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Atchison County Community Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Atchison County JSHS is a mediocre school but is taking great steps to become a better environment for all involved. i'm sad i wasn't able to experience a more involved environment but am glad future generations will.
I appreciate how small the classes were, and how the teachers are willing to go out of their way to help each student succeed.
This is a rather safe school for our size and budget
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As a student here for my entire school career I have got to witness everything from vocal concerts to state competitions in different sports. The support by parents and adults here is outstanding.
We have great teaching staff. I'm glad I am a part of not only a great class but a great teaching system here at ACCHS.
When it comes to school safety, I think our school would be prepared for whatever where to happen. We have practice drills, talk about what we would do in a case of emergency.
Our school offers many opportunities for kids to get involved in extracurricular activities. We have athletics, we have scholars bowl, student council, K.A.Y.S., Student Ambassadors, AV Club. Many people participate in these activities.
At times I love going to this school, because of the small class sizes, you know everybody in your classes. But when I get older and have kids, they will not attend this school. Mostly because of the administration and how they handle things.
Most of the teachers are great, there is a few that aren't very good at teaching. At our school the teachers have to have grades in the gradebook in a ceratin amount of time, but some teachers don't follow that rule which could be stressful to the students. An occasional teacher that doesn't know what to do with the kids that are constantly disrupting class. But on the other hand, there is teachers is here that do care about the students and get after them for disrupting class, they enter grades on time, they go above and beyond to help the students.
The teachers dont really talk about abstinence only in Health class is when they talk about it
I feel we are a very safe facility so we wont have to worry about any problems
Not that many students participate in activity's that are taking place in the school because they think that they dont need to be involved but when they graduate they will be thinking differently.
Some parents are involved more than others so if you are not involve, with things going on in the school then they will know whats going on.
The teachers at this school are very helpful when the students are in need of assistants
I attend a small school so the security is fairly lower. The doors remain locked but they buzz everyone into the building that wishes to enter. You don't have to go directly into the office when you enter the building so their isn't any real way to stop someone who has entered the building.

The nurse is in our building about half the day, she is never really around when I personally need her.

Bullying is under control at my school, we have a occupation that is directly in charge of bullying. They do a good job.
We have many clubs and groups offered at my school. We have academic based clubs such as science club and math club. As well as clubs that hit other interests such as the drama club or AV club. We have two service organizations, KAYS and student council. The school suports the clubs financially so they can maintain running. Everyone is very committed to our clubs and as far as I know, enjoy them.
My teachers are awesome. They are always willing to help me whenever I need it. They always go above and beyond to give the students work that will benefit them the greatest. They are all well educated and never turn down a question. My teachers honestly care about me and any issues I have that would cause me to have difficulties in the class room. Last semester I was hospitalized and when explaining my situation to my teachers,they all supported me 100% and gave me their time outside of the class room so that I could get caught back up. I'm so grateful for them and their support.
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Teachers at my school really care about student success and are willing to do anything for us. In order to keep up with my rigorous academic schedule, I usually stay after school a couple times a week. My teachers have no problem with me and my class mates asking for help out side of school. In fact, if I'm doing my homework and I need help, I can simply email my teacher my question and they will email me back with assistance in a short period of time. My school doesn't have the best student body, there are more "bad kids" than good. I respect my teachers and staff at my school because I know they aren't treated with the respect they deserve. Even though our district has some down falls including old facilities, lack of adequate financial flexibility, and a large amount of students who do not care, I wouldn't change a thing about my education. Attending Atchsion County Community High School has opened so many doors for me. Being apart of National Honor Society and Kays (a serive organization) had allowed me to give back to my community. As a member of the student council, I've learned valuable leadership skills that will continue to help me later in life. As a member of math club and science club, I've been given the opportunities to extend my education by attending trips and competing in competitions. I was asked to become a mentor for a seventh grade student. As a mentor I meet with Gage once a month to look over his academics and to talk about any social problems that occur within the school. Being a mentor has evolved my "people skills" and has inspired me to do more for others.
every teacher that i have is so helpful and understanding.this school may be small but it is much better than other schools i have attended.
I enjoyed high school but my school is not strict enough when punishing kids for being disrespectful. My school is also influenced by popular parents in the community and will favor the students of those parents over other students. I enjoyed all the awesome friends I had and my teachers. However, my school still needs a lot of changes to be made in order for it to stay open another ten years.
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