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very sexist school, it’s very obvious boys are favored over girls in the classroom & in general - as well as athletes. Bible classes & chapel are only 30 minutes long. students smoke pot in the parking lots and juul in the bathrooms. not to mention the lunch is awful, and everyone basically is miserable here.
This school was a good school in preparing me for college, but I feel like the communication here is terrible. I was never told about deadlines for college applications or registering for the SAT or ACT. I also feel like the math program here did not allow me to exceed as I would’ve liked to. I also wish there were more AP options, instead of just for english and history.
I went to Athens Christian from Pre-K to 12th grade. During that time we went on many field trips. I was privileged to see parts of the United States that I would never have seen. I even went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. I had wonderful teachers, and met some life long friends. I also played baseball starting in middle school all the way until I graduated. The coach was tuff but I respected him. The only disappointment that I can say would be that I didn't get to go on the Senior Trip to New York because it was in the middle of baseball and I couldn't desert my team. There is a new generation in administration and I believe the school is going in the right direction.
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Athens Christian is not any more academically challenging than public schools. We thought it was a safe Christian atmosphere but there we learned that it wasn’t much different. The only thing that was different was that there wasn’t violence, drugs, and rape happening unlike some of the other schools in our area. Athens Christian shouldn’t really have the name Christian in their name by the way some of the kids have been treated there. The teachers at Athens Christian gossip more than the children. They do not go by the Bible and by how God would want them to teach.
Athens Christian is a special place. We don’t know how good we have it. From the relatively low prices to the very supportive teachers who are willing to talk and tutor you on not only the subjects but also life. There are plenty of opportunities to serve and work towards honing one’s skills. The only complaint I have is I wish there was more commitment to the staff and more assurance of their jobs. I have seen many really good teachers leave the school because they believe they are being miss treated. It would also be good to see some extra help around here. Someone to help Mr. Davis out or more coaches in programs. Overall we are growing rapidly which is good but I hope and pray we don’t get too rapped up in change and the future that we miss out on severing in God’s plan in the present.
I really love about the chapel every thursdays and fridays! I think we need to fix the mean comments towards people and racisim.
It's a good school and you are very prepared for college I can ask my teachers anything I trust most of them there are no problems that could not be easily over looked and again it is a good school
I enjoy chapel and the student led boys and girl Bible studies that we have on campus! I really like how the highschool schedule is set up by having a late start on Thursdays. Although my senior class is small I have made some great friends from ACS that I will hopefully be able to keep for a long time. ACS has done a good job at providing different activities for people
of all talents to get involved in. I am very proud and excited to be able to receive my high school diploma from Athens Christian School this May!
I’m a junior at ACS and I started coming here when I was a rising freshman. My high school experience has all been at ACS and it has been a great one!
Overall my experience has been good. I like the environment and the many opportunities that we are presented with. There’s not anything major that I would want to change.
I like Athens Christian School because they hammer home Biblical Principles, and because the people here a pretty great, students and teachers alike. I’m also a big fan of and a large participant in the drama department, which is excellent, especially for a school this size
Athens Christian School has provided me with amazing friends and has prepared me for college. ACS feels more like a second home than a school. Everyone is like a family, and most are involved in some activity or sport.
The academic level is above other public schools and the teachers help with 1 on 1 learning when needed. challenging but prepares for college
I loved the safe and welcoming environment provided at the school. Since the school is smaller, everyone knows everyone. I loved that. It made me feel included and a part of a big family. Athens Christian School prepared me for college. I am a very organized and diligent student, and I give that credit to how Athens Christian School helped shape me.
I like that Athens Christian gets you prepared to take the SAT and ACT and also gets you ready for college. I would like to see the dress code change.
It was a great atmosphere and helped me work on my relationship with God but I do think it dosent prepare you for the real world well enough
As both a parent and a member of the faculty, I can say that the teachers really view this job as a mission. They love and pray for the kids. Two of my kids have graduated from ACS (and are currently attending UGA), and I have 3 more in the middle and high school. It has been a great fit for our family!
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As a mom of two athletic girls who played softball and basketball I think ACS did a good job of providing opportunity athletically and balanced it out with a solid academic foundation that allowed both my daughters to be very successful in college. The best part is the Christian worldview that supported all they did and allowed them to strengthen their faith. Teachers truly care and invest in the lives of students.
I like the environment and how everyone is close to each other like a family. I would like to see the dress code change. I know that is a small detail, but wearing khakis everyday is not what I wanted to wear for my senior year especially since I came from a school that would let us wear jeans. Overall though the school is a great place and teaches a great deal of academics to help in your high school career and future.
We love ACS. My four children attended this school and now I have 3 grandchildren attending! One of my children has a reading comprehension learning disability and because of how wonderful Mrs. Kennon is as a teacher, my child has the confidence to climb mountains and not just hills.
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