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I like the environment and how everyone is close to each other like a family. I would like to see the dress code change. I know that is a small detail, but wearing khakis everyday is not what I wanted to wear for my senior year especially since I came from a school that would let us wear jeans. Overall though the school is a great place and teaches a great deal of academics to help in your high school career and future.
We love ACS. My four children attended this school and now I have 3 grandchildren attending! One of my children has a reading comprehension learning disability and because of how wonderful Mrs. Kennon is as a teacher, my child has the confidence to climb mountains and not just hills.
I think ACS has a wonderful, safe learning environment where the Bible is taught daily. Students have the opportunity to be involved in many activities after school. I love ACS!
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My daughters attended ACS school, and I'm not only pleased with the academics, but also the Christian emphasis. The Christian perspective curriculum and teaching is important.
ACS is truly like a family to me. My co-workers are incredibly talented and so loving and encouraging as they teach our students. We have incredible parents that are involved and support our mission. I love working alongside such great people.
This school has been very supportive of our son and his learning disabilities. He gets homework help and tutors. He is making better grades than he did in public school and really learning. We love them.
Athens Christian School is a wonderful private school. I have had a great experience with my four children here!
We are in our 3rd year at ACS and absolutely love it! Would highly recommend to anyone looking into a private school!
Athens Christian School makes every effort to work with and serve families in the area with the mission of preparing young people to be effective and successful as adults, always trying to model a Biblical worldview.
We had the privilege of meeting and working a team of educators at ACS that truly cared about our grandchildren. ACS should be a strong candidate if a parent wants a caring, nurturing environment that focuses on the whole child. The academics at ACS are solid, the teachers are invested in their students, the homework support...all these things make ACS a strong "family" for our children (and grandchildren).
ACS provides a loving, caring, family environment with a quality education! Our school embraces diversity and different learning styles.
Athens Christian School has wonderful teachers and administrators who care for every student. ACS seeks to guide students in their academics as well as spiritually and socially. I would highly recommend ACS to any parent searching for a quality education in a Christian environment!
The best school I've ever been a part of. I feel safe with my children here. I love the Christian education and the choice not to follow common core.
When we moved from Massachusetts to Georgia we loved the caring atmosphere, outstanding facilities, and multiple opportunities our daughters were going to be able to have - academically and athletically. Both my daughter graduated and had Zell Miller scholarships. It truly prepares students academically and as a well rounded person.
My children receive an excellent education from a biblical world view. Teachers integrate truth in to all subject areas.
My child was well prepared and now attends a highly rated college. The school is able to give personalized instruction in a culture of respect and compassion.
My son had a positive experience at Athens Christian School. It was important for me, as a parent, to provide a quality education from a Christian perspective. He received that; it was a worthwhile investment.
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The teachers at Athens Christian truly care about my children, communicate often, and are actively preparing them for life in an atmosphere of excellence. My children have been given numerous opportunities to explore extracurricular as well as co-curricular activities, helping them discover talents and abilities. ACS is a family community where my children THRIVE!
I loved this school while I was there, but I appreciate much more now that I've graduated. Great at preparing you for college!
Really don't like the new dress code for girls, have to wear Lands End.. no other brand.
The food served is good, and they offer a breakfast option in the morning.
The Resource department helps kids like me with dyslexia, best part of ACS! They offer tutoring and counseling, and I have done well in their program.
ACS has a 100% college acceptance rate, and I have talked to former students .. now in college.. and they said Freshman English and Math and have gotten A's from the prep work done at Athens Christian School.
The sports programs offer a large selection. The track, softball, football, and basketball teams have made it to state playoffs frequently.
The High School teachers are great! They care about our education, they talk about our future goals, and always make time for their students before or after school. If students work, they will be successful at this school
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