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Our children received an excellent education by qualified and certified instructors. Each of our children was well-prepared for college. The foundation of personal responsibility to God, parents, government, and fellow man was taught each day. Athens Bible School is small and similar to a family which was such a blessing to our family being involved in so many sports and clubs in addition to taking classes that would make each one ready for college. Teachers and coaches reinforced what we taught our children at home. We are very pleased with our experience at Athens Bible School...well worth the time and tuition we paid!
My wife is an alum and we sent our two children to ABS kindergarten through graduation. They received a quality education and both are college graduates. They developed life-long friendships in a safe, caring atmosphere. The extracurriculars were a big part of their school experience. There is a family atmosphere to the school and the teachers were very supportive.
Although there have been difficulties, there are no more than what one would find at a public school. I have made friends here that I know have influenced me for good. The teachers go above and beyond to ensure that each student understands all the material.
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Athens Bible School is a great place to get both a secular and spiritual education. Its small size makes the school feel like a family, and most people know almost everyone by name. The best part is getting to study God's word everyday and participate in chapel services. The faculty, staff, and administration is also what makes the school so great. I am so glad I got the opportunity to attend this school for 13 years. It is worth it.
My experience at Athens Bible School was life-changing. I could not have received a better education or preparation for college. It may be a small, private school but there are many great opportunities offered. The amount of Dual Enrollment offered allows the students, taking the maximum amount of college classes, to graduate from high school with an associates degree. It also offers a good environment for kindergarten through twelfth graders, studying the Bible everyday. The experience helps the students grow closer and be prepared for the next step of life as well. The only thing that could be better is the addition of students. At the moment there are close to 300 students in the whole school. We are in the process of building a new school building to hopefully gain some interest in the area.
Athens Bible School is an academic establishment with a spiritual foundation. Students are taught by professors that not only care for the academic success, but their success in their service to the Lord.
ABS has been a great school for me for the past 13 years of my life. It is hard to find a place where your teachers truly care about you outside of the classroom and I see that everyday at school. The academic classes are challenging but the teachers help us in every way they can to help us understand the material. Even though it is a small school, I have lots of opportunities presented to me; not only be more involved with my school but also with my community. I don't think I could have attended a school where I would have had such a great experience as I have during my days at ABS
My experience at Athens Bible School has been amazing. I have had family associated with this school for generations and I have been a part of the experience since I was a toddler. The morals and values of the administration and the students make the overall environment outstanding and I couldn't imagine going to school anywhere else. The opportunities that I have been given are exceedingly beneficial and I feel the education that I have received will help me on my journey toward a higher level of education.
I have always felt safe here. I have never felt in any danger.
We have enjoyed our child's education experience at Athens Bible School.
There are many options when it comes to extracurricular activities.
Everyone I came in contact with was friendly and cared about me. The administration was ultimately concerned with what was best for the students. I always felt loved and cared for by everyone around me.
The teachers at this school genuinely care about the students and their lives. They help all those who are struggling even if that means they have to give extra help after school. They care about the students spiritual well-being as well.
There are many opportunities for students to get involved after school.
I love the people and the atmosphere at this school!
The teachers truly care about the students here and their education.
The teachers were wonderful and took the time to get to know the students.
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I felt somewhat prepared for college after high school. All of my classes (with the exception of chemistry) were good prep classes for my college classes. The guidance counselor didn't help at all. When I asked about different scholarships, he handed me a bin of papers to look through - no guidance.
Because it is a small Christian school, most kids don't drink or do drugs or other things that they could influence others to do. If students do things like that, they don't push it on others. As for diversity, I would say that the school is just about 95% white, with little to no ethic/racial diversity. To the best of my knowledge, there is no problems with bullying or things of that nature to those who are different in those ways.
A very clean and safe environment!
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