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I attended ACAD from 1981 through 1986 when I graduated. Those wete some of the best years of my life!
Incredible learning environment with an open campus. Students get to walk freely between classes and practice accountability to being to each class on time.
The study skills learned at the school prepare the students for college exceptionally well.
I highly recommend Athens Academy for anyone looking for a well balanced education. Simply put... a great place to spend 12 years to learn life lessons in an academic, artistic, musical and athletic environment.
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I encourage families to tour the school. A beautiful campus, engaging teachers, and students who love to learn all await. There is no better way to learn than to see it first hand.
Athens Academy has been the best educational option for my children. The school offers a comprehensive academic program and every child is exposed to visual arts, music, and drama. Service is introduced in the preschool and continues through 12th grade. The campus is beautiful and spacious and students have room to run, play, and be outside. My children are happy to go to school each day and have developed a true love of learning. Athens Academy is a supportive community of parents, children, teachers, and staff.
I have absolutely loved my time at Athens Academy! The teachers are so engaged in the students and will go out of their way to support and help anyone. The students are supportive of each other. I love going to the football game and seeing the drama students cheering then going to the drama play and seeing the football players on the front row supporting their classmates. Finally, I have loved that service is so important. Whether we are serving dinners each Friday, organizing blood drives, working with Special Olympics or tutoring our Lower School students, I love that service is so important to everyone.
What a gem in NE Georgia -- a College Prep program that focuses on the whole child. Every day, my children were exposed to arts, athletics, service, and, of course, academics.
We absolutely love this school. We have 3 different personalities of children and each has found a passion. They are challenged academically but also exposed to Arts, athletics and service and leadership. A top notch school and an even better community!
I love my school so much. I have been granted so many opportunities involving leadership and my education that I doubt I could have had access to otherwise. While excited to graduate and move onto my next chapter, I will dearly miss the culture of Athens Academy and all that it has provided me with.
Athens Academy was a great place to work. It provides faculty and students with incredible opportunities for growth and pursuit of passions. The school is a remarkable resource to the 10-county Northeast Georgia region, and remains significantly involved in elevating the quality of life for its residents.
The teachers are OUTSTANDING!! They have genuine care for their students and want to make sure that each student feels noticed and successful.
The school health and safety is good. Students feel safe at school and feel like they can find a teacher or faculty member to talk to along with going to a school nurse.
There is a wide variety of extracurriculars to choose from: sports, arts, student council, lit magazine, etc
Not bad, too many religious groups, but no options for secular debate. Several community service clubs. Most don't require much commitment as they are very large
A decent amount of bullying, but apart from that, absolutely safe
I had a bad run with the students due to their overly-conservative world views and misogynistic, intolerant, religiously discriminating and pretentious attitudes.
Teachers are incredibly nice, very approachable, easy to talk to, with a few exceptions, give reasonably engaging classes
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It has set me up to be successful, and pushed me to my limits in a great way!
Everyone knows each other and is prepared for college
The faculty are the best. The teachers know their subjects very well, but they are better people. They are friendly and very approachable.
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