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I enjoyed the Swim Team and my AP classes. I would like to see D lunch have enough food to serve the students eating at that time.
Athens has provided an excellent learning environment for me. The teachers and faculty are eager to teach and willing to help, especially in the Honors and AP classes. The new facility will help take Athens to the next level, and I can not wait to see how the next few years will go.
What I like about Athens High School is that the teachers care about the students education, everyone is like family and they help other schools during difficult times. If I could change anything about Athens High School, I would change how the coaches doesn't persuade the athletes to maintain good grades.
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I have loved being a student in the Athens City School system. The teachers genuinely care for the future success of their students. Every morning our principal gets on the intercom and encourages us to make make each great because it's always a good day to be an Athens Golden Eagle.
Great overall experience that has helped me grow, learn, and prepare for college. Nothing to complain about other than I've had three homeroom teachers and two principals in my time here. Other than that I have enjoyed my time here as a student and an athlete.
I enjoyed the superior academics and helpful teachers. I have also enjoyed the band program and the opportunities to be a leader.
My daughter attended AHS and got an excellent education that prepared her well for college. She has completed her degree in three years thanks to the early college enrollment offerings!
This is a great school! I love the community and the learning environment. The teachers are all enthusiastic and want to help you succeed.
I began school at Athens High in the fall of 2007. it began as a new and scary experience that was helped by the helpful upperclassmen. we all learned the layout and very quickly became part of the crowd. upon the time of graduation from the school, we all learned the basic life skills to grow as young adults.
Athens has a friendly staff. The building itself is old and shows it. The bathroom on the south side of the building is tiny. They broke ground for the new building a couple months ago but I don't think the students will move there for another 2 years.
I really love everything about Athens High School because it really get everybody ready for our future. It helps us get ready for the real world, in other words, it's a great college readiness and I really love it. It may have some flaws, but overall it's good. The teachers helps us stay focus on, and always have us prepared . But overall It's great.
There is good communication for parents and students. Teachers really seem to care about the students.
It's a little bit diverse most people are nice to each others; there are a few bad one though.
I havent had much of an opinion on this
Very good job; not not too strict but strict enough to keep us safe.
Most Extracurricular activities are very fun and are well funded, Jrotc, Basketball, and band are your best ones.
It is a good school; the parents could do more to help and engage the community though.
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I like most of the Teachers at Athens High School most of them hep students in anyway they can; along with making very engaging lessons.
They often like to help people. Depending on their standards in the school. Such as the ones that get in trouble are the ones they wouldn't help
This school has a lot of ways to get involved and has different programs for students who are leaning towards a certain career path.
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