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I have a love-hate feeling about the high school. I love my classes this year, especially my anatomy I truly feel like she is the best teacher in our school. Our school has great staff too all around in our English and math department.
I have had a pretty good experience at Atchison High School. I feel as if all of my teachers have my best interest at heart and I love the opportunity of duel credit courses.
I like the sportsmanship that Atchison High School has. I would like to change some of the policies and the time between classes.
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Of course it was high school, and high school kind of sucks no matter what. One thing I can boast about my school is that around halfway through my years there, the entire arts program skyrocketed, especially the performing arts. There are plenty of decent teachers in the district, and a couple of truly exceptional ones as well. The AfterProm was also a lot of fun. I do still wish that Home Economics and Personal Finance were required classes. Those are the ones I most wish I had taken, looking back.
I love all the teachers willing to help students with anything but I'd like to see better programs for the students to get involved with.
Atchison high is a very decent school for where its located. I've had very good outcomes with all of my teachers I had while I attended Atchison high. However, I can not say that every other past and current students can say the same. Atchison high focuses a lot on sports programs, but ignores their fine arts department. One thing I can say, is that Atchison high does a great job of incorporating technology in classrooms. Very four years the school invest in new iPads for their students to use throughout their four years to enhance their academic success as well as prepared them for a world that relys heavily on technology. Yes, Atchison high does have it faults, but overall it's a very decent school.
Atchison High School is a welcoming and diverse school but does not have the funds to offer a variety of enrichment classes. Every required class is taught in the building, but there is no opportunity for a foreign language class other than Spanish. The staff of Atchison High is a caring mixture of adults that truly think about the student as an individual. I've had a wonderful experience at Atchison High School.
Atchison high has allowed me to grow in both my leadership and social skills. I have been offered the ability to future my college career early on in my high school life.
It's usually the same parents getting the most involved but those that are take great pride in our students and the school.
The teachers are well in tuned with the most updated technology that our school can offer our community. They are always pushing us to take advantage of the newest ways of learning.
Some teachers make the class fun but others make in impossible to learn. High school was honestly the worst years of my life but it had nothing to do with the professors.
There are lots of different extracurricular opportunities at school. From Spanish, and Chess Club. To to the basketball, or golf team. There is something for everyone to enjoy at school, you just have tk go out and involve yourself in the activities.
It could be a lot better. We finally have a salad bar and a snack shack to hold us over.
The administration does an excellent job with notifying students and parents. They provide appropriate and necessary discipline to students. They try to know each student on a personal level and to help them with anything they need.
I really enjoy most of my teachers. I feel that the majority of my teachers genuinely cares about each student.
I think overall my school is a good school but I know there are very good schools in the area that are much better than our school. I think our school needs to be all renovated and there are mice and snakes in the walls. If I could start all over again I wouldn't want to go to a different school but the reason I cannot go to a different school is because my parents own a business in the city. What makes my school unique is that my school has a show choir and not many schools have one but the downfall of that is that they have to take money out of other funds to fund show choir.
Some teachers are Phenomenal, but some teachers are very lazy and cannot teach the class. I wish that we had more clubs and organizations after school
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It is just like other schools and there is ain't the same amount of white and black students
We are a small school of about 400 and our teams could be better but it is good for our size
Lost of drugs, chew, and smoking
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