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It is overall a great school with positive teachers but sometimes other students ruin programs and systems and make them more conformed to fit them because they don’t know how to act.
Athens is a school with many opportunities to take advanced courses. There are certainly a lot of smart kids in the STEM program and Health Science Academy. There are also lots of clubs and sports to participate in. Most of the teachers are passionate. Of course although not all of them, because the easy classes have some lazy teachers. But for the most part teachers care about teaching and helping students succeed.
Athens Drive has a very unique reputation as a school with a chaotic environment and lots of issues regarding drugs and other social issues. However, it is not nearly as bad as individuals make it seem. The fact that it is a magnet high school means that it has more funding, meaning it gets better funding, which allows for more resources and services available to students. There is a very dedicated team of counselors, deans, and administrators who are always looking to support students however they can. Along with this, there are many extracurricular activities and clubs offered.
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For the most part we have had a good experience as a family. The school met each of my child's needs. The athletic department does a great job. Parents are very involved with the Jag Club.
Athens drive is a great school, has wonderful teachers and opportunities!
Teachers here are very helpful. Though it has very little diversity compared to surrounding schools, students here are mature and understanding.
Overall, I had a lot of great teachers who knew how to educate and cared for the well-being of all their students. The staff works hard and does their part in making sure everyone has the same opportunities to achieve their goals. The only negative is the student body has some behavioral issues but that’s something that staff can’t really help with because it’s hard to fix an issue if you don’t know that there is even a problem. But overall my stay has been very influential.
My experience had it ups and down . The most important thing i got out of this school is at Athens we are a family here. And all the teachers want you to graduate even if you can’t push yourself they will help you . The only thing i didn’t like about the school is the fighting . Administration need to do ineffective job of preventing fights by making it easier for students to report it and they actually take action.
I loved being in the marching band for 4 years. Their band program for both marching band, percussion, guard and concert bands is awesome!
I went to school here. The Teachers and The office administrators were amazing and very helpful the years that I went to school there.
Athens is a great school. It is officially a health science magnet school and offers a good STEM program. I ended up with a lot of great teachers and the principal is a really nice guy. There are some not so great people at Athens but if you stay in the right group of people your time at Athens will be great.
The different sections clubs and even academic pods make it so there’s a group/dwelling for everyone and they all feel like a family
This school has an excellent band program and a great Marching Band program. Participating in the color guard with the band program has been the best part about high school for me.
They have a wonderful band program with an excellent Marching Band. This band program has been the best part of my high school career.
It has been a great four years being able to be a part of the health science academy and having the opportunity to volunteer in many different environments
What I like about Athens Drive High School is the Academies available to students. The most notable ones are the STEM academy and the Health Science academy. These two academies really prepare students for college with their preferred interests.
The teachers are pretty good, and I love the clubs and sports that they offer. I hope that in the future they get more security and develop more ways to protect the students and help them feel safe.
Athens is a culturally diverse school and offers a good education. It was recently changed to a STEM school so it offers the program to lead a student towards a college education. The administration is very good and the principal is very involved with student life.
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Athens Drive High School is a great and diverse high school. Most teachers care about the students succeeding. There are many clubs, activities and sports to get involved with.
Academically challenging school that has great teachers and wonderful facilities. Best part is the student population is not too large and it’s not too small.
If you want to get the best education from Athens, I would suggest joining the STEM Academy (focused on science, tech, eng, math). The teachers are good and the peers tend to work harder and are more focused. Join the marching band!! The sports teams are mediocre except for basketball, and football got a lot better this year! The food is bad but you can go off.
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