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ATC Technical High School Reviews

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Good teachers, good programs, and a fun student body. You enter expecting a hard time but leave completely college ready, worth all the hard work and time. Only disappointment was the leaving and going to college.
This school was a challenge and it really prepared me for college. This school was really what I needed. There were however times were I felt extremely overwhelmed because I wanted to be involved in an after school activity that was not in someway based on academia. I loved this school but if they added some extra curricular activities; this school would be the best!
This is one of the challenging and greatest schools to get into. This school is a very safe learning environment. I suggest that if any student that is looking forward to getting a trade in high school then they should attend this school. This school pushed you to be the best and I love that!
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The technical aspect of the program is what made me apply to this school. However, More course selections in the event you have met core requirements would be nice
It is a wonderful experience if you are willing to do your best to keep up in school and the technical courses
My experience at ATC has been amazing. It is a great school with amazing academics, and a fast paced learning environment that challenges you to grow and learn better than you ever had before.
What I like about the school is that students leave with a high school diploma and a technical degree so students could get nice paying jobs after and or start their career if they choose to work right after graduating.
ATC is an excellent school with high standards for their students and many opportunities for advancement. The one thing they should fix is the extracurricular activities there are very few extracurricular activities for the students to participate in.
ATC is a verg good school. They give students a lot of resources when it comes to having a future. Though I would like to see more after school activities like sports or clubs
The teachers were amazing and I loved being able to graduate as a pharmacy technician and having friends who graduated with other technical skills.
I liked that ATC offers technical programs for high school students to complete. After they graduate, they are able to join the industry workforce. These programs offer a myriad of experiences for students who may not even know what they want to do after high school. It can give a taste of what a certain career path is like. One thing that should change is providing AP courses in the first semester of the school year since the AP exam is in May. Students are left for another semester before they take the test, which reflects poorly on AP scores.
Great school. My son started last year, teachers are wonderfull. The staff is very helpful and I'm very satisfied with the schedules.
ATC high school is a very rigorous high school. We go at a much faster pace then normal high schools because we do what normally regular schools do in a year in only half a year at our school. The reason for this is because we have Technical Programs, so in order to do those and still graduate we have to work fast. Overall the school is fantastic it is small so you get to know a lot of people but one I do regret not having is sports because then we don't have homecomings or any of that cool stuff.
ATC really focuses on you and makes the environment a fun place to learn. They offer things that other schools don't and the teachers want you to succeed to be the best.
ATC is a good school that is strictly for learning and improving. It has many clubs and activities you can join but it doesn't have any sports so you'd have to go to your home school for that. Other then that, you also get to experience college starting junior year. It's boring if you don't stay active in the school.
I would refer everyone to that school! I enjoyed most of the staff there. I really appreciate the experience. Thank You.

-Alexia Dixon C/O 2016
I like how ATC has college programs that as junior we are required to take to help us build our future. I would probably change how we have to go to our technical programs over the summer.
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This is not your regular highschool. This highschool is filled with friendly kids and nice teachers. There is only four classes to worried about as well. I never felt more comfortable being here and can't wait to start doing the nursing program have they have here!
I liked the atmosphere in Atlantic Technical High School, everyone was there because they had the desire to learn and the teachers loved teaching.
I adored my programming classes. I never had more fun learning things in the field I wanted to work in. Granted there were assignments that made me frustrated, but it was a huge relief when I completed my work. Group projects were fun, and me being anti-social, it says a lot about the quality.

The teacher I had was amazing, with her assistance and guidance, I felt prepared for the real world. That class felt, like a small family at the end of the 2 years. We still keep in touch with each other. And due to the appreciation we have for our teacher, we organized a lunch with students from the class including inviting the teacher.

This wouldn't happen if it was just, "another class", in our lives. We genuinely learned things, and our teacher wants us to succeed.
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