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If you want to get the best education from Athens, I would suggest joining the STEM Academy (focused on science, tech, eng, math). The teachers are good and the peers tend to work harder and are more focused. Join the marching band!! The sports teams are mediocre except for basketball, and football got a lot better this year! The food is bad but you can go off.
I enjoyed my time at Athens Drive because I had great opportunities, friends, and experiences that really helped to prep me for college. Great teachers, friendly atmosphere.
I liked how there were so many paths to choose from. For example, while I was in the health science academy some of my friends were in the STEM academy or in the capstone program, or they took a computer or drafting route. The athletic events are fun to go to because the student sections are always fun and safe.
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The magnet high school experience is amazing and almost all of the teachers I've had were awesome and willing to go out of their way to help students.
I didn't enjoy going to this high school whatsoever. the academics was horrible, some teachers teach you what they want you to know instead of actual factual knowledge. The "student life" is horrible there are fights everyday , constant bullying and the faculty does nothing about it. I was in dangerous situation due to another student and 2 teachers walked by and I screamed help me he wont let go and they did not do a single thing they just kept walking.
Athens drive is really a great school for global health and sciences. Teachers in there are great and experienced and are always trying to make you better. Though it is old, it has a really positive enviornment.
This school is extremely diverse and filled with passionate teachers who genuinely care about students.
Athens drive staff cares about each and every student while also teaching the curriculum in an efficient way. There are many amazing opportunities at this school.
The band program at Athens Drive was what helped me get through high school. It was where I met many of my friends that encouraged me to do well in school and excel in music at the same time. Although we weren't the highest ranking school or anything, I still had great teachers that were encouraging and helped prepare us for college.
The teachers are great, but the environment isn't so much the same. I liked the teachers I had my junior and senior year, the were very caring and attentive. A lot of the teachers, if not all, seemed to really care about your well being and your education.
I had 4 great years at Athens Drive. I made friends from many diverse backgrounds and was well prepared academically. I was accepted into an excellent engineering program at a nationally recognized university. While the sports programs that I participated in were not well attended and had losing seasons, the coaching staff and other participants made it an enjoyable time.
I enjoyed my time running track, but athletics was the only thing that impressed me. Other than a few outstanding math teachers, it was difficult to feel motivated to absorb material as a whole.
Athens led me to where I am today, graduating from a research 1 university and going on to a graduate program at the same school. It is diverse, but I would like to see more unity in the school, instead of everyone sticking to their own cliques.
My experience at Athens Drive was about average. I highly love the opportunities it gives students involved with the medical field.
The teachers were great! And I loved that our highschool had a little preschool and there was a chance to take a class you have an internship in the little preschool and I'm glad I was in it.
A really good school that actually cares about their students. Its my first year and everyone has been nothing but kind and understanding. They know that I put my education first and my teachers are highly encouraging of me to do well in school.
Athens Drive High School offers enough clubs, AP classes, and sports to get involved and get into a great school.
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I have been at Athens for 4 years and I think the staff has managed very well for all the changes we have experienced. My teachers have been very helpful and friendly. The only problems I have experienced are the occasional bomb threat and smoking on campus, etc.
I enjoyed my high school experience at ADHS, however there were so many things that could've been better. As far as academics were concerned, I took mostly honors classes so I didn't have many problems. Despite the negative aspects, ADHS had the right programs that allowed me to jump right into the medical field at age 17. I obtained my CNA through Wake Tech whilst still attending ADHS. I would not have had that opportunity in other schools, so I am happy about that. There were fights or other behavioral issues weekly. We've had riots at our school and our assistant principals head was smashed through a glass window during one of the riots. Aside from that, I feel like our clubs, activities, and extracurriculars needs a major boost. We have expanded in the area to a degree, but in different areas like foreign language and the arts program are really suffering. However, our health science and STEM programs are really taking off. Overall, I did have a positive experience.
The bathrooms could be much cleaner. roaches.
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