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Face same problems as schools across the nation.
the teachers set up pretty good class options that offer a variety to the students
the student culture is not very diverse at the school. there is not a lot of peer pressure that goes on and most are accepting of decisions.
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for the area the health and safety is mostly average. there is not enough crime and threatening situations to require extreme precaustions like metal detectors.
there are extra curriculars available but the students are not encouraged very often to join them. it has to be decided at their own will to want to be a part of them.
it depends on the parents and the situation on how they contribute to the school over all and their attitudes toward the teachers as well as the other students.
the majority of the teachers make learning worth it
I am in both Rho Kappa national Social Studies Honors Society and National Honors Society. I am proud to be in both and other people often think its a great thing to be a part of. The school presented my opportunity to both of these so I thank the school for these.
Athens has a lot of school pride; for everything from scholarship challenge to, my personal favorite, wrestling. Athens excels at many extracurricular activities and has the support of a lot of parents. many of the parents care for the entire team, not just their own child. it's the foundation for a thrilling experience that creates a lot of pride.
The teachers that are available to me are always willing to give advice and help on things. They're also very easy to talk to and have a conversation with when you have something to talk about. They often give real-life examples and explain why we're learning things so we understand the importance. And also they're not only knowledgeable on the topic they teach but can also be help with many other things.
Seems that most everyone are typical middle class, that have a problem with judging anyone that isn't the areas normal.
Overall great, but I wish there were more optional courses.
Overall good, but there could be better measures taken to ensure the safety of the students and faculty.
Most teachers go above and beyond to help, and others sadly do not. Most teachers care about their students and positively participate in their education.
lots of activities, and so much to do outside of school.
People are disrespectful, but most teachers are cool.
This school is full of really nice people, such as the teachers, and staff. The students, however, are very rude. They are really good teachers, but the students are disrespectful.
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Great course options,and many chances for college credits. Most teachers go above and beyond to help their students. A few issues that should be addressed, but it is over all a great school.
What makes this school unique is the dedication in which the faculty put into the student, they are always willing to help. They may be strict at times but they are doing it to help us and I am glad I have had them for my teachers in high school because their dedication to the students has helped me personally get to where I am.
Overall, its great! It may be pretty small, but it really just makes everyone more close-knit than other, bigger schools. We also have many different friend groups or "cliques" but they aren't typical. You can be friends with different people in every clique and get along great and theres rarely any problems with the different groups. We also have a lot of school spirit! Coming from an athlete who plays two different sports, its great to have a school that will come out and support their own peers and friends and make playing the sport worth while. They also travel to many of our "away" games and cheer us on. It really brings everyone together. Our extracurricular clubs are full of people that you get along with very easily. Going to school in a small town also makes hanging out easier. Most of us live not too far from one another so its very easy to make time for your friends and hang out outside of the school. We've had school bonfires outside of school and class hangouts. If i could do it all over again, I wouldn't change anything. All of my closest and best friends have been made from attending high school with them and I couldn't imagine my life without these wonderful people that I met through Athens High School. Its also run by very friendly teachers that I feel like I could go to about anything. Except a couple of them, but I think you're bound to have a couple of those kinds of teachers throughout your highschool career.
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