our freshman year to our senior year it is still a good school system. It when through some tough times in the past year and probably have more in the future, but it looks like Athens is going on to be one of the top high schools in north Alabama.
Great community of students and faculty. Teachers work hard to prepare students for college and real life. Many life lessons learned and great relationships formed.
There were many teachers that worked hard to provide students with a fun and beneficial education. The scandals and violence in recent years has not been ideal and administration after 2017 was poor.
I am currently attending this school and I always look forward to going to school because of the atmosphere of the school and the friendly teachers that work for the school. The sporting events that our school has is always full of cheers and energy for mainly our football and basketball teams. Our school offers the main college-ready course for all grade levels. The AVID course informs students on tuition, scholarships and how to apply to colleges.
I love how I never get bored of the school. Just the atmosphere brings me happiness. Athens also has a lot of things going on and many things coming up. My senior year so far has been if not my funnest year throughout high school. It may be stressful but all the fun memories being made are priceless. I will truly miss Athens High when the time to graduate comes.
What I like about Athens High School is that everyone is respectful and supportive towards each other. I like how my teachers will help me when I am confused with something.
All of the teachers really care about your education and do what they can to make sure you receive the best education possible.
I feel like Athens is a great school as far as safety and academics are concerned. I would just like to see better communication from the school. I felt a real disconnect from the admin there. My child loved the school.
It's very nice and a well-kept school. The atmosphere is very composed and very good. The staff and principle are very kind and professional while the students (mostly) are very good.
I really do love athens high school they offer so many different programs. All the teachers are here to help and they truly do love the students. I always feel at home when I walk in the doors.
Great teachers. Mostly good administrators. High quality education. Great new school, however it was rushed so it's not like 100% amazing.
Athens High School has been a great experience. We are about to move into a brand new building and it is going to be amazing. We have this thing called power hour, where we take one hour and can eat lunch, study, talk to teachers, and anything that you might need to get done. Athens High School is an amazing school and it is about to get even better.
English teachers are great and there is a good selection of career paths. There are plenty of opportunities for both AP classes and convenient dual enrollment classes.
Athens High School is a good school. It is diverse and has a lot of options based of the classes. They have many clubs for a child to participate in and ways for students to interact with people more. The schools athletics is very good i would consider this being a very competitive school.
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An overall great school. The teachers are more than willing to help you learn to the best of your ability.
I loved my time at Athens High School. The teachers and staff genuinely care about their students and wish to see them succeed. They love to see everyone included and happy. Education was truly fun there. I enjoyed the welcoming environment and the loving atmosphere; you could go to anyone there at any time for anything. The teachers are my favorite part, no doubt, as they were incredible. I loved nearly everything about it, and I cannot think of anything specifically that I disliked about it. It is an all inclusive, fun, enjoyable place to learn and make lifelong friends!
My experience at Athens High School so far has been great. There are always teachers and administrators that are willing to help a student in need. The school system has an Anti-Bullying Policy, and the student body consists of respectful individuals.
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