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Atascocita Middle School Reviews

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I really enjoyed my time at AMS. The entire faculty was great and by the time I graduated from there I was well known by the principle and several teachers. The atmosphere is very kind and constructive and they want everyone to succeed and enjoy themselves at the school!
This is a wonderful school system. We moved here from a small town and this school was huge to my daughter. Strikingly, she is doing better education wise here with the harder curriculum than she was in our hometown. The teachers and staff have been really helpful and she loves it here.
Atascocita High School has it's fair share of amazing teachers and mediocre teachers. I'm basing my review off of the teachers I've had and I can surely say that most teachers in higher level classes (AP-PreAP), use different and more critical reviews of a students work. The most passionate teachers however, are the ones who are involved in the extra curricular. Teachers involved in Theatre, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Debate, Swim, or any sport in the school are extremely helpful in every aspect and help the students in every way they can. I can confirm this based off of my own experiences because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't know where I would be right now. They've helped me grow and become the person I am today. My ratings may seem varied but only because every teacher is different and has their own grading style and method of teaching. Some teachers may only give out packets and explain a lot with little enthusiasm but most teachers (especially AP), challenge their students to work hard. Atascocita has one of the most successful basketball teams in the nation and that's thanks to our coaches, choir, band, orchestra, and theatre included, the teachers in these clubs are what defines this school, making it one of the best in the nation.
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My school is a wonderful school, we are a family when its time to be. But like all families we have arguments and fights. But in the end we are all one Happy Campus, full of diverse kids.
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