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We are so blessed to be a part of the Athena school. They exceed in many areas including music, theatre, athletics, college prep and college courses, and especially the staff that go above and beyond. Many alumni come back and help because they want to help and be a part of what Athena has to offer the Children there.
Too many arbitrarily enforced administrative policies and rules. Certain athletic teams received minimal funding and support. Good facilities, some really good teachers. Made some life long friends.
What I liked about Athena high school was the change. Prior to Athena, I attended a catholic private school that I did not enjoy and dreaded going to every single day. Athena opened the door for many opportunities and allowed me to make a group of friends that I am forever greatful for. Also, my work ethic drastically increased in 7th grade when I transferred and my grades are one of the most crucial things to me because they set a foundation for my future and intended career path.
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Athena has a beautiful performing arts center and program. The school makes it easy for a student to grow and allows students to start their own clubs. Full of opportunities. Perhaps a little strict on students whereabouts. Students who are already not following rules won't begin to with increased rules. It only places more limits on other students. Otherwise a great supportive environment.
People can be mean, sometimes. Teachers aren't so bad. Then again, it's a public school soooo

Athena is the biggest school out of all Greece schools, so that's nice, I guess.
i appreciated the teachers drive to see their students succeed in school and in life, the classes offered divide the kids that want to better themselves from the kids who dont care about their education which make for a better learning environment 4
I attended Athena for middle and high school and I graduated but didn't get as much out of my education as I thought I should have. Some of the classes are very helpful such as anatomy and my ASL course. They offer dual enrollment with a variety of courses, but they do not prepare you for college nearly enough, and feel they could do more to help prepare students for their different careers. One thing I really loved about the school was they offered a program called New Visions. My acceptance into the program was the best part in my high school career in that the program did so much more than my high school could have in college readiness and career exploration.
Parents should get involved and care for children's s

They could but more effort
Our teachers always allow us to go to the nurse whenever we feel that we need to. And our nurse does as much as she can to help us with what we need. Also, in the hallways there are always security walking around making sure that the school is safe and students aren't skipping class.
The extracurricular activities at my school are okay. There aren't a lot of clubs to belong to and they are not very popular either. With the clubs that we do have, they don't have many meetings.
I have had a great experience at this school. I have the opportunity to join in many different groups and clubs. This school gives it's students the freedom and opportunity to be themselves. Everyone is comfortable in classrooms and with the other students.
The teachers are great. They are always there when the students need them and they are very helpful. If a teacher feels that you are not getting the best opportunity to learn as much as you can, they will go out if their way to have the student passing. Teachers are always either at school early or stay after school for any student who needs help.
There are a lot of small clubs and extracurriculars for students to do afterschool
This school is downright scary. Most of the time i dont feel safe at school.
I feel like the teachers know what they are doing, but the students are so disrespectful it is hard for them to actually teach well.
My favorite experiences were the theme-filled weeks and the sports
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There are a variety of great quality instructors
unless you know ppl before u come. no friends
If you are a student that stands out exceptional it's alright. ..but if you have a student who is an introvert with good grades they slip by
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